A disgruntled searcher posted a thread at Google Maps Help forum complaining that he spotted a nude photo on a Google Maps business listing for a London based escort service. I personally don’t think I see a nude photo, but the photos are seductive in nature. You can see the business listing over here (also a screen capture).

Escort Service Using Seductive Images in Google Maps

The individual reported this on Saturday, November 7th, but no one really noticed (it was Saturday). Here is his post:

This is a serious breech of Google quality guidelines ever. Spammer added price £120 on the title of the listing . On the other hand spammer has added nude picture on the Gallery section to get more clicks from surfer .What a shame, how could some do such things . Please take immediate action.

This is not the first time we found adult oriented content in Google Maps. We found adult spam in Google Maps listings in a much worse way, disguised as a normal business listing. That spam was cleaned up.

Now, I don’t think escort services is an issue in Google Maps – I am not sure. But are these pictures an issue? Nudity is, but these?

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

Update: There are some that actually do have nudity. Do not click if you do not want to see nudity. Here are some examples, this one, this one, and probably many many more. Even many in the US, such as this one, this one, this one and many more. So there is plenty of nudity on Google Maps Business Listings.


SEO for escorts isn’t easy, for lots of reasons. Every escort website wants to rank highly on Google, because top rankings bring huge traffic and a lot of business. So the competition is fierce, and when that happens, things can sometimes get ugly. Many escort websites use what are known as “black hat SEO” tactics – sneaky tricks to get quick, short term rankings on Google. They eventually get punished by the search engines, so you will always see new websites come and go into the Google rankings.

The other major reason why Search Engine Optimization for escorts is difficult is links. Inbound links are the lifeblood of top rankings, and for websites related to the adult industry, good quality links are hard to come by. Many SEO companies don’t understand this – but at NY ESCORT, our team are constantly finding new link sources to use just for escort websites. Our results speak for themselves.

Google Maps (also known as Google Places) is also important for any escort website. Your customers want to know where your girls are available, and the Google Map shows up strongly in the search results for most escort-related searches. Again, our results speak for themselves – ask us and we’ll be happy to show you top rankings on Google Places.

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Google Maps for Escorts is a great way to shortcut to the top – but the road to get there is tricky and always changes. Google Places for Escorts is one of the most inconsistent result sets you will see, because it doesn’t follow the usual patterns seen. The area is subject to a lot of spam, as competitors fight tooth and nail to use any means necessary to get to the top. Recently, brand new listings that don’t even have a website have started appearing at the top of the listings; the listings are also subject to a lot of spam review abuse. Competitors will leave negative reviews for each other, and fake positive reviews for their own listing. So the question is – what do you if you an escort wanting to use Google Maps / Google Places for your escort business?

Firstly – you need a location that is truly your own. Getting your listing verified by Google will involve them sending a postcard to the address you claim, so you can’t fake it. Once you have a verified listing, it needs to be a complete, accurate listing containing comprehensive information, including any photos or videos you have – BUT do not include any adult images or videos, as this will get your reported for abuse and your listing suspended.

Optimizing the listing then takes a lot of work. Citations are necessary to get your business listed in literally hundreds of local business directories; natural reviews from customers will also help get you traction. Many companies turn to fake reviews, but you should keep in mind that Google is smart. It can detect reviews coming from the same IP, and soon they will be implementing software that recognizes the format of a fake review against real reviews. So the best thing you can do is try and get REAL reviews from your clients.

But the best thing you can do is target top rankings with both natural SEO and Google Maps/Places optimization. Hitting it from every angle means you have more opportunities for rankings and business. At EscortZoom, we always optimize for both the natural organic listings and the map listings, and our results speak for themselves. Contact us now using the form on the right so we can save you the hassle of trying to do it yourself! We’re the experts, we’re here to help.


Paying Escort Service by Bitcoins

Most people pay cash, credit card, personal check or Paypal to escort service. But we have a new payment method for escort service.
Bitcoins Therefore, I made some research on internet.
1. A cup of coffee
A cup of coffee A Redditor reports that the Garage Cafe coffee shop in Beijing now accepts bitcoin.
2. A bust of Ben Franklin
A bust of Ben Franklin Etsy seller CuriositiesCupboard accepts bitcoin for its selection of vintage collectibles and jewelry. This 6″ bust retails at $7.95 in boring old regular dollars.
3. A night’s stay in a San Francisco hostel
A night's stay in a San Francisco hostel The Pacific Tradewinds hostel in San Francisco not only accepts bitcoin, it offers a 10% discount if you use them.
4. A Mobius strip inspired ring for $120
A Mobius strip inspired ring for $120 This silver ring from Andronyk Jewelry is really quite lovely, and they’re happy to take your bitcoins for it.
5. The priviledge of browsing OkCupid ad-free
The priviledge of browsing OkCupid ad-free If you use an adblocker on OkCupid, it shows you a message saying that in lieu of viewing ads, how about making a one-time $5 donation. Although OkCupid doesn’t yet have an official method of accepting bitcoin, an enterprising miner asked the support staff if they would accept it manually, and they accepted it.
6. Alpaca wool socks
Alpaca wool socks The Grass Hill Alpaca Farm just outside Northampton, MA is happy to trade wool socks for bitcoins.
7. Someone to write your term papers for you
Someone to write your term papers for you Too busy mining bitcoins to finish that WesternCiv paper? No sweat! A shady term paper writing service will write it for you. They promise the paper will pass anti-plagiarism software checks and will take rush orders.
8. Male fertility testing
Male fertility testing A doctor from Fertility Care of Organe County posted an offer to r/Bitcoin for a male fertility screening in exchange to be paid by bitcoin. After 3 months, someone indeed took him up (the doctor reported to Reddit the patient’s sperm count was healthy). No offers for female fertility services so far.
9. A vet check-up
A vet check-up A Redditor took his cat and dog in for a checkup, and convinced the vet to accept bitcoin payment: “Was there with my cat and dog for a checkup, talked to him about it … he didn’t have time to listen right now. He heard about it before but doesn’t know a lot about it. I asked him to call me later if he’s interested. And then when I got to pay I asked if I can make this one payment with Bitcoin … and he said “sure, why not”. So I opened a blockchain.info wallet for him, and paid. So much fun.”
10. Delicious BBQ ribs
Delicious BBQ ribs Firehouse BBQ in Salt Lake City, Utah, is owned by bitcoin enthusiast Tom Westlund. Westlund told BuzzFeed he hasn’t received any bitcoin customers lately, since the price has gone up. However, he and his buddy have been tinkering around creating their own version of bitcoin called BBQCoin. Yes, that bitcoin for BBQ.
11. Cookies
Cookies Cookies 4 Coins is exactly what it sounds like. Cookies take 2-3 days to arrive to your home, which makes me worried they won’t be that fresh (the image above is NOT from the cookies4coin.net, it’s a way more delicious looking cookie).
12. This hooker
This hooker “Masami”, 23 is available for out-calls only in New York Escorts. In 2011, her price was 35 bitcoins per hour, presumably current bitcoin inflation has changed that.
13. A webcam show from this girl
A webcam show from this girl “Sarah Sparkles” is a camgirl who accepts bitcoin payment. For a slightly more SFW version, you can follow her on Twitter [email protected]
Twitter from Call Grils
14. A striptease from this guy
A striptease from this guy Strip4bit.com [NSFW] is a site that offers stripper cams for bitcoin payment only. Both male and female strippers are included, this like German guy in his stylish wraparound sunglasses.


A court in New York is set to rule later on Monday in the sex scandal case involving the former head of the International Monetary Fund, that could see the long-running legal saga reach its conclusion.

The Bronx Supreme Court has ordered Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser to appear “if the action is settled”. He is unlikely to be there but lawyers for both sides are thought to have reached a deal.

Last month, Strauss-Kahn’s team denied reports that he had agreed to pay six million dollars (4.6m euros) to Nafissatou Diallo.

The former chambermaid, who alleges Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted her in a New York hotel, filed a civil lawsuit after criminal charges were dropped.

The ex-IMF chief has always insisted the encounter was consensual.

“I don’t know how much the settlement will be, but I think in this case it will seem high, even very high, to people outside the United States. But are we talking about six million dollars, ten million dollars, one million dollars or some other amount? It’s absolutely impossible for me to say,” said Christopher Mesnooh, lawyer and partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse.

A deal in New York would not see the end of Strauss-Kahn’s legal woes. He is also linked to a suspected prostitution ring at a hotel in Lille in northern France and is under formal investigation.

His lawyers want the case thrown out. A French court decision is due on December 19.