Who’s Working on Labor Day? 247 NY Asian Escort Service

Labor Day is meant to be a day of rest for workers, but Asian business owners and some 247 NY Asian escort girls are working actually.



A majority of Americans still supports labor unions, but a majority also believes they’re likely to weaken, and Asian Escort workers do not have any labor union. Therefore, no one help them out. Also, most of workers like earning money on Labor Day. I found one girl came from NY escort agency, she told me that she have made two thousand dollars in a few hours, but she said the economy is worse than last year because she made four thousands dollars last Labor Day.I tried to ask her when Labor Day is, and she have no any idea because she is a Chinese student in NYC. She just told me that Chinese Labor Day is on May 1st.

According to this case, we know many foreign people still are working on Labor Days especially such as NY escort owners and New York escort girls. They do not care when Labor Day is and what Labor Day is. Finally, They are making money for 24 hours 7 days on escort service.

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