busted in the act

I was watching my sister’s kitten while her and her boyfriend were at work, as reading through the sex problems page in a magazine article i found myself becoming very horny. I remembered from previous times that my sister had told me she had invested in a toy from one of the sex shops in our area. This would be perfect to satisfy my need at this moment. I went into her bedroom searching in draws and cupboards looking for the toy. In her underware draw in between her bra and knickers i found the toy she had purchased. It was a large green rabbit, with a clit stimulator on the side. By this time i could feel my pussy juices soaking my knickers, i needed to make myself cum. i removed the toy from the draw and made my way to the spare bedroom, looking at the time i knew i didnt have long before my sisters boyfriend would be returning from work. This made me even more wet with the thought of being caught. I settled down onto the bed and switched on the toy. The strong vibrations shot through my hand and up my arm. My pussy pulsating with the thought of these strong vibrations on my now soaking wet pussy. I moved my hand lower and held the tip of the clit simulator on my swollen excited clit. My body started to move and wriggle as i couldnt control the moans coming from my mouth. By this time i knew i needed my wet pink pussy filled with this large vibrator. I entered it into my pussy, it slid in so easily with my pussy juices now running down the inside of my thighs. I was screaming and wriggling with pleasure that i didnt even hear the front door go. Just as i felt myself about to explode a load of warm pussy cum the spare bedroom door shot open. There stood my sisters boyfriend, he had clearly heard my moans with pleasure and i could see through his trousers that this clearly aroused him. He stood in the door way for a while where he had full view of my spread legs and dripping wet pussy. I needed to feel hard cock in my pussy. I stood up and made my way towards him pressing my breasts against his body, i could feel his hard cock press against my leg. He lifted his hands and started coressing my boobs, as i pulled them from my bra. My nipples were hard waiting for him to take them in his mouth. He lowered his head as i felt his wet lips surround my pert nipples. it made my pussy pulsate more as i knew i needed his cock inside me. I pulled him to the bed where i helped him remove his clothes. He lay there on the bed with his cock standing to attetion, i felt rude not to obey his obvious needs. i stood above him as i lowered my body onto his cock, my pussy swallowed his cock as i started moving up and down…………………… i think you need to come back next time to hear wht else happened

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