Hotel Sex

My company sent me regularly on trips to some of the more distant towns in our country.
As I am very active sexually I used these trips to pick up women to fuck. The most disappointing thing about these fucks was the short duration and of course the fact that they always took place in cars or in exposed areas where you could never really enjoy all the delights of a good fuck.

After a few months of these short encounters I found the Hotel of my dreams.
It was the President Hotel and I started staying there regularly. It was a 7 storey building and was situated a short distance from the centre of town.

The rooms were very nicely appointed and each room had its own bathroom with bath shower and toilet. The bathrooms walls had lots of mirrors so that you could see your body from all sides. Complementary soaps and various body lotions were provided along with thick towels. Each room had two three quarter size beds which were very comfortable.

The most interesting feature of the hotel was that the management had started a practice of turning down the beds for the guests at night and delivering tea or coffee to each room in the morning. As these services were performed by women it appealed to me as I might just get the chance to meet a woman who would be able to fuck me in the hotel.

Most of the women were between the ages of about 25 and 50. There were many different types and sizes of body type and most importantly breasts on these women and I took a couple of trips to see which were the most appealing to me and the most possible women who might be able to help me in my fuck quest.

I always ordered coffee in the mornings and always masturbated before it was delivered. I ordered my coffee for 6.30am and usually had a good erection by about 25 past six.
I would always answer the door wearing only short pajama shorts which allowed my erection to be very obvious to the woman who was delivering the coffee to me.
As my cock is at full erection is quite thick and is 6 .5 inches long my pajamas were pushed right out by erect penis. The head of my cock was always damp with pre-cum and I always used some of the body lotions during my masturbation to get my penis erect for the woman delivering my coffee.
So the front part of my shorts was usually quite damp with pre-cum.
I know that every one of these women saw my erection quite clearly and one or two almost started to make some advance. The trouble was that they were always busy in the early mornings so there was little time available for sex play.
I tried many times to be in the room when the girls turned down the bed covers and always tried to be almost naked when they knocked on the door of the room to perform this task. It was done between about 4.30 and 6 in the afternoon.
As I had usually masturbated in the morning when trying to show my erection off to one of the girls I was always ready to masturbate again by the late afternoon.

One day I had a brain wave, I pulled one button off my shirt and I managed to get one of the younger maids to take my shirt away to sew the button back on for me.
I had managed to have only shorts on when I gave the shirt to the girl and although I did not have a full erection my penis was pushing the front of my shorts and it was clear that I had been playing with my cock.
About 15 minutes later, and with me slowly stroking my now erect penis, there was a light knock on the door. It was my shirt being returned.
I opened the door and she brought my shirt into the room and laid it on the bed.
I asked her then if she could come back later for some fun and she said yes.
I fondled her breast and then she left promising to be back at about 7pm.
It was about 5pm and I went down to have drink and an early supper.

At exactly 7pm I arrived in the corridor that led to the door of my room and outside bent over with her ass in the air was the girl who I had fondled. She was trying to see if I was in the room.
I walked down the corridor and said Hello
She stood up and I unlocked the door and we went into my room.
I immediately felt her breast and she said do you want me to stay all night?
I said yes and she then said she would go and arrange it.
I asked her if she wanted a drink and she said yes.

While she was gone I called room service and ordered some drinks.

About 20 minutes later Elizabeth (as I found out her name was) returned to my room and we started to have sex.

This was the first time I had ever had a woman who just wanted sex. We stripped each others clothes off and she held my erect penis in her hand. Her breasts were firm about a 34B or perhaps 34C but her vagina was fantastic.

Her vagina’s lips were slightly parted and as I slipped my forefinger into her cunt I felt her hand grip my penis tightly and start to storke my foreskin over my penis head. My finger slipped inand out of her cunt and I then thrust three fingers deep into her vagina.

All this time I had my tongue deep into her mouth and I could feel her stiff breasts against my chest.

I laid her back on the bed and opened her legs and my penis slipped smoothly into her vagina. Her cunt gripped my cock and we slowly, oh so slowly fucked each other. My erection was as hard as it had ever been and I could feel my spunk building up for an ejaculation.

I shot my load of sperm into Elizabeth’s vagina and as my testicles slapped against her vagina’s lips my thick semen flowed into her and I hoped she was going to be pregnant.

As my hot thick sperm shot into her cunt I felt her vagina grip my penis harder than ever.

I came into Elizabeth with a huge load of sperm and I bucked against her vagina mouth 6 or 7 My hot white sperm was flowing into her womb.

This first fuck had lasted about 10 minutes and as we fell apart I knew that tonight was going to be a sexually satisfying night.

We lay back on the bed together my one hand on her firm breast and the other with just the first knuckle of my forefinger if her vagina.

While I was playing with her firm nipple I felt her hand slip around my-cum coated cock.

I told Elizabeth I had always wanted to fuck in a bathroom like the bathrooms in this hotel, where I could see her from every side and watch my cock enter her pussy and see her come when I shot my sperm into her vagina.

Elizabeth got off the bed and asked me to come with her to the bathroom.

Once in the mirrored room she bent over and told me to fuck her from the back in doggy style.

She bent over and opened her legs. Her lovely ass spread as she opened her legs. Her hand came and guided my erect penis into her vagina and as I thrust forwards she pushed her cunt back against my cock. My hands slipped around and cupped her firm breasts and I was thrusting my penis deep into her vagina and I wanted it to last forever.

After some stokes she moved forward and slipped my completely erect penis out of her vagina and lifted my cock a little towards her anus. I was going to have an anus fuck for the very first time.

I had only once before managed to enter a woman in ‘doggy’ style but I had come so quickly that she had no pleasure form my cock. This time Elizabeth had had my full 6.5 inches in her vagina doggy style and now wanted me in her anus. I pushed my erect cock and felt the tight anus grip me as I slid into her.
The anal fuck is more intense that the vagina style fuck. The vagina cares the penis but the anus grips holds and sucks the sperm out of a mans penis.

I could only make some 8 or 9 penis thrusts when I felt my spunk building up for a huge cumming. I squeezed Elizabeth’s breasts and nipples and on my deepest and hardest drive into her anus I exploded in her. My sperm filled her anus and I had never had such a huge ejaculation before. After a few moments I withdrew my rapidly softening cock and saw my sperm in all its white glory dripping from her anus and slipping down her vagina’s lips.

Elizabeth stood up and smiling at me knelt down and took my penis in her mouth. She sucked the last drops of my sperm from my cock and then raised her breasts so that my soft penis could nestle between her breasts.

We then had a shower together and I washed her breasts and paid special attention to her vagina and anus. She in turn washed very gently my penis and pushed the foreskin back over my penis head and washed my cock. After turning off the shower we dried each with the large fluffy towels that the hotel had provided. I then rubbed Elizabeth with the body lotion that the hotel had so thoughtfully provided and she did the same for me with particular attention to my cock and balls.

We then went back to the bedroom and got into one of the beds. We were of course completely naked and the warmth of Elizabeth’s body soon sent me to sleep.

About an hour later I awoke and felt Elizabeth’s hands on my penis. She was very gently stroking my cock and it was starting to become erect yet again. I put my hands on her breasts and then a few moments later I lifted myself so that I could put my now almost completely erect penis back into Elizabeth’s vagina.

I slid my penis into her and we fucked in the standard missionary position. Elizabeth’s legs were spread as wide as she could get them and her ankles were behind my knees. I came into her cunt for the fourth time that night. I have never cum so much or so often as that first hotel fuck with Elizabeth.