first time sex in class

I am aryan, 27 years old staying in Delhi.The story I am going to tell is few years old. At that time I was in college. I joined a college and due to heavy demand of hostel rooms, I couldn’t get a room in the hostel. So I took a room in the nearby location and started staying there. It was a family of four, husband, wife, a son and a daughter.

They were having a shop and father and son used to sit on the shop and their mom was working as teacher in some school. The daughter Neelima was in class 12 and was around 5’3?, fair, long black silky hairs, big eyes and must be 34-30-36. Her size must be around B. As I used to come back from college at around 2 and her mom used to come around 4,

so everyday it was just she and me in the house, but I never had any courage to talk with her. We just used to watch each other and some time a small smile. One day when I was sitting in my room after coming back from college, she came in my room and asked if I could teach her some math as she was having some issues in solving her math questions.

I was really happy and accepted it immediately. So from that day onward I started helping her in her math problems. We used to work till 4 and she always left before her mother came, so her mother never knew that she was coming to my room. I just had a bed, so we used to sit on bed and study there only.

Initially we used to talk about math only, but slowly she started opening up and started talking about other things. Now she also started wearing some sexy dresses also. I always got the hard on when teaching her. One day while talking she asked me if I had a girl friend. I was shocked and she smiled, I told her that I like a girl but never had courage to talk with her.

She asked me about the girl and I told her that if I tell you about her looks and you may feel bad. She promised that she wouldn’t mind. And I described her that I like this girl who has a very lovely smile and big eyes and is little shy and come close to my room. She was surprised and asked who is she as she know all the girls from the neighborhood.

I slowly hold her hand and told that it’s you. She just lowered her eyes. I slowly came close to her and hold her chin and lifted her face up, she had closed her eyes and was smiling. I felt really happy. I slowly pulled her close and hugged her tightly and whispered in her ears “I love you”. She hugged me tight and said the same.

I kissed on her neck and licked her earlobes. She started taking heavy breath and I slowly moved my hand and hold her boobs trapped in her T-shirt. She tried to stop me but I hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips. Oh God, her lips were so juicy, I can’t explain it. I started sucking it and sometime later she also started responding back started sucking my lips.

Then I slowly tried to remove her T-shirt, she looked into my eyes and looked at the door. I closed the door and came back. She hid herself in the blanket. I took the blanket and threw it away. I slowly removed her T and started kissing her neck and belly ad squeezing her boobs. She started moaning. I removed her bra and the most beautiful pair of boobs was in front of me.

I just hold them and started sucking one. She pulled my head towards her boobs. I started rubbing her pussy in her capri and slowly removed her Capri now She was in her black panty and was looking like a sex goddess. She looked at me and pointed at my cloths. I removed my cloths and became naked in one minute. She was surprised to see my 7 cock.

She hid her face in her palms. I started kissing her moved my hand in her panty and started rubbing her pussy. Her pussy was already wet with her juices. Then I moved down and kissed her boobs and licked her belly button. Then I hold her panty with my teeth and pulled it down. Now she was baked in front of me and I was looking a real pussy first time in my life.

She had some hairs across her pussy. I started licking her legs and moved up and kissed on her pussy. She hold my head and moved it and said its bad. I told her it’s the fun and forcefully started licking her pussy. After some time she got relaxed and started enjoying it. I inserted one finger in it and started finger fucking her.

She was moaning heavily and threw her juices. I licked them all and continued licking her. She got hot again. I moved up and she opened her legs and I put my cock on her pussy and I told her that I would pain a little first time and she nodded her head. I made a small push and it was too tight and didn’t go in. I tried again and it was too tight. She looked at me started laughing.

I felt really bad, and this time I opened her pussy a little and put it there and made a push and 2? of my cock went in and she screamed with pain. I closed her lips with my lips and stopped there. After 2 minutes I made a bigger push and it all went in, a stream of blood came out and she was in tears, but couldn’t scream as her lips were closed with mine.

She was screaming that take it out, it’s hurting. I consoled her and told that its only a matter of few minutes then you will have the real fun. After few minutes when she got little relaxed I started making small moves. After some times she started enjoying and started responding back to my moves by moving her ass. I fucked her deep and hard for next 10 minutes.

She came twice during that time and when I was about to come and told her, she said don’t came inside as she may get pregnant. So I took my cock out and spayed it on her belly. Then we lay there on the bed and kissed each other passionately. It was already more than 3 and her mother had to come by 4, so she said that she has to take shower,

so she left and after that we had sex many times. I fucked her in all her holes. I taught her blowing so she blew me out many times which I enjoyed the most. After few months I got a room in the hostel and moved to hostel and could never get a chance to fuck her again.