American boy

I wore a tong with a black mini dress.

He was young, maybe early thirties. Tall, white, fit.

I offered some drink, he asked water, and asked whats on menu.

I said we could go to the bed room and play around. He said it was a great idea.

I offered a shower , he asked me to come, i said i had make up on and that i had just showered specially for him.

He said he showered in the morning so i said it was good to have one.

I took the dress off and laid in bed.

He cameofrf shower and joined me, all dressed up again. Had to undress and i offered a massage.

He kept his pants.

He asked again what we could do, I said just have some nice sex. He said that was good.

I performed some shiatsu on his back, bum and legs. Then on his shoulders, neck and head. He said it was very nice and turned to me.

Then we kissed. He had soft lips but his breath could be better…we didnt kiss much, he kissed my arms and neck, and kept stroking his hand over my entiresoft body.

Then he asked if he could kiss my nipples. I said yes.

He kissed my boobs, while placing my hand on his crotch. His cock was hard. Thick, not too big. Very good.

I took his pants off.

Offered my pussy by putting my legs on his head direction in case he would want to lick me. I was still wearing my knickers, but he only wanted to watch me.

I grabbed his cock on one hand firmly, with my other hand placed on his leg.

I licked it for a while, on the tip first, looking at him.

Then I deep throated it.

Grabbed his balls while doing that.

He took a deep sigh and said he wanted me.

I stood on my knees and took my knickers off, he said i had an amazing body.

I put the condon on and went on top.

Was nice feeling it coming in and out, was hard enough.

I started as always playing my clit and told him after a while i was going to cum.

Kept playing and asking him to keep doing like that.

When I cum I asked him to fuck me harder and he asked me to go on all fours.

He started fucking me from behind, i was so wet, bending my back, stick my pussy so he could stroke deep and fast …he fucked me very hard, we both screamed, and he cum very intense and quickly.

Then bought some weed from me. I had offered some earlier, if he wanted to smoke.

Then he said he will be back, that he had fun, and that I have a wonderful body.

I said I had enjoyed meeting him too.

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