Crazy Days by Periyar

We spent most of our weekends at the cabin near the
lakes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It
was our paradise and playtime. We would take plenty of
provisions with us and of course Max, our Harlequin Danecame too. Perhaps the only thing unusual was that thisweekend John had invited another couple, Richard and Sueto come with us, which I thought was a wonderful idea.Richard, I already knew but I soon got to know Sue, aswe settled into the rooms, putting the groceries away,by the time we had all finished it was early eveningjust time to shower, change and go out of the evening meal.The restaurant was quite full and we drank wine with ourmeal, the conversation was easy, and we were all pretty relaxed.

Our friends, Sue and Richard, were a couple from a smalltown outside of Michigan, I later found out, (Richardhad confided in John that he loved to see a woman getting it on with a dog), however his wife was not so adventurous. I expect that John had told him of our canine experiences.

Sue went to the ladies room to powder her nose, she had
wonderful breasts full round that jiggled when she
walked, Richard explained that this had been their firstweekend away since they had had their baby. He wasthree months old, and got all Sue’s attention, their
lovemaking had been non-existent and that he hoped that
this weekend might rekindle the flames.

Sue returned and began to sip her wine, her cheeks were
flushed with the heat, and she began to relax. I felt
John’s hand wander under my skirt and he stroked the topof my thigh under the table.I looked at John and slaked my tongue around the rim of the wine glass, I smiled watching him shudder, I guessed he mentally pictured my tongue doing the same to hiscock, sucking and licking the pre-cum away.I was lost in my fantasy when Richard and Sue got up,”Shall we get going?”Richard asked. I was brought back to earth from giving you head and I gulped the rest of the wine, leaving the glass empty, nodded and gathered my things.

Richard drove, Sue in the front, John and I sat in the
back, no sooner had the engine started, then Johns’
fingers found their way to my pussy lips, and he began
to stroke them, slipping them underneath my go string.
I audibly gasped as he flicked my already swollen clit.
Richard caught the moment in the mirror and smiled.
John’s fingers stroked my clit slipping his fingers
inside me, while Richard angled the mirror to watch and
licked his lips. I leaned forward and kissed John
giving him my tongue.

The kiss lasted until we reached the cabin; we were
greeted by the deep bark of Max. John went to the
stereo and put some music on as Richard went to get more wine. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his
trousers. I greeted the dog made a fuss of him; his
nose scented my arousal as he sought to get his nose
into my pussy. “Soon baby” I stroked him watching the
red tip of his cock peeking out from its sheath.

I sat on the sofa with Sue, John stretched down fondling my breasts, I groaned as his fingers rubbed my nipples to stiff peaks. “Oh these are hard aren’t they? Do they need some of my special treatment?” I was very aroused;I slipped from the sofa onto the rug, where I undid afew buttons on my blouse before leaning back against the chair. John stood up, the bulge in his pants obvious,and I licked my lips teasing him.

Richard meanwhile had settled next to Sue and was
stroking her nipples through her blouse. Sue was
totally relaxed, I watched Richard unbutton her and
release her beautiful swollen breasts, her nipples, rockhard as the air touched them and tiny drops of milk
glistened and ran down the undersides of her breasts.

Sue tried to cover her breasts, but Richard moved her

arms away, bent his head “We’re going to have to get
rid of the milk somehow, let John and me suck you”
Richard licked her nipple and began to suck. I could
only watch John, as he settled at her other side and fedher other breast into his mouth to drink her milk. Shewas in ecstasy both men latched onto her swollen tits drinking her milk, but playing with her nipples like nobaby could.

My slit was soaking and I fingered myself. Was I being
the jealous bitch? Yes very probably. I called Max and
opened my legs wide; his tongue dived into my slit
licking my honey away. I encouraged him and moving him
sideways so I could reach his cock I began to pleasure
him, teasing the angry shaft from it’s hiding place. I
licked my lips as my fingers pulled his cock back and
forth; I bent my head and licked sucking on his shaft I
was rewarded with a jet of pre-cum, on my tongue.
Max’s’ cock length was growing, at full erection, he was a good 10 to 11 inches in thickness, and I could not getmy fist around him fully I groaned as his tongue lashed into my hole. I moved over between Sues’ legs, pulledher panties from her, and guided Max to her slit. Iheard moans of delight as his tongue licked her juices,feverishly working deeper into her. I kept working onhis cock with my other hand, bending my lips to him andsucking him. Max was driving deeper into her hole withhis tongue feverishly lapping her.

Sue’s hips were tilting to Max giving him wider access,
John and Richard still suckled her but each were rubbingtheir cocks. Max’s cock was rigid and dripping withprecum he was excited and I knew he wanted to be fuckinghis bitch, “Sue do you want to feel him inside you?””I’m aching for cock”, she cried. Richard unbuttoned
his trousers no longer able to keep his erection hidden.John turned Max around so that he was facing away fromSue, and I brought his cock between his legs and rubbedher clit, his cock sprayed her slit with juice, Johnbacked him up a little more and I pushed his cockagainst her folds. Sue’s slit opened up and her hips ground down to taking several inches of him. I heldhis knot, and without hurting him gently drove his cock deeper.

Richard knelt down watching his wife begin to take in
the dogs huge cock he massaged Sue’s clit, her lips werestretched wide, and I felt her slit clamping around Maxas I fed her more and more. All that remained outsideof her was his knot. I felt her body tremble, as sheslid down the last inch onto him, in that momentshescreamed with orgasm.

Richard could stand it no longer his own cock was
pulsing wet and ready, he eased the dog cock out of her,and slipped his own rigid cock, right to the hilt
Max’s pre-cum ran down his balls as he began to stroke
in and out of her. He pulled on her reddened nipples
oozing the last drops of milk, his wife’s ankles around
his neck he quickened his pace, fucking her quickly.

Max was humping his hips, his cock spurting and
dribbling, “Go on Honey, you fuck him. Let him get
his rocks off.” Richard goaded meI knelt on the coffee table on all fours, Max’s cockseemed huge to me, I was used to him. The other couple heightened my arousal. Max drove his tongue licking my pussy, his great body moved over mine, his cock jabbed at my wet pussy lips, his second thrust hit target, Igroaned his hips drove his cock deep into me. Jabbinghis cock deeper hitting my cervix again and again,deeper and deeper he fucked me.

“Oh yes fuck me!” I groaned as I felt the huge strength
behind one mighty lunge, his huge knot stretched my
pussy hole opening me up, then his hips rested and I
felt his cock pulse.

My body shook as I felt him spraying me, his knot hot
and solid pressing against my g spot, my spasming lips
holding him tight whilst he filled me with his hot cum,
setting off my own orgasm, my river of honey flooding.
I milked his spasming shaft my legs trembling.

John helped Max dismount, he carefully turned him the
other way, we were still knotted, John’s cock was
covered in pre-cum, he was waiting for Max to pull out
so that he could fuck me. Richard was grunting close
to his own orgasm, “Ohhhhh yes I’m coming!” his body
jerked as he thrust deep, crying out as he fell on top
of Sue.I turned to look at them my head resting on my hands. I turned back and found John’s cock at just the right height to give it the wine glass treatment, but insteadof wine I’d be drinking pre cum, how I love having ahuge cock in my slit and one in my mouth. I sucked onthe purple head hearing John groan in ecstasy, lickingmy lips tasting the salty precum. My fingers scraped his balls.

“Oh how I’m going to fuck you Honey, when he’s done.”
Johns hips moved I had no trouble him down my throat,
I’d learned to relax my throat muscles along time ago,
my tongue pressing against him in all the right places.

“You’re going to have to stop, or I’ll cum in your
mouth.”Sue had gone to the bathroom, and I saw Richard strokinghis semi hard cock back to life. I closed my eyes andcarried on sucking John until he pulled away. “Honeysucks cock like ducks swim on water.” Richard kneltdown in front of me and fed his cock into my mouth. Icould taste Sue’s slit, his cum and the bitter taste ofthe dogs juice all mingled into one. I licked his cock clean and began to suck him. My hand jacking him from the base.

John eased Max from me, his knot had shrunk a little,
and I felt my lips stretching, as his knot escaped from
my pussy. John drove his cock into me straight up to
his balls, and began fucking me, dog cum spurting
everywhere, it ran down my stomach onto my breasts.
I could hardly concentrate on the blowjob I was giving
Richard so much so; he began to jack himself off. I
felt John stiffen and he buried his cock deeper, bangingmy cervix. I screamed as my whole body shook with apowerful orgasm. My pussy began to spasm in orgasm, onelast final thrust and I felt him throbbing, spewing morecum into me, I milked his cock of every drop.

Richard’s hand flew up and down his shaft, then he held
my head up positioned his cock at my open mouth, and
spurted ropes of cum into my mouth, most of it I
swallowed, but like a good cumslut I let just a little
trickle down my chin.

I stretched out in front of the fire, satiated and
content. Max returned to me, having cleaned his own
cock, he licked my pussy lips, thighs and legs clean of
all the cum. I thought he was working up to another
fuck, but I thought I would save him for Sue…

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