A hot encounter at your ex’s party

Your feeling on a low as you enter your ex’s house. It’s fancy dress so last minute you’d flung on a short black number, black gloves, and a pinned tail. As you enter, the music’s blasting and every room is pretty full with people getting drunk or in a couple of upper rooms getting laid. You head straight to the dance floor and can’t help looking for your ex. He’s already seen you, pulling away slightly from the girl crawling all over him. Still feeling his eyes on you, you are determined to show him what you’ve got.
As you grind against the crowd in the dark room, you begin to sense another presence: a taller well built body pressing against you from behind. He places his cool hands firmly on your shoulders and runs them down your arms, gently stroking over your wrists while pressing his groin into your lower back. You can hear him breathing heavily. His hand lifts your fingers up to his wet mouth and as you close your eyes his lips encircle each finger and he runs his tongue lightly over the tips until they tingle. His other arm has now wrapped around your waist tightly, preventing you from turning round to see his face – you are firmly in his embrace. You feel yourself stir. Still sucking each finger slowly in and out, he moves his hand over your tummy, squeezes your hips slightly and then slips his hand up the dress. You are wearing hotpants but no tights and so his fingers on your thigh soon make you hot and wet, now beginning to burn with desire. You wish him to slip his fingers into your pussy but he resists, running his hand over the inside of your thigh. Taking your fingers from his moist mouth he breathes hot air on your neck and whispers to you that he wants your body to fuck. Then he gently sucks your tender neck and traces his tongue in circles. His hands, one across your waist restricting, and the other still up your dress, push you round to face him. His eyes are glazed over, He suddenly roughly pulls your head back, kissing you chin and neck and thrusts his hips against you, his large penis grown inside his trousers. You need to feel his hot penis inside of you. He kisses your bursting cleavage over and over again, once more rubbing your thighs and then thrusting a finger so far inside you that you moan and feel your pussy leak a little don your thigh. You grind hard against his dick up and down, so that it rubs the fabric of your hotpants on your clit as it gets hotter and hotter. You’re half-aware that everyone on the dancefloor is now watching you both with excitement. He lifts your dress up to your hips and pushes both his hands into the back of your hotpants, cupping your asscheeks and squeezing them, moaning into your ear. You ask him to stick his finger in your bumhole so he does.
You begin to unzip his trousers and he looks eagerly at you, They fall to the floor. The head of his penis is poking out of his jocks. Still with his hands grasping your ass you bend over to suck his dick and taste its wetness. He spanks you hard and pushes his fingers back inside you so that you moan. Then he lifts you up so that you wrap your legs around him. In three strides your both against a wall and his head is buried in your cleavage. His hands grab your straps and full them down so that your bosoms are exposed. One hand is rubbing your clit faster and faster in small circles and his tongue licks your erect nipples. You plead with him to thrust his dick deep inside your wet, hot pussy. He lifts one leg over his arm, grasps your asscheek and pushes his hard penis deep inside, penetrating the g-spot. It hurts you and you cry out. He thrusts hard and fast, lifting you off he floor. His fingers rub your clit so that it burns and your whole body is tense and hot. The fuck lasts for about two minutes with him grunting and puffing, Your boobs are pressed against his chest, hot and damp. He has pinned your wrists against the wall, As he cums he moans and sighs loudly through his nose.
Afterwards every spectator cheers apart from your ex who has reddened in disbelief and anger, his own sex grown in his trousers.

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