Julia the Cougar

I first met Julia in Cambridge MA where she was working as an adminstrator for a college. In her 40’s with shoulder length brown hair, a great little body, she had the absolute devil in her eyes. At the time she was going through a lengthy divorce and I could tell instantly she was one very horny lady. I use to take her to a private fenced-in spot in the backyard where we would lay out a blanket and have fantastic sex, sometimes for hours or even all day. She would basically do anything: strip for me, bondage and blindfold sex, long oral sex sessions, use her vibrator for me – it was great and went on for several years. She was completely uninhibited, loved a little danger, and always satisfied by our sesions. We always talked about another guy participating, but she had always been too shy. What she didn’t realize is that all during our time together – I would tell a few of my good friends about our secret spot, when we would be there, and they would quietly sneak up behind the fence and watch us. If I knew they were there – I would usually have Julia stand in front of the fence, strip for me, then use her vibrator, and then give me nice long and slow oral – all as a sexy show for my friends. It was a complete turn-on and she had no clue. It was a huge secret which we kept for years – my friends were completely enchanted with her completely sexy body and willingness to do anything. On this paticular ocassion I bound and blindfolded her on the blanket, and after kissing her and playing with her body for a while secretly called in my younger friend to quietly sneak over and take my place giving her oral sex. He waisted no time whatsoever! His strong tongue was on her pussy for half an hour while he massaged her nipples. She never knew it wasn’t me. Before her first orgasm she didn’t resist at all – laying completely open for him. Her orgasms were always explosive and loud! After that she struggled as hard as she could but couldn’t resist being brought to several more strong orgasms. We all enjoyed it, especially my young friend, and have managed to do it many times there after. It’s fantastic!!

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