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A few years ago an acquaintance ask me if I had a job for his young eighteen year old nephew who was about to graduate from high school. I had just opened a bait and tackle shop on Beautiful Lake Livingston. I also ran a fishing Guide Service from the store. The next day after school… I think they only had about three weeks of school left… he showed up about 4:30 and we sat outside for the interview. I noticed that he was a very good looking young man and had a super personality. We talked for a half hour or so with him answering my questions politely. I was impressed with him and told him that I would give him a chance. He was to do odd jobs around the store as directed by my wife or I and he would also work as a deck hand on my pontoon boat assisting customers while we were out fishing.

As time went on… Jim showed that he was a very good person for the job. Around the store… he worked hard at every job and on the boat his personality and charm kept the customers smiling and happy. He learned very fast that if we had wives or girlfriends along that he would get much better tips if he made sure they wanted for nothing. Jim would bait their hooks… take fish off and make sure they had everything needed or desired.

School ended and he was around every day except Monday’s and Tuesdays… his days off. I quickly noticed that he was paying a lot of attention to my wife. Cutting up with her… doing all that she requested and in time even flirting. She was almost twice his age but I could see that she was enjoying this attention from a young good looking man. I just smiled and let it go on. I might add that we had already enjoyed sexual pleasures with other couples… single women as well as a two single men in threesomes. All of this type of sexual pleasures started while I was still on active duty in the Navy.

One evening after we had left the store and were having a drink at a club near us… I ask Ruth about Jim and his flirting. She smiled and said that she enjoyed it. When asked if she might want to take it further… she said… ” I’m old enough to be his mother.” I smiled and said ok and changed the subject.

Several days later… I sent them to town to pick up supplies and to go to the dump. I figured the task would take an hour and a half or two and had some work on my boat to take care of. While they were gone… I started thinking about some of the good pleasurable times we had experienced with other people. It brought back fond memories. They returned from the errand after about an hour and forty five minutes. I told Jim to knock off as we had an early fishing party the next morning. Reminded him to be at work by 5:30 A.M. Ruth and I closed up shop and left for a drink.

We got home and were sitting having a drink at the table when Ruth said… “Jim ask me if I would like to have sex with him.” I ask her what her answer was. She smiled and said she told him that she would have to think about it. Then I ask her what was her answer going to be after she “thought about it”. Smiling she said that her pussy had been wet ever since he ask her. So… I ask… “Is this to be just you and him or do you want a threesome?” She said to start with… a threesome but maybe if things worked out just him and her a time or two. I had no problem with this and also noted that her nipples were hard and really sticking out against the tee shirt she had on. It was after midnight so we went to bed.

The next morning before we went to the Store… I told Ruth that we might have the threesome she wanted that night. She smiles and told me thank you.

When we arrived… Jim already had the boat ready to go. I told him that we were going to have to double up as when we got back that afternoon… we had three hours and we were taking some other people out night fishing. Ruth just looked at me and I smiled and winked at her. We fished that day with very good results and therefore happy customers. While Jim was cleaning the fish… I told Ruth to go home and get a good shower. Told her I would order pizza and that Jim and I would be there in another hour or so. She left. Jim finished cleaning fish and I had called our pizza order in. I closed the store and we sat enjoying a cold beer while waiting on the pizza. Shortly the delivery man arrived and we left for our house. The three of us sat and enjoyed the pizza with cold beer. When finished… I took a hot shower and told Jim he needed to take one too before we had to go back out. I will add now that we were Not going back out. This was a ploy for sexual pleasures for all three of us.

While he took a shower… I put an “XXX” rated movie in the VHS. Ruth looked at me and I motioned for her to sit on the sofa. I got us all a cold beer and placed Jim’s on the coffee table in front of the sofa next to Ruth. Handed Ruth her beer and I sat in my recliner. A few minutes later… Jim entered the room and looked at both us and the TV. I told Jim to sit on the sofa and enjoy the movie and beer. He sat. It took Ruth about fifteen minutes to start breathing a little heavier. She looked at me and I just smiled; thus giving her permission.

Ruth slowly moved her hand over and placed it on Jim’s thigh. He looked at me and I just said… “Ruth told me about you asking her to have sex with her. “For a second… there was a look of surprise on his face until I said that if he was to have sex with her… it would be a threesome. He looked at her and she smiled. This was the open door he wanted because within a couple of minutes… they were kissing and touching each other. We watched the sex on the TV and their actions got more and more intense. Ruth had slipped her shorts and tee shirt off and had his pants unzipped. Jim was kissing and licking her breasts while running his hand slowly up and down her leg . Ruth started jacking his hard cock slowly. From where I sat… I could see his pre-cum leaking out. When Jim touched her pussy… Ruth moaned and opened her legs for him. He put two fingers in and I could hear her juices as he finger fucked her. She was ready. I turned the TV off and suggested we head for the bedroom.

We got in the bedroom… finished undressing and got on the bed. Ruth took Jim’s thick cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking. I moved between her thighs and found her sweet… wet pussy. I then started licking her slowly from her clit to her anus. She was moaning and slurping on Jim’s hard cock. We continue this for some time when all of a sudden… I heard Jim moan and start trembling. Ruth gulped and swallowed his cum like there was no tomorrow. As soon as she had taken all of his juices… I started humming on her clit and she shook and shuddered in orgasmic delight.

We all lay there for a few minutes catching our breath. After a little bit… Ruth took my still hard cock into her mouth and started on me. Her mouth felt soooooo good. She has learned to suck cock like no other woman I have ever known. I felt the bed shift and looked to see Jim kneel behind Ruth. He slid his now hard cock into her very wet pussy. She moaned around my cock and continued sucking it. Jim took her doggy style. His cock slid in and out of her pussy in a rhythm like her bobbing head on my cock. It was beginning to feel great. Ruth stopped sucking my cock as the excitement grew from the fucking she was receiving. I crawled out from under her and reached for her breasts. They were both rock hard with the nipples standing out like bullets. Her sexual excitement was something like I had never seen in her before. Jim pulled out and I slid right into her wet pussy as fast as I could. Her pussy was feeling great when I saw Jim sliding under Ruth. The next thing I felt was something
touching my cock as it slid out of Ruth’s hot… wet pussy. It was Jim’s tongue. It felt “GREAT”. I had never had a man touch my cock in any way up until now. We continued this for a few minutes with Ruth moaning and crying don’t stop… don’t stop. Fuck me… Lick my pussy. Oh… this is sooooo good. All of a sudden… I felt my cum churning deep inside me. I started fucking her harder and faster. Then I exploded. Spurt after spurt shot up into her pussy. I almost passed out from the excitement. Upon completion… I moved away from Ruth. Jim leaned over and took my semi hard cock in his mouth… He slowly licked and sucked my cock until all of Ruth and my mixed juices were clean. Upon completion of cleaning my cock… I watched Jim crawl between her thighs. He started licking her and my cum from her pussy. Ruth was moaning with pleasure. I watched Ruth’s face as he licked and sucked our combined juices from her pussy.

I lay there watching until Jim finished licking Ruth’s pussy. Shortly… I fell asleep. some time later… not sure how long… I woke up to the bed shaking. When I looked Jim was fucking Ruth again. She was really enjoying this. I watch them fuck for another twenty minutes or so until he filled her with his cum again. I looked at the clock and it was 2:30 A.M. We started playing 10:00 P.M. We all fell asleep.

The next day… Jim and I were preparing the boat for a night trip when he ask me if I would like to fuck his girlfriend. I ask if she was legal and he assured me that she was eighteen. Naturally I said yes. He smiled and said that it was the only fair way since I had shared my wife with him that I be allowed to share his girlfriend.

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