Here’s Tavi Gevison, creator of the amazing Style Rookie site, the Rookie zine and the indispensable Rookie: Year One collection, doing a must-see TedXTeens talk about creating strong female characters and role-models, being a teen feminist, and figuring out how to grow up to be a strong, self-confident woman. This is one I’m putting in the “show to my daughter in a couple years” file. By NYC Escorts


Eating a wedding cake in reverse

Tommy sez, “I made this film clip with a great photographer friend of mine and it took two takes. That means I had to eat TWO CAKES for NYC Escorts. I ended up eating so much confetti and glitter that I had a glittery poo the next day. But it was all worth it as backwards eating really can end up looking quite beautiful. Thankfully the clip was not about the glittery poo.”

Hollywood’s dirty little secrets

Hollywood’s dirty little secrets

NEW YORK – Last week, posted a story claiming supermodel and current star of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Joanna Krupa, had been a high-priced escort who could make $10,000 a night. Krupa and her team immediately and vehemently denied the allegations, and threatened legal action. The story was removed from the site the next day.

Former Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis ran one the most successful high-priced escort services in New York, toting a client list with over 10,000 names until she was busted in 2008. She told FOX411 she did not recognize Krupa as one of the girls that worked for her over the years. But she did recognize her for another reason: Krupa was one of the models whose photos Davis cut and pasted from and others sites to lure customers.

“I used to steal her (Krupa’s) photos. I took her pictures off of Maxim,” Davis said. “Your turnover is really high, so you don’t invest in photos. I would match her up with a girl that looks like her.”

Davis, who served four months in prison and two-and-a-half years probation for promoting prostitution, also said high-priced hookers could bring in much more than the $10,000 rate reported by

“I would charge $3,000 an hour, four hours minimum usually, for a top model, with three calls a night. You do the math. It adds up,” Davis said. “The clients were head of industry, athletes, sport stars. You actually want to spend time with them. Girls actually enjoyed it. The mentality of the guy is very appreciative of the girl. The woman you see on the billboard in SoHo just walked through the door.”

It’s that kind of money that makes prostitution a lure for beautiful aspiring models and actresses waiting to get their big break in New York or Los Angeles. And Davis said that even for some already established models and actresses, the money can be too good to give up even once they are getting steady, high-paying legitimate jobs.

“A lot of my girls were top models … Victoria’s Secret, Ford Models,” Davis said. “Say Girl #1 got a L’Oreal commercial, after agencies and taxes, [her] $30,000 [fee] then turns into $20,000. These girls are not normal girls who shop at BeBe. Their lifestyle is outside of their means. That money lasts a month and a half. Some girls have cocaine habits, party a lot, and you’d be surprised, for some [$20,000 lasts] maybe a week.”

Davis said that former call girls have starred in Michael Kors and Gucci campaigns, to name a few high-profile gigs.

Tracy Quan, a former escort and author of “Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl,” now a Daily Beast writer, told FOX411: “I had friends [who were] actors, models, singers, aspiring directors and photographers; that whole world of entertainment, there is compatibility. They’re drawn to the escort world. There’s a sense of drama.”

Although Quan wrote a tell-all about her experiences, most escorts will never reveal their past involvement in prostitution. Davis said she has not and will never reveal names. “I used fake pictures to protect the girls on my website and never used real names. The moment they walked in the office we created a new name and that was how she was known from then on.”

President of Stars Model Management, Timmy Secor, said the ugly side of the beauty business leads some women into escort work.

“It’s the most brutal industry in the world. You’re not selling a car, a product; you’re selling yourself. No other business in the world is like this. It’s impossible to make real money. There are so many beautiful girls and so little jobs; so few people ever make a living at it.”

He added that impressionable model-hopefuls may be lured into the sex industry when their career stagnates. “It definitely happens. There are girls who go to the darker side of modeling; escort services. It happens. We don’t have anything like that here.”


Hey guys, I’m Saki from NY Asian Escorts, and I am a blogger for Amped Asia! I’m going to be blogging about a lot of different topics like my experiences, my love life, my passions, my commentary on the Asian-American lifestyle, and more. Feel free to give me an e-mail at [email protected].

Editor’s Note – This article has generated a lot of controversy about racism. So I thought I should address this. This article is sharing one girl’s thoughts and feelings and does not reflect the ideas of the creator’s of this website. While I personally disagree with many things in this article, I also wanted to keep it published to shed some light on an issue that many people wonder about.

Also be sure to check out the responses to this topic by Steven Lin – Do Asian Women Prefer White Men? and Are Asian Men Less Desirable?

This topic is probably pretty controversial, but I thought I’d write about something that bugs a lot of my male friends. Don’t pretend that it’s not an issue. There are tons of people out there questions why there are so many Asian girls who prefer white guys. No, I’m not being racist. I’m not generalizing. I’m just telling what MY PERSONAL OPINIONS are. That’s why they call this an editorial. I absolutely love hate mail so feel free to send it my way.

Anyways let’s start with reason #5 of why I think Asian girls like white guys.

5) Social Prowess

White men are more socially in-tuned, and thus they have more social prowess than Asian guys. What I mean by social prowess is that they know what to do in social situations and they know how to network and meet new people well. I think the major reason for this is that I do live in the United States, in an area with a dominant white majority. White guys own the popularity contest, and sometimes this is something that is attractive to girls. As much as I hate to admit it, my gender sometimes has the tendency to get a little shallow. So if a white guy makes you look better than an Asian guy, then maybe you might want to choose the white guy.

4) Balls

I’ve met some Asian guys with balls. But for every Asian guy with balls, there are three or four white guys with just as much or even more balls. So I’m definitely not saying that Asian guys never have confidence. This isn’t true, but I have to admit that I’ve found that there are more white guys out there that are more confident.

3) Unique

Sometimes a girl just wants something different. It’s quite possible that the girl might be at a stage where she wants something unique and maybe network with some people that are different. I’ve dated a lot of Asian guys before my first white guy and this was definitely true for me. It felt refreshing to hang out with a few girls and guys of different races.

2) They pull the trigger

White guys are just more assertive. Sometimes girls just don’t want to wait. I’ve seen that Asian guys tend to drag out things a lot longer. They want to really extend the courting process. Sometimes girls just want a boyfriend and they want it NOW! White guys are really good at realizing this and acting on it.

1) Western concept of beauty

Living in New York has probably clouded my judgment a little bit. When you see models in the press or media they are always toned, large, tall – all attributes that Asian guys tend not to have. I think it might have to do with just the way us Asian American girls were brought up. Our concept of beauty makes us think that Westerners just have that beauty that guys of our race don’t have.

‘Nuff said. Hope you guys enjoyed my first post. I’m going to be blogging for Amped Asia in my spare time and have my own column. I am expecting some mail from you guys on this article. Give me ideas for future posts!

Much Love,


The Golden Lotus was written by Hou Hui in Ming Dynasty, the first river novel despcribing the domestic affairs in China. Its content is : there is a local tyrant named Xi Menqing. He is good at gambling and fond of women. If alive today he would chase after the type of women who over accentuate there looks with breast implants and lots of make up. In his life, he has tens of wives including Pan Jinlian, wife of Wu Da who is brother of Wu Song, one of the heroes in Water Margin. Xi Menqing uses all kinds of means to get women, to persecute populace and to bribe officials. At last, he dies of overlechery. Some of his wives die for their bad behavior, some are seld by matchmakers blinded by gain.

In my opinion, Pan Jinlian could be current NY Escort call girl, because they offer escort service in New York City, and they chase the money from some rich people.

The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus Chinese Adult Movie

The Golden Lotus Chinese Adult Movie

The Golden Lotus Chinese Escort in NY

The Golden Lotus Chinese Escort in NY