Bunny and Vee

When I retired and moved to Las Vegas I met several women in different casino’s that were lonely quite agressive. In time 3 of them gave me keys to their apartments. At first I was feeling like a King on a Throne, but after a while it became difficult to visit them all in the same week.
The one thing I learned about women who give you their keys; they demand attention. One of them wanted to have a 3 some and would whisper her desires in my ear while we were having sex-quietly. There was another woman that told me about having sex with her cousin’s girlfriend in college and wanted to try it again. So, I asked her to join me in a 3 some with my lady on the side who I will call “Bunny” it was kind of exciting thinking of being in bed with two woman at my age. The next friday night I knocked on Bunny’s door-not wanting Vee to know I had her door key, just like I had her’s on my key ring.
We sat down and Bunny told me to make some drinks from the wet bar as the girls started talking girl-talk to each other. I was on my second drink when Vee said, “Well, let’s not waste the night away and took off her blouse and bra, letting her 40D’s free for touching. Bunny stood up and pulled her thin tee shirt off and dropped her black pants and panties. The girls seemed to be putting on a strip show for me and I loved it.
I went into the bathroom to wash my face and hands smiling at the situation. When I came back into the living room the girls had already got in bed and were busy foundling each other. Vee was on top of Bunny kissing her nipples and playing with her tight little pussy. I could hear Bunny moaning and arching her back to the movement of Vee’s fingers touching her clit. Her blond hair was sweaty and she was in another world.
Vee had a long tounge and darted it in Bunny’s pussy making my hard on stand like a flag pole.
I stood their in the nude watching the girls now taking turns sucking each other’s nipples and finger fucking. I got in bed with them and started eating Bunny’s pussy. After a while Vee went down with me and we both took turnes sucking Bunny’s pussy and breast. Vee eased her tounge down Bunny’s throat as I mounted her tight pussy. I forced my penis deep in side her as she started kissing Vee with a passion. She screamed and told me to fuck her harder. We changed positions and I fucked Vee while Bunny sucked her nipples. Vee’s black ass was working overtime. It didn’t take Vee very long to get a climax, but Bunny could fuck all night with her little endless sex drive. We finally had to get out her viberater toys to get her off. I laid in bed while the girls took turns sucking my penis. I finally got off by fucking Vee dog style as she ate Bunny’s pussy. It was almost 3 a.m. as I got up and poured another drink.
The girls were now in bed with locked pussy’s rubing each other going for another orgasm. I watched them for a while and we all went to sleep around 5 a.m. When I woke up Bunny was sleep with my penis in her mouth.
When I took Vee home she asked me, “Does Bunny ever get tired of fucking?”
I smiled and said, “I don’t think so, maybe next time she might get off quicker.” With that Vee said, ” I don’t think she get’s off, she just fakes it.” We rode in silence as I gave that some thought. Maybe Bunny was just one of those freaks of nature that just never get’s enough.
But it was nice for the first time I had to admit I was happy as hell.

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