Extra blessing

My name is Relson.I am right now 29 years of age. This was the incident when I was 26 years of age. I was working as a Sales Executive. My job was to travel the whole of Goa with my bike to promote my product. I used to have good fun in flirting with babes on the bikes and each an every woman which I come across. Always waiting for the opportunity. I used to always keep a packet of condoms in my pocket handy as u never know by Gods grace where u will bump upon a opportunity. One fine day as I was travelling through the city I saw a young girl asking for lifts on the road. I wanted to give her a lift as this was an opportunity to have a girl on your bike, but couldn’t give her the lift as I had to meet my Manager some few distance ahead. But I wanted to grab that opportunity so I finished my work with my Manager within 5 minutes as it was a emergency meeting to deliver something and came back soon on the road where the girl was standing for a lift. When I reached there I saw she was already picked by a elder man on his scooter and they were heading somewhere. She looked like a poor girl through her dress. I followed them. They seemed to be friends as they were chatting well with each other. After sometime that man dropped her at a place in the middle of the city. I waited for that man to disappear and went straight to that girl as I was always taking risks in this matter as there was no gain without pain. She looked at me and realized that I’m hungry for sex. I put my point before her. She was like call-girl she used to approach only when she was in need of money. I said I will give money whatever u want but please give me sex because she was good with round breasts and young. I gave her a soft drink and she introduced me to her other friends who were also doing the same in time of need. She took me to a old hut to have sex with her. The woman staying there was very poor and was a good friend of her. We had sex there.

The girl name with whom I went was Muskan. Inside the house she was standing at the window and was undressing.I was undressing too, suddenly I saw she was becoming naked and I saw her lovely tits.They were round, nice and white white, I couldn’t control myself and went to her and grabbed her lovely breasts..hmmmm… wat a feeling it was…and I saw the most gracious sight.. her nipples were protruding..getting biggger..pointed.. Wowwww.. she was getting horny tooo.. the breeeze from the window and my sexy eyesight made her nipples to become tight..mmmm.. lovely… I couldn’t wait any longer and started feasting on her boobs.. she said..lets sleep on the bed and do it nicely. There was no bed there as the house woman was poor. There was a mat laid on the floor with pillow on which Muskan laid on her back facing her lovely boobs to me…hmmm.. lovelyyy niceee…..I laid on her starting licking her boobs.. my dick was getting harder and bigger. she asked me ‘Do u like to suck breasts????’ I said yessssssss.. and was gleefully tasting them…..Muskan said ‘ She loves men who loves to suck!’ and I said I’m the one who will enjoy you thoroughly..and her nipples was happily playing between my lips… and she was enjoying the pleasure with closed eyes…One boob in my mouth and the other in my hand..and my other hand was carresing her tight pussy…she was dark in colour but she had good body, good boobs..white boobs..round ones tight ones… my favourite… i kept sucking her booobs.. and in between kept sucking n rubbing her pussy…she was surprised by my sucking.. and asked whether I will do it for a long time.. I said yes…It was fun sucking her and talking to her in between. We were like lovely couples…One thing I forgot to tell that her breasts were full of milk. She said she was pregnant( 3 months)and breast milk is my favourite. I was sucking her boobs like a child eating a Dairy Milk chocolate for the first time… I told her.. u r awesome baby.. i want u again n again.. will u come whenever I call u.. she said yess.. She said ” i like men like u who knows to taste the full of woman.. it was almost 45 mins we were chatting n sucking each other… Sucking Milky boobs of a young girl of 19 years of age was my dream come true. I thanked my God for everything..n kept on sucking n drinking.. tastting n licking….She was enjoying with moans n with her eyes closed n speaking to me.

She told me to fuck her. I was ready with my long dick. I was surprised, my dick had taken a enormous shape. It was because of her lovely body n boobs n sexy exciting lovely chat we had in between.. She was like a girlfriend-wife and a mother to me while love making.. She loved my each move and was commenting…I was enjoying from all sides. But her face became sad when she saw my dick and she exclaimed’ (” Tugelo Vhoddlo assa mure”) it means u have a bigg dick” she denied putting the condom on me as she was afraid and she thought my dick will rip her pussy apart. Even I was surprised by the length n the shape it took. I had to put the condom bymyself. She told me ‘ please fuck me slowly.. it will pain. when I was entering her..she closed her eyes tightly and made a painful face.. but i took time to enter her so that she wont cry…after some 2-3 minutes i entered her fully…she was so afraid and i was fucking her nicely… she was getting the pain and she was requesting me to slow down the speed of thrusts… I had to listen to her as I didnt wanted to hurt her…she was lovely..Again and again she was asking me..”did u get an orgasm??? did u release as she was not able to bear the pain..it was almost 17 mins that i was going in and out of her enjoying the friction of her tight pussy… tears were coming from her eyes. My dick was not ready to come down or release as it was becoming more hard n tight looking at her breasts…I wanted to go a long way.. but she kept requesting to release soon…it was more than an hour we were enjoying now.. and that house lady gave a voice from inside that please do it fast as her husband would come for lunch now. Wat to do.. i had to wrap it up.. finally i closed my eyes n started fucking her rapidly n cummmeedd after 5-6 mins..and Muskan was relieved. The house lady has really heard everything from inside and was enjoying I guess. I gave that house lady 100 rupess and muskan 600 rupess and dropped her to her place. She took my number and we departed… I was so relaxed after a long sensous milky sex. The milk had made me more strong n i went to rest at a beach with relaxed happy thoughts in my mind.