Fuck Angela II

It has been a while since I wrote about fucking Angela well I am here to tell you she is as great as ever. We have just returned from a cruise and I mean I sailed the seas and rode the waves. This woman is so eager to please me there is nothing she won’t do to please me. We got a suite with balcony. She fucked me in the suite, she fucked me on the balcony. If there is one thing she loves to do its sucking a dick. She can suck you over and over and she loves that pussy finger fucked and ate. Man do I love eating her luscious pussy.

She has the most beautiful titties a man can wrap his lips around and I suck every time until my mouth throbs. She loves every minute of it. She says I suck them sore and the following day they rub against her bra and the soreness makes her horney again. You see how lucky I am. She fucks me any way I want she rides my dick, she takes it doggie style, she takes it up her tight ass and she loves to ride my tongue, she has the sweetest tasting pussy in the world and she can fuck a tongue as good as he does my lucky, lucky dick. She rubs her pussy all over my face and I can’t get enough of it.

I can’t say enough about her big luscious titties, her nipples are like big beautiful strawberries and just as tasty. I love to tittie fuck this woman because she can tittie fuck and lick my dick at the same time. Well I am running out of room and getting so horney writing about how great a fuck she is I have to go and get some. She has on short shorts with an open top blouse with nothing but the nipples covered and she is acting like she wants my dick right now but I know I will have to suck her big beautiful titties and eat her luscious pussy a long time be fore I get my dick any where close to that warm, luscious, wet pussy.

I will end here as before by saying, “I only wish every man had a woman like Angela to fuck any time he is horney. ” I have a birthday coming up soon and she is giving me another cruise I will write another chapter when I return.