It’s been a while

We leave the restaurant and it seems to take forever to get home. When we finally get there we get stuck talking to my roommates for a bit, but all I can think about is how badly I want you. Finally they leave and they are no sooner out the driveway than you have me up against the wall. Your hands are everywhere all at once. You start kissing and gently biting my neck and throat. You feel how I respond and begin biting harder all while you are squeezing my breasts and gently pinching my nipples. I grab you at the waist and pull you towards me. As I begin grinding my hips against your cock I feel you grow and get hard. I reach to touch you but you grab my hand and stop me; pinning my hands against the wall as you begin kissing me and gently biting my lip. You stop long enough to take my shirt off and throw it. As I try to take yours off you just smile at me and pin me back against the wall. You start kissing my neck again while working your way down to my chest. As you are kissing and nipping at my breast you reach behind and unhook my bra. It hits the floor just as you begin sucking and biting on my nipple. I suck my breath in thru my teeth as you snicker at my response. Now I’m beginning to get frustrated as you still have not let me touch you or even take off your shirt. I muster what little bit of fight is left in me at the moment and push you away long enough to take your shirt off. You laugh a little as you pull me over to the couch. You tell me to lie back as you pull my jeans off and grin as you discover that I have nothing on underneath them. You start by kissing me and gently biting me as your hands move all over my body. You touch me everywhere but where I want you to the most. I’m moaning in a mix of frustration and pleasure by your touch. I reach down and begin to undo your jeans so that I can finally grab hold of what I really want. You gasp a little as I finally touch you. As my fingers graze over the tip of your hard cock I feel the presence of pre cum which excites me even more. You begin kissing my neck and slowly moving lower towards my chest. I arch up to you as you take my breast into your mouth and begin sucking and biting my nipples again. They are already tender from the first time so it’s even more intense as you begin again. Your hand finally makes it way between my legs but once again you tease me. You touch my inner thighs and just the outside of my lips as you begin kissing my stomach and hips. My breath catches as I realize where you are headed. You begin kissing me on the inner thigh and breathing softly on my already wet pussy. Gently and quickly you flick me with your tongue just once. I groan in frustration as you stand and take off your jeans and boxers. As you come back to the couch you start kissing my calves slowly making your way back up between my legs. I shudder as you finally enter me with one finger as you begin softly licking and nipping at my clit. You gently bite down on my clit as you put another finger inside me. You begin alternating between quickly flicking my clit with your tongue and slow long licks. I can feel an orgasm building inside me and begin to move my hips to meet your tongue as I put one hand on your head and the other grabs the couch. Just as I’m about to cum you begin flicking my clit even harder which pushes me over the edge; I cum hard and fast. I pull you up towards me and begin kissing you feverishly not caring that I’m tasting my own cum in your mouth. I reach down and guide you into me. You thrust a few times slowly before you stop altogether. I smack your ass in frustration because you are teasing me yet again. You look at me and laugh as you begin kissing me and biting my lip while you slowly begin thrusting into me again. Your breath catches as my hands rake down your back as I reach to grab your ass and pull you in deeper. You begin thrusting into me violently; as you begin to feel as if you are going to cum you quickly pull out and stand up, pulling me up with you. You bend me over the back of the couch as you slowly enter me again. You grab a hold of my hips as you drive into me harder and faster with each thrust. You reach up and grab me by my hair as you pull my head back. Just as I’m about to cum again I feel your hand clenching in my hair as you build up to your own orgasm. You quickly release my hair and grab my hips, driving harder and faster into me as you begin to fill me with your cum. I lean against the back of the couch weak from lack of strength now as you slowly pull out.