Bicycle Ride

It started off as a local rails-to-trails weekend bike ride with an eclectic group from work. Over the summer, as it got hotter and hotter, fewer and fewer of our coworkers arrived at the appointed time for the weekend ride. Eventually it was down to just to Rain and myself. She had improved her riding speed significantly over the summer and we now were able to ride easily together. Not infrequently I would draft behind her admiring her tight butt and trying to imagine what her pussy looked like. Of course my mind imagined what I would do with it if the opportunity ever arose. At other times on the ride, we would ride abreast of one another. Of course, her 34 Ds would be the object of my stare. When we would finish our 2 hour rides, we’d chat for awhile and then head our separate ways. I would always fantasize about sex with Rain but figured it would never happen.

One day at work, Rain came up behind me and slipped a piece of paper in my pocket. She whispered in my ear that it was private and turned the leave. Giggling, she peered over her shoulder with a devilish smile. I retrieved the paper and immediately knew my fantasies were about to come true. The paper was a bicycle magazine ad that showed two sets of biking shoes sticking out from a sleeping bag. Interestingly, they were intertwined in the missionary position!

The next Saturday arrived and I hoped no one else showed up for the ride. Eight AM came and Rain and I were at the trailhead alone. We started off our ride and about three miles into the ride turned onto a small side trail which led to a secluded overlook. At the trails end was a secluded area overlooking the prarie containing a bench. We dismounted and looked at the panorama before us. Rain slipped her hands around my waist and slowly traced the outline of my cock through my bike shorts. Needless to say, my cock became uncomfortably restrained. Giggling, she asked if I liked the magazine ad. Smiling, I turned to reply and was met with a deep french kiss. He tongue darted into my mouth while her hand continued to stroke my cock through my bike shorts. My hands grasped her tight ass and pulled her against my hardness. She ground her hips against my cock while I slide a hand under her bike shirt and fondled her full breast tweaking her nipples between my fingers. Unfortunately, my fantasy-coming-true was interupted by the noisy arrival of 2 children accompanied by their parents. My erection was not lost on the parents as we mounted our bikes and rode as fast as possible back to the trailhead.

We loaded the bikes onto the back of our SUVs and were soon arriving at her place. I followed Rain into her house. After the door closed, I turned see her peeling off her yellow bike shirt exposing her nice 34Ds. I quickly joined her in disrobing, peeling the restrictive bike clothing from our bodies. My cock was at full attention as we embraced, deep french kissing and allowing our hands to explore each other’s bodies. Her full pendulous breast felt magnificent in my hands. Her hands where stroking my cock and kneading my balls. She sank to her knees and flipped her tongue over the tip of my cock. She then slowly slid my cock into her mouth, circling the head with her tongue before swallowing the full length. All the while looking into my eyes with a mischievous look.

Eager to reciprocate, I led her to the sofa, pushed her back, spread her legs and brought my cock to her nicely shaved pussy. Rubbing the length of shaft between her lips and over her clit, we both moaned. I lowered my mouth to her pusssy and flicked my tongue back and forth over her clit. She pulled her spread legs up to provide a better view of my ministrations. Her eyes became glazed, her breathing more rapid and her right hand pulled my head into her encouraging me to satisfy her. I slide my tongue inbetween her lips and entered deep into her pussy tongue fucking her. Alternating between her clit and her vagina, she bucked to her first orgasm squeezing my head between her leg, grabbing my hair and pulling my head into her crotch. Descending from her orgasm, she pulled me up to kissed me, lapping the remaining juices from my lips and mouth.

Obviously, my erection was now waiting for more attention. Rain looked at my cock and a smile slowly spread over her face. “I have a real treat for you” she said leading me to a recliner. She asked me to sit and lean back into a fully reclined position. She then mounted the chair with her feet on the arm rests. Slowly squating, she positioned herself over my shaft and watched to see the pleasure on my face as she took my cock to the hilt in her pussy. Like a lot of guys, watching is an ultimate experience. I was impressed by her leg strength to be able to her raise and lower herself on my cock. I got the distinct impression that she had done this before and had practiced it frequently in the past. All I could do was lay there and enjoy it for as long as I could. Breathing faster, her face began to glaze over as her pace picked up. My erect cock became even stiffer as the sensation increased. Roils of spasms began to at the base of my cock and spread throughout the shaft has I grabbed her hips, slammed her down onto my cock and unloaded into the depths of her pussy. She shuddered at the release of my cum reaching another peak herself. Afterwards, we layed curled in each other’s arms thoroughly spent, kissing lightly and caressing each other. This lasted until she got an evil look in her eye. Grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the recliner, she said “I’ve got another treat for you!” I could only imagine!

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