Sex or Massage in NYC: Which do You Prefer?

Here at NY Escorts we know that many of our clients do lead fast and hectic lives and look for that little something extra to help them relax and unwind and this is where Erotic massage New York Escorts can be of help. Here in New York you may be able to look and find some excellent spas great for massage, but if you are someone who is looking for more privacy, then this is a great place for Erotic Massage New York Escorts.These Escorts are trained masseuses and are extremely friendly and stunningly beautiful. They know exactly how to please their clients and soothe their stresses-out muscles with some erotic and sensuous massages.

Erotic Massages in New York are great if you are tired after a day of endless sightseeing or you are on a business tour, then you will definitely enjoy a sensual and erotic massage from the gorgeous Erotic Massage New York Escorts.

The skinny on these stats and more among our fellow geeky gals are beautifully represented in this infographic. Does a ratio of 6 nights of pampering to 1 night of sex work for you? The Skinny details some interesting facts on the female libido that (unfortunately?) reiterate what the world already ‘knows’ … women just aren’t that much into sex as men are. Then again, it’s also ‘known’ that chocolate is better than love making … unless your man knows what he’s doing, that is.

The Skinny on the Female Libido

The Skinny on the Female Libido

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