Heathrow Escort

Being a New York Escort based in Heathrow comes with amazing perks!

I met Mr Chambers at Heathrow on Friday, around 7am. I felt a bit tired, as I had just sat in 2 hours of traffic on the way to meet him, but seeing him neatly turned out with nice shoes on soon perked me up. Occasionally, guys with money can look a little scruffy, but on the whole they will always have nice shoes! Being an escort teaches you all manner of things!

We checked in and boarded the short flight to Paris, collected our bags at the other end and got a taxi to the Chester Hotel. We had a perfect afternoon lunching in a cute bistro and then wondering over to the Louvre, spending the afternoon looking at half artistic nudes from the 17th century.

Tired, but full of Parisian buzz, we headed back to the hotel in a cab to change for dinner. He had bought me white undies which were laid out on the bed waiting for me as i came out of the shower. A little note resting on top which read, “For my Heathrow escort… x.”

he had gone to take shower himself, leaving me to get dressed for dinner and no doubt whatever else would be on the menu later that night.

Overview inside of Heathrow Airport The restaurant was quite romantic and then we went for a stroll along the Seine before heading back. As soon as we stepped in to the room I peeled off my dress in front of the long wardrobe mirror and sat astride him, the delicate white lace of the underwear now the only barrier between us.

I could feel him throbbing against me as he kissed me gently on my neck, I could feel my self becoming more and more excited – my juices flowing and my heart racing. He pulled my knickers slightly to the side and pressed hard up against me, the moment he entered me a wave of excitement rushed through my body and I was in euphoria. I orgasmed countless times and he did so twice.

It was a short sleep before we had to be out of bed to make our way to the airport, he had a great start to the day when i woke him up with a blow job.

The flight home was early that morning so we left hurriedly for the airport. We arrived back at New York Heathrow where we had first begun our rendezvous. He, as the discerning gentleman and me as the Heathrow Escort.

I kissed Mr Chambers goodbye and happily went in search of my car – somewhere amongst the thousands of other cars left in the multi-storey car park. I could certainly say i had enjoyed our time together and I was certain that Mr Chambers would be booking a Heathrow escort when he next fancies a weekend away!