‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2’ wins Friday with $9.3 million

Cloudy-Chance-Meatballs-2 NY escort service
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Animation

No NY escort service News everyday, Let we talk about box office. Sony’s $78 million sequel Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 pulled in $9.3 million on its Friday debut, putting it at the top of the box office. The film will easily outgross the original Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs‘ $30.2 million debut, though it will likely miss the $40 million mark that most prognosticators assumed it would reach this weekend. Cloudy 2 should make it rain to the tune of about $35 million.
In second place, Ron Howard’s Formula One racing drama Rush drove away with $3.7 million on Friday after expanding from five theaters into 2,297 locations. The film, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, should score about $11 million this weekend — a big step down form Howard’s last sports drama, Cinderella Man, which punched up $18.3 million in 2005.
Last weekend’s champion, Prisoners, unlocked another $3.4 million, which should yield about $11 million over the weekend frame. The film was expected to notch a slightly better hold, but there’s heavy competition for adult audiences this weekend from Rush and Don Jon.
Speaking of Don Jon, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt indie opened with $3.3 million on Friday, and it may take in about $9.5 million in its opening weekend. The film opened slightly above Baggage Claim, which also earned $3.3 million and could gross about $9 million in its first weekend.
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1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – $9.3 million
2. Rush – $3.7 million
3. Prisoners – $3.4 million
4. Don Jon – $3.3 million
5. Baggage Claim – $3.3 million
Check back tomorrow for the full box office report and NY NY Escort.

Type ‘Google in 1998’ Into Google to the Past

Google is celebrating its 15th birthday Friday. To mark the occasion, the company has a special, interactive Doodle on the homepage, letting you break a star-shaped birthday pinata.

However, Google has added another birthday surprise to its search engine. Type “Google in 1998” not NY Escort into Google Search and you’ll see how the site looked 15 years ago.


It’s not only the visuals that change. You’ll see the actual search results for the term “Google” as they were in 1998. Back then, that word only yielded 234,000 results; today, Googling Google will return 9,450,000,000 results.

Unfortunately, you can only see the first page of results from 1998, and you cannot get the results for any other phrase except “Google.”

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Google celebrates its birthday in one way or another every year. However, this year the company actually made a significant change to its search algorithm. The new algorithm, called “Hummingbird,” affects 90% of searches and is meant to keep up with longer and more advanced search queries.

Drinking free coffee with NY escorts in National Coffee Day

It’s National Coffee Day, and much like any other day, 100 million Americans will reach for a cup of coffee with NY escort.

National Coffee Day NY Escort
National Coffee Day

Coffee aficionados who make their own are likely particular about the way they prepare their coffee and if on trend probably use the pour-over method. But while, say, sitting at a desk at the office, who has access to freshly roasted beans, a grinder, a scale, paper filters and a Chemex dripper? (Much less the time to prepare a pour-over cup of coffee?)

Enter the Humble Cup. Here’s what’s great (maybe even mind-blowing) about it:

1) It’s like an “instant” pour-over. The Humble Cup is a single serving of roasted ground coffee that comes in a filter and dripper in one (sort of like a tea bag with wings). Just open it, attach it to your coffee cup, add hot water a little at a time, and you have delicious coffee.

2) Highly portable. Packaged in a sturdy foil-lined paper packet, the Humble Cup is easy to toss into a bag or even a pocket. Take it with you anywhere, and as long as you have hot water, you have yourself a cup of fresh coffee.

3) It’s a local product, made here in Los Angeles. While traveling through Asia, barista Leon Li came across a similar product, but the coffee it contained “was terrible,” he says. So he teamed with local roaster Suits & Knives and created the Humble Cup, standing behind their own roasted coffee.

4) It’s good coffee. Li and Suits & Knives source a variety of beans, grinding and packaging the coffee themselves for each Humble Cup packet.

5) Great design. It looks sort of like a tea bag with wings. Open the filter bag, pull open the tabs on the sides of the bag and hook them to the side of your coffee cup. It fits nicely, isn’t at all precarious, nor is it messy. Once you’re finished, toss it.

All you need is hot water.