Breaking the virginity

It was winter vacation and as always we were going to have winter camp trip. Me and my girl friend were very happy for that there would be no one to disturb us. In the trip bus we sat on 2nd last sets together and I was kissing her such way that anyone can hardly notice. Then she suddenly looked at me I saw some thing in her eye then I thaught some thing will happen.
Then bus stopped for meal break,all went for some meal but I didn’t. After a while my gf came to me running and gave me a juice with her nice gental tongue kiss. Oh that was nice.
At the night camp all of us were singing around the camp fire then I looked at my gf then I found that she was trying to say something with her eyes to me. Then she left then I followed her then we both went to a quit place. She said,”Why did you kissid me in bus? What if someone had seen us?”. “Don’t you know darling that I love you and thats why I kissed you.” I replied.
Then she looked at me and we began to kiss hardly to each other’s lips and it was happening automatically. My one hand was on her ripe boobs and other was on her pant just above her pussey,trying to reach there. Her hands were trying to open my jacket and then t-shirt.
I find my sell uncomfortable, then I found why my cock was trying to escape from my jeans. My gf helped him to do so. I could feel her hot breath. She began to suck and pump my cock with her warm mouth. She did it for 6 min then she stood up then we both begun to remove each others’ cloth with soft kisses over lips. As the the job finished I saw her nice cute boobs then my mouth began to suck that. Then she gave a horney moan which just made excite me and my cock. She was playing with my cock with her soft hands. After sucking of the both boobs my head begun the journey to he her pussey through her mid chest,upper stomach,naval and then finally her pussey. When I first saw it then I only understand that why it was called pussey.
I kissed and sucked that rosey wet pussey along with she was giving sexy moans times to times to ecrouge me. When I looked at her her eyes I found that they were asking me to began the main ceremoney. So we both made a nice place lay down and then we step into the 69 pose with my dick in her mouth and her pussey at my mouth and started to make them wet. After then she asked me to insert my cock inside her nice pussey. She made a way to enter for my cock and I started to insert but I failed as it sliped away then at second time I inserted 1/3 of my cock and she just cried which was sexy hearing which I felt a power and I pushed my dick in her. It went totalley inside and I felt some hot liquid but I begun to do in and out with my cock kept on doing that. At first she was crying but later she begun to give encrousing sounds with which my my speed incresed.
Her hand were crawling at my back and she was moaning with my each strock. And at last haven point came and I felt like flying.
After then we dressed up an went to the camp. Late I found that that hot liquid I felt at first was blood and I was 1st virgin person to break her virgin vegina.

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