A Night On The Town

David loosened his tie as the train pulled into Kings Cross station. His company was sending him into New York on yet another business trip. His last stay had consisted of lonely nights spent in restaurants and hotels after tedious days of meetings.

“This time it’s going to be different” David thought to himself. If work was going to keep sending him off to New York like this, he was going to make the most of it. He hailed a black cab to take him to his hotel and on arrival ordered a gin & tonic to be sent to his room. Wondering what to do next, David flipped open his mobile phone and dialled his cousin Greg.

“Hey Dave, good to hear from you!” came the welcoming voice down the phone. “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Hi Greg. I’m just in New York for a few nights and thought you might like to catch up for a drink? I don’t know anyone else in town and it gets pretty lonely in these hotel rooms”.

“Sorry mate,” Greg replied, “I’m actually out of town this week. Have you ever thought about using New York Escorts though?”

“An escort?” David pondered. “I hadn’t considered it before, have you ever used them?”

“Yeah, several times” said Greg. “It’s a great idea if you want some company, they have some gorgeous girls too. You wouldn’t see that calibre of girl back home!”

“Right, I might give that a go then” David decided. “Cheers Greg, see you soon”.

With that, David opened up his laptop and typed ‘New York Escorts’ into the search engine. A host of sites opened before his eyes, so many beautiful women to choose from. After a while browsing, David settled on a stunning Latino escort called Bella. He couldn’t wait to meet her.

An hour later, David was sitting at the bar in Angel where they’d agreed to meet. He nervously sipped on his gin, not quite sure what to expect. Then a vision in red walked through the door, with chocolate brown hair tumbling over her shoulders and hazel eyes fixed on David. He could not believe that this Goddess would be in his company for the whole evening! As she approached, David rose from his bar stool and kissed her on the cheek.

“Y-You must be Bella” he stammered.

“Of course” she smiled. “Now what shall we do? We have the whole of New York at our disposal…”

Every time Bella spoke, David marvelled at her sensual Italian accent. She was fiery and decisive, but still happy to do whatever he felt like next. He couldn’t believe he had never thought of using New York Escorts before! All those nights he had spent by himself in hotels all over the city seemed such a waste; now he knew how magical New York could be.

After leaving the bar, David had taken Bella for a candle lit dinner in Waterloo. The New York Eye lit up the sky outside, and the lights reflected in Bella’s deep brown eyes. Everything was so perfect, and as David took her hand across the table, he never wanted to let go. In Bella, he had found exotic beauty, conversation, and most importantly to him, companionship.

“Lets go for a walk” Bella breathed into David’s ear. Her breath on his face sent a shiver down his spine. Hand in hand, they strolled through the moonlit park, sharing stories of their past and talking about their dreams for the future. All of a sudden, Bella turned to David and asked, “why don’t you move to New York?”

It took David aback slightly, but he couldn’t think of anything more elating than being near her. He had seen the city of New York in a whole new light, and never realised that escorts would be able to show him the way.

Now he realised, this is where he was supposed to be.

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