J Part 1

I call her J. I was just returning from a night party, it was 20mins to twelve am, i was afraid the police might catch me, but i kept going, luckily for me it was the female squard that was on guard, and so when the caught me, i gave them what the wanted, i fucked them. I just had to do it. It was 8mins after 1am before i was released from my sex trap. I was tired but i have to walk fast, i suddenly saw a figure, feminine in appearance then i went there to find out that it was a girl sobbing, she looks worn out and shaby, she was almost naked because of her torn cloth, i couldn’t help but to feed my eyes with the sight of her nude body. Her breasts are small but pecky with pink pointed nipples, her skin was so smoth and soft when i touched her, oh my God, her rounded ass looks like a pillow yet to be laid on top. She told me her sad story of how her aunty drove her away from home, i comforted her and took her home. I showed her the shower and she had a warm bath, i also washed up, its now time for sleep, but i have only one foam and i cant allow her lie on the floor neither can i, so we got to share the bed, afterall my bed is a kingsize one. I got her a nittie my sister had forgoten during her last visit. She had no undies on because she had none to change to, and she just got to sleep in a very transparent nightgown without bra and pantie. Wow it seems God is in control. My body touches hers when i turned over, but she remained still. Lust overtook me and my hands found its way to her breasts, i stroked gently to be sure she is still asleep, this time she turned towards me giving me more access to it. I couldn’t control myself anymore, i don’t bloody care what comes out of it, i needed to satisfy my desire. I pounced on her, sucked her breast until the nipples were red, i pinched and squized her breasts. She was now moaning, but still pretends to be asleep, not until my hand went down to her lovehole, ouch she is so wet, i rub it, her pussy was already throbing, wanting my finger to fill her, i continued caressing it rubbing and pinching her clit so hard, she was now moaning, but still shut her eyes, her hips were banging on my hand, i finally slid my index finger into her lovepot. I knew it was coming so i acted against it, i burried a kiss in her mouth before she could moan. I fingerfucked her so hard, her eyes are now open. ‘oh yeah! I love it hard and fast’ she scremed and squited her body became frozen, as a great organsm overtook her. We both collapsed and recovered shortly. ‘want some more?’ she asked me and i quickly noded yes. She then striped me with my hard 9inch cock in view, the she removed the nittie. Oh my God, my eyes popped out from it’s socket, as the behold J in her complete nudeness. Wow she is a paragon of beauty…….. READ J PART 2- THE STORY CONTINUES. Please rate the story if you enjoyed it… LUV U :-*