Birthday Wishes by Angel Fever

It was our final year in high school, a week until our trial exams. It was the day of my 18th birthday, a day my friends and I had been looking forward to for quite a long time as I was the third youngest in our group, the youngest two not turning 18 until the following year.

I still remember it vividly, it was a gloomy Wednesday and as I walked in the back gates I could think of a million things I’d rather be doing at that moment in time. The bell to announce roll call had just sounded and I hurried quickly to it before I would be locked out of the room. I sat in my usual seat behind two of the boys in my group, did I forget to mention that I’m the only girl in our group of nine?

Anyway Jamie and Jonny got up from their seats and stood in front of me, confused I stood up also and Jonny wrapped me in a massive hug, wishing me a happy birthday and telling me that he’ll give me my present when we go out tonight, I smile and thank him then turn to Jamie, who pulls me into a tight embrace, pulling me close so our bodies are flush together, he gently whispered in my ear that he’ll give me my present next period before kissing the soft spot on my neck, making me fold closer to him.

We let go of each other and they take their seats as I take mine, I sit looking at my hands, trying to figure out what it was all about, not sure whether I should be excited or scared. I received more birthday wishes during roll call, at one stage the class sang happy birthday to me. I blushed and thanked them all, the entire time thinking about what Jamie meant.

After roll call, Jamie and I had a study period together and I told my study hall teacher that I was going to the library to catch up on my English work and use the computers. I set up my stuff and was about to turn the computer on when Jamie came and sat in the chair next to me.

“Cara, come with me,” he pulled my hand away before I could turn on the computer and placed it on his thigh. I smiled at him and stood up, following him out of the library, as we passed I told the librarian to look after my stuff as I had to go grab a book from Jamie’s car.

He leads me to the door of the boys change rooms and I frown at him, puzzled. The boys change rooms has two doors that you can enter by, one door is just inside the boys toilets, the other is around the corner where no one ever walks, making it just a little easier to sneak in and out of. We were standing in front of the door around the corner and as no one was around he pulled me to him and kissed me.

“You ready for your birthday present?” his hot breath caressing my neck, cold from the July winter weather. I nod and he presses a quick kiss to my lips and opens the door to the change rooms, he looks inside and tells me that the coast is clear. He locks both the door we had come out through and the door that leads to the boys toilets and then returns to me. He leads me to the bench in the middle on the change rooms and sits down, pulling me into his lap. Kissing me his hands wander down my body and I shrug out of my school blazer. He then pulls my royal blue jumper from me and I shiver. I pull his blazer and jumper off then tug at his tie, using it to pull him closer to me, I kiss him frantically and I get wet at the feel of his thick cock pressing to be freed.

I smirk at him and get off of his lap, kneeling on the floor between his legs his eyes bulge out, I unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants and pull his cock free of his underwear, I capture it in my mouth and lick the head, tonguing the slit.

“Ahhhh Cara, oh god, wait this was meant to be about you, I wanted to give you a present,” Jamie tries desperately to refuse me. I look up at him and keep my eyes locked with his as I take his entire throbbing member into my mouth then back out. I stop and sit back on the balls of my stockinged feet.

“Really? Well how about I do this now, then you can do what you want later,” I tell him and he merely nods. I smile at him and lick all the way up the sensitive underside of his dick.

His cock stiffens as I take it back into my mouth and lick and suck the tip every now and then taking all of him into my mouth, I taste pre-cum and then engulf his dick again, quickly deep-throating him, sucking him hard, massaging his cock with my tongue as I do so. He threads his hands into my hair and pulls me further onto his cock as I begin massaging his balls, going faster and faster on his cock.

Jamie starts bucking, shoving his cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat, I can feel that he’s about to cum so I pull him out of my throat and suck on his head and lick his slit, gently massaging his balls to encourage the oncoming flow. He shoots hot cum into my mouth and I greedily drink it, I feel as a tiny bit of it dribbles out of my mouth and down my chin and as he leans back, spent, I lick his dick clean then wipe the hot cum off of my chin and suck it off my finger.

He smiles at me and fixes his pants, as we pull our jumpers and blazers back on he grins and grabs my hand, unlocking the door we came in through, he checks the coast is clear then drags me out. I tell him to wait a minute and I quickly go and make sure I don’t look like a hot mess. I join him again and he leads me to the library and picks up my stuff, shoving it into my bag he refuses to let me carry it.

Surprisingly the school seems deserted and he picks up his bag and we walk to the head of the senior schools office.

“Sir, Cara and I need to go down to Bunnings to pick up some stuff for D&T,” Jamie tells the teacher.

“Cara doesn’t do D&T though,” he replies with a puzzled look.

“I know, but she found the material that I need and ordered it for me in her name so she has to be there when I pick it up else I can’t get it,” Jamie lies convincingly.

“Alright, but this is the only time I will ever let this happen, come see me when you two get back so I know you’re here,” he tells us and we promise to do so and leave through the back gates. I frown at him as we walk to the car and he grabs my arse, he places our bags in behind the seats of his ute and he drives us out of the car park, one hand on the steering wheel, the other making its way up my stockinged thigh.