Husband watches as wife has sex with his friend

I am an executive and live a high standard of life. My wife Reena is a house wife. She is beautiful and has explosive curves. She measures 36-34-36. We have healthy sex life. There was sex always. During our sex I use to talk to her dirty and she use to get hornier and hornier. One day while I was fucking her I asked her how would she feel that she gets fucked by another young man? She was shocked and startled. But from eyes I knew that she was interested. So the whole night I kept talking about this and finally convinced her. She was so hot, we couldn’t keep stop fucking. Her boobs were swelling. She started sucking my limping dick and sucked my cum till the least drop. After sucking my dick she asked who the lucky person to fuck her was. For your information I was the only person who fucked her. I told her that he was my friend Pradeep. He was 8 years younger to me and was well built. He had broad shoulders and was muscular. Though she hadn’t seen him, I use to talk her about him. I also wanted her to permit me to shoot the fucking. She was little perturbed of this idea but later on said it that would be a good idea.

I asked Pradeep about this, since I have not spoken about this to him earlier. He was a bachelor and he had not fucked any one yet. He was robust. I could see his interest. I also told him that I would be shooting the fucking scenes. He nodded. But he said that next time he fucked Reena he wanted to alone without my presence. I agreed.

So we planned to have the programme the same evening in Pradeep’s house. I asked Reena to dress up very sexily. She wore a transparent violet chiffon saree with a low cut blouse. Her cleavages showed. She also perfumed so strong enough that one may think she is a high class whore. She decked her hair with smelling jasmine flowers. I took the camera along with me and we drove to Pradeep’s house.

Pradeep was waiting anxiously for us. He received us and after the usual greetings I introduced Reena to him. Reena also smiled at him. She was eagerly waiting for his caresses. Pradeep brought some champagne. We toasted for the new relationship. Pradeep asked us to sit down in the coach. He sat next to Reena. I knew he was getting exciting. I thought he wanted to touch her. I told Reena and Pradeep not to worry about anything and they can go ahead. Pradeep slowly moved his fingers and touched her head. He moved slowly to her lips. He held her face and kissed in her lips. Reena who was worried because I was there slowly picked up the courage. Pradeep took her by hand and went to his bedroom. I followed with my camera. The whole bed was flooded with smelling flowers. He had prepared the bed for the first night. He was hugging her and holding her tight. He was caressing her butts. Slowly he withdrew him from her and started removing her saree.Reena was looking damn sexy with petticoat and blouse. He started kissing the cleavages and started caressing her tits. He started unhooking the blouse. Next her unhooked the bra. For the first time he is seeing a women naked. He started sucking her erect nipples and was squeezing madly. Reena loosened her petticoat and she was only in her panties. Juice was dripping from her cunt. She started removing Pradeep’s jeans. His cock was hot and erect and it seems that it would tear his jocks. She removed his shirt and also slid the jocks. She was shocked to see such a big dick measuring 9 inches. She couldn’t resist. She held the dick in her hand. She started stroking it. Pradeep was sucking her nipples . Pradeep made her lay in the bed and started massaging her whole body. He removed her panties and started licking her cunt. She was flowing with hot juice. He was sucking her madly because this is the first time he is sucking a cunt. Reena started moaning. She was not able to control. She held him and started sucking and licking his dick. Pradeep became very restless and he wanted to mount on her. But Reena told him to lick her anus. Like a slave, he licked and thrusted his tongue deep into her anus. Reena said she is going to pee and asked him to drink it without wasting a single drop. She sat in the floor and peed into the mouth of Pradeep who was lying in the floor with his mouth open. He drank the last drop of her piss. Reena got into the bed and asked him to fuck her. Pradeep got on top of her and thrusted his dick into the juicy cunt. He penetrated deeply into her shunting fast and fast. He was squeezing her tits and biting her nipples. Reena spread her legs and put her legs behind his back. She was grasping his back with her hands. I could see both are going to come. All off a sudden there was a big shout of joy because Pradeep for the first time has shot out all his love juice. I switched of the camera and left my wife and Pradeep to be alone for some time. As I was closing the bedroom I could see both of them in their arms.May be they are getting ready for another fuck without my intervention. I came down and poured me a stiff drink and was waiting for the, My cock was also getting ready for a fuck. No wonder after seeing all the wild activities. After an hour or so Pradeep came down and thanked me for the wonderful evening and told me Reena was waiting for me. I rushed to the bed. Reena was waiting with her leg spread wide open. I asked her how the experience with another man was. She said it was wonderful and thanked me and told me to fuck her. I mounted on her and fucked ferociously and pumped all my hot juice. We got up, showered and dressed and went down. We thanked for the wonderful evening to Pradeep and left. Pradeep kissed Reena in her mouth and left