Angela for Christmas

Christmas is almost hear and I can’t wait. Angela came in tonight waring a bright red push up bra and matching panties. Now Angela does not need a push up bra, her beautiful big titties stand at attention all the time. She told me she had my Christmas present and I should open it early as we are having inlaws in starting tomorrow thru Christmas.

Now I don’t mind opening my gifts early and the way this one was wrapped it didn’t take but a moment to open. I really believe if I did not relieve the stress on her bra her luscious tits would bust it wide open anyway. The moment her wonderful titties flew out of her bra my mouth was all over them. Angela loves her big titties sucked hard, the harder I suck them the hornier she gets. Can you tell I love the woman very much. She taked wonderful care of me in every way. Getting back to my night… I was sucking her titties so hard when I pulled the crotch of her panties open and pushed by fingers into her hot wet pussy. I finger fucked her and sucked titties until she came hard. She really loves to come. After her first come I pulled her panties off layed her on a day bed and started eating her pussy. She came 4 different times while I licked and suck her lucious wet pussy. She set up and pulled my dick out of my pants and started sucking me off. Now this girl is an expert when it comes to sucking a dick. I felt her big titties off while she sucked me to the edge. Then I put my dick between her big titties and tittie fucked her hard. Every time my dick shove forward she would lick the head. After a few minutes of tittie fucking we 69’d. While I had her ass in my face inserted my finger and she went wild. It was all I could to not to come when went wild. She came all over my tounge.

We licked and sucked for over 2 hours. My dick was aching off and all of a sudden she wanted me to fuck her up the ass. This happens every now and then and it is great because I can fuck her ass and finger her pussy at the same time and that really gets her going. She does not always want to ass fuck but this is my Christmas present and anything I want goes. After ass fucking we got in the shower together and scrubbed each other now lathering up those big titties of her’s got my dick hard again. I finger fucked her wonderful pussy until she came in the shower. We finshed showering and went straight for the bed. She wanted my dick so bad. She fell on the bed and I dove for her big titties. I sucked them as hard and long as I could. While sucking her hard my dick slid into her lucious wet pussy I started thrusting her hard and all she could say over and over was fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I came all over her pussy and be fell over in the bed and my dick went limp soaking in all the cum in her pussy.

I can even begin to tell anyone what a woman Angela is, I love her and she loves me. She shows it everyday. She keeps my blood boiling with her beautiful hot body. I hope everyone is getting tired of hearing about fucking Angela. She is so good I have to tell everyone. I am the luckiest man in the world.

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