Fun in Kitchen

Hi I’m serene (name changed) 28yrs have got married i’m girl at 5.8′ with proud of my assets 36-24-36 and my husband loves me i love him too but for the first year my husband was good in bed and later he focused on business and money which everything except my pleasure on bed
i struggled hard for 6 months, later my husband introduced his friend ryan he was good handsome, he used to spend with my husband used to visit clubs and some times used flirt around me which i liked,

One day My husband arranged for get together party everything was arranged food wine almost everything, I and ryan were talking my husband asked to get wine i went inside in the store kitchen i was taking the wine bottles ryan came and hugged me tight gripping my tits, his bulge in his pants was making me crazy like hell, upon that he was rubbing his bulge against my ass i was wearing a knee cut skirt with a red top, he was kissing my neck from back again and again, i was scared and ran out of that room with wine bottles and gave it to my husband and stood in a corner i was scared on one part and on other side ryan kissing shocks are still running in my body ryan came for apologies i looked into his eyes and went inside and sighed him to follow me, went back in kitchen store the moment he locked the door we grabbed our selves kissing in French as we kissed along he took my top leave my bra looking in o our eyes he sucked my tits and kneading them like hell by removing my bra aside he kissing me all over he got in between my legs every move of his head and his hot breath going through my pussy was making more crazy, like a dog he licking the walls of my pussy i was loosing myself in ecstasy after work out on my pussy was so wet with the orgasm, his face was glowing…. i knelt down and undid his buckle and pants wow it was so hot 8 inch long was i licked the balls and suck his cock nicely and he was moaning like hell i took it deep, then he picked me up he inserted the head of cock and nicely he started and later fucked me with jerks all the way in and out, i was moaning aaaaaaaaaahhhhh ffffffffffffffffkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, for 15 mins he fucked and turned me again started drilling my ass and pussy, after some time we dressed up and went out in the party as usual but his juice was dripping my pussy it was so sticky…..

and so many things happened like this which coming up shortly