Could be you MF

Giving this a try
As you lay on the couch I gaze upon your succlent looking body. Watching the TV you have no idea whats going through my mind at this time or what I have in store for you in a few monents. When I cannot stand just looking at you letting my mind run free any longer I slowly get up without you noticing and start to kiss you, starting at your ankle I make my way slowly up to your breast sucking licking and kissing them all over. I kiss up to your neck until I get to your ear where I nibble on your earlobe which dives you crazy. After that I make my way down to your breast for some more fun but don’t stop there for too long because I’m on my way down on something else. I kiss you until I reach your Clit taking my time to lick and nibble on it, at this time you start to thrust your and buck your hips in pleasure running your fingers through my hair and playing with your nipples. At time time I’m rock hard and cannot wait any longer as your well beyond primed and ready. I thrust myself deep inside of you as you let out a gentle moan, I start pumping away in to the the rythem of the music playing in the background. You continue to buck your hips in antipation and continue to become louder and louder. After much of this has gone on for a while you start digging your nails into my back only to find out later that it left bruises. When you climax your body is shaking slignely from the rush of pleasure your experiencing, after you regain composure you beging to suck me off with suck force that I to cum very quickly inside your mouth. With your mouth fully of my warm load you swallow it down without even thinking twice about it and our little sexapade is compleate.

Send me comments of what you thought of this to foxtrot87123 at ** yahooo dot com Just kinda winged it so don’t be to harsh!