Kolapuri Murchi

The drive was pleasant. I started from Pune at 1 pm and in June weather the sky was cloudy. Monsoon breeze was drifting slowly from southwest, as it was beginning of a rainy season, making the summer seem cooler. Fresh green grass was coming up. I was heading towards Kolapur for a Bank\’s Audit. My assistant was accompanying me. I am a Chartered Accountant, my profession made me Audit the banks which I could not dodge, though I didn\’t like to waste my time, with good flourishing business at Pune. At 42, to leave a sexy voluptuous wife and 2 kids at home and go for a 6-7 days official visit was too much. However I selected Kolapur as my in laws were staying there. My father in law expired 4 years ago but he was survived by Mother in Law and my Brother in Law. MIL, Usha, was at 60, and my brother in law, Anand, was 31 and he was just like a brother. He had married 3 years ago, me and my wife had arranged everything then, and was employed as a surveyor with the Government. As my father and mother had gone to Mumbai, at my elder brother\’s home, my mother in law has been with us for last 3 weeks. So it was decided that I would stay with my brother in law at his 2BHK house at Kolapur. I reached Kolapur by 6 pm and after settling my assistant at a Hotel reached the in-law\’s place by 7 pm. Anand’s wife Suman greeted me, \”Bhauji pravas kasa zala? Vaatet gaadine tras naahi dila Na? Thakala asal, basa mee chaha anate\” ( Bhauji, that’s BIL, how was the travel, hope it was comfortable. You must be tired. I will make tea for you.)

Suman was 28, average height 5 3, weight around 50kgs, wheatish coloured and body like a flat Carom Board with Single Pocket, with her breasts almost flat. But her other features were good with a nice round face with a loving dimple, her lips were beautiful somewhat upturned, jet-black ponytail hair and the body below navel nicely filled up and a good turn on. A typical, Sexy Maharashtraian female.

Anand arrived home by 8pm and after a good chitchat we retired to sleep by 11pm. Next day my routine started and I was busy from morning to almost night. Third day, Friday, Anand said that he had to go for a survey of a SEZ, which would take about 4-5 days and it was good that I would be at home as Suman would be alone otherwise. My audit too was taking somewhat longer time as it was a co-operative bank and there were many discrepancies in the Bank\’s working. Anand left in the morning.

Next day was Saturday and so the bank had the morning session only. We had planned to visit Panhala as Anand had 2nd Saturday off and I will be finishing by noon. We had planned to stay at Panhala Resort and already booked two rooms. At the time of morning tea I said that we would cancel it. Suman looked dejected. She didn\’t get such outings normally, as Anand is busy with his touring and surveys. But I suspect with his \’Kanjush\’ nature, weather he had spent much on Suman, of course this trip was mine. Looking at her reaction Anand insisted that we go ahead with the trip. He suggested, as we have booked two rooms Suman can take one of her friends with her. She phoned her friend Anita and got her confirmation for joining us. So it was decided that we would be going to Panhala in the afternoon. We said goodbye to Anand and I was looking forward to the Panhala trip with Suman and Anita.

I finished by noon and went home. Suman was busy in her preparations. There was glitter in her round brownish eyes and I thought they were somewhat mischievous. She prepared the table and we started lunch.
\” Bhauji, kay kay nyayacha ho? Aaplyala jevayache tikadech pan nashtyala kaahi gheyache kaay? She innocently enquired. (What we have to take with us and do we need something with us for snacks?).

\”Kahihi nako, sagale tyanchya package madhe aahe. Pan Thoda chivada kinwa tasech kaahi tikhat asel tar gheun thev. Mala jevayachya aadhi lagel.\”, mee. (We need nothing, all is in the package, but have some spicy rice flakes or something of that type, as I may need it before dinner).

\”Acha, mhanaje tumhi drink ghenar tar.” (So, you will have drinks).

\”Jast naahi, thodese, pan kaay aahe, me punyat ghet naahi. asach kuthe baher gelo ki gheto. Chalel na tula? naahitar aamchya baainsarakhi naak murdun basashil\”. (Not much but some, as I don\’t drink at Pune but whenever away I do have some. I hope you won’t disapprove like my better half.)

\”Mala Chalel.\”, (no problem for me), Suman.

\”thode kapade jast gheun thev, pawasat bhijayache asel tar, mee tar bhijanar aahe. Dhabadhaba asel tar tyakhali dumbayala maja yete.\” (Have some extra clothing, if you want to enjoy the rain. I will be doing so and if some waterfalls are there it will be fantastic.), me.

\” mala vatalech hot, mhanun aadhich gheun thevalet. Aani me pan bhijnar, aaj he nahi aahet mhanaje adavayala koni naahi. Kadhich ashi maja karayala det naahit ho te.\”. ( I have already packed them as I also would love to enjoy the rain. As my hubby won\’t be there I will enjoy the rain. He never allows me such small pleasures.”

\” Tyala tuzi kalaji vatat asel, mhanun adavato.\” ( he cares for you, so may not be allowing you.)

\” tas naahi aajari padale tar aushadhacha kharch hoil, hyachich jast kalaji. Jaunde te. Tumhi nahi na adavanar mala?\” (He will be more concerned about the medical expenses than my health. Anyway, you won\’t disapprove it, would you?).

\” che che. bhija kitihi. kaahi hot naahi. Me tar collegepasun darvarshi jato bhijayala, aani ho aamcha motha group asato, tyat bayakahi asatat, taainsakat. (Don\’t worry, I won\’t object. From my college days we enjoy rains every year with a group, which consists of ladies too. Even your Taai [my wife] enjoys it too.)

Now we were getting in the mood of the picnic and surprising myself, I sized her up from top to bottom and said,\” mala tula bhijaleli baghayala avadel (I would like to see you drenched by the rain)\”, with some sparkle in my eyes. Her reaction was instant. Her eyes probed mine for an instant and next, she was drinking water. I thought a smile crept on her lips.
{These types of small incidences were going on between us for past 2 years. But I had thought it more as a fun than anything else. I was looked upon by the in laws as elder son than the son in law I was and Anand also respected me. Most of the main decisions of that household were my decisions, including his marriage, after demise of my father in law.}

\” Bhauji, kadhi nighayache aapan? ( Bhauji, when will we start? ), she changed the subject.

\” Nighuya ardhyatasat. Tuzi tayari zaliy ka? aani ek goshta, sadya gheu nako, dressesch ghe, aapan picnicla chalaloy\” ( In half an hour if you are ready. One more thing, don\’t pack saris but dresses only as we are on picnic.)\”.

\” Ok. Dresscha ghetaleyat. me awarate sarva aani ardhya tasat tayar hote. aapan anitakade jaaun jayachey. tila phone karate. (Ok. I have packed dresses only. I will be ready in half an hour, and will also call Anita to tell her to be ready.)\”.

We started at 2.30 and when we reached Anita’s house, a surprise was in store for me. Her Husband Vijay was also with her. I looked at Suman, but she was comfortable and I thought that she knew that Vijay will be with us too. Just like Anand he must be around 32 and was working with a bank. Anita was a comparatively fair lady with good features and a great body to complement her. Vijay\’s mother saw us off assuring them that she will take full care of the baby. Vijay occupied the co seat and the ladies were to the backside.

When I started to drive and had a look in the mirror Suman\’s eyes had mischief written in them and they were glowing in anticipation. With a couple accompanying us instead of a lady my thoughts revolved around the resort\’s arrangement of beds in a deluxe room, whether those were separate or it was a twin bed.

We reached Panhala in half hour. Vijay was also a middle class fellow who hadn\’t enjoyed a 3-star stay till then. That\’s why he accepted the invitation by Anita through Suman. Both were school friends and coming from a family who was trying to make ends meet. (A case for most of the families in small cities). But it seemed he was a well-read man and looked good for company.

On reaching the hotel, while we were waiting for the bellboy to take our luggage to our rooms I murmured to Suman, \”Tu aani Anita eka roommadhe aani me ani vijay dusryat.\”. (You and Anita occupy one room and Vijay will partner me.). I think I wanted to confirm and was a bit careful because of our relation.

\” aho bhauji, asa kaay karata , tyana nako ka privacy. asa chance milala naahi kadhi tyana. karunde maja.. aapan rahu eka kholit\”( bhauji, till then they haven\’t been to such a hotel. Let them enjoy. We will occupy one room), came back the reply.

The room was nice. As I suspected it was a twin bed. The room was fully carpeted and well furnished with all the modern facilities like TV, Fridge etc. The room was on the western side and though it was AC I opened the window and a nice cool breeze greeted me. There was not much rain but light cloudy atmosphere was in the air. There was a balcony on the western side, which had beautiful scenery of the Western Ghats. Stray sunrays on some of the greenery made it colour full. Suman was over-jawed by the site of all this. She just stood there soaking the scenery. I left her alone and freshened myself and wore the casuals. I asked Suman, \” kaay plan aahe? gad baghayala jayache ki nustach basayachey ithe? me nighanar chaha pyala ki firayala. \” (What\’s your plan? I will be roaming the fort, will you be coming with me or will be staying back?).

\”me pan yenar. tya doghana pan vicharate, yetayat ka te?\”(I will come. I will ask Anita if they will be accompanying us), saying this she started to go to their room. I pointed to use the phone and we came to understand that they would be watching a movie on TV and would stay back. I asked Suman to get ready. The waiter knocked and then brought the welcome tea along with snacks.

\” Bhauji me jara vegale kapade ghatale tar chalel na, ki ragaval mazyavar?\” ( bhauji, if I wear some different clothes than usual? will you be upset), asked Suman.

\” kaahihi ghal, laj vatu naye ase asale mhanaje zale. (Do wear as you wish)\”, me.

\” Jara balconyt ja na, me kapade badalate (will you spare me by moving the balcony so that I can change)?., Suman.

When she called I turned inside and stared at Suman. She was in blue Jeans and yellow Tee shirt. The jean looked tight and it showed her lower curves. In last four years I had seen her like that the first time. Her bums were filled up, as I suspected. And the Tee shirt showed me that the carom board had two hillocks on it. But this dress was more suitable to her than the sari or the salwar khamij.

\” kashi disate me?. Amachya lagnaadhicha aahe. Aaj pahilyandach kadhalay itake diwasani. hyana naahi awadat ghatalela. mhanatat lagna zalelya baaine naahi ghalayache he asale. chalel na ki badalu? (How do I look? This dress is prior to our marriage and I am wearing this after a long time. Anand doesn\’t allow me to wear this as he feels that a married lady shouldn\’t wear such dress.

\” Surekh. Shobhatoy tula dress. chala nighuya.( you look beautiful. let us start), me.

We roamed the fort for an hour. We were enjoying the pollution free atmosphere of the fort and nature surrounding it. There was no rain but a sprinkle greeted us. When we reached a scenic point on the western side, Suman anxiously asked, \” bhauji ithe khali gela na ki ek dhabadhaba aahe. jayacha ka tikade. daha minitat jau. kalokhachya aadhi parat yeta yeil.(Downward there is a small waterfall, can we go there? We will reach there in 10 minutes and will be able to comeback before it is dark.). I nodded.

It was a narrow jungle path. There was not much of a jungle but I suspected that not many were using this path. I sited a \’ wadi (small village), down below, around 1000 feet. We criss crossed the jungle dodging tree branches, passing small streams. At few places it was very narrow. I was used to such paths as I was a regular hiker in my heydays and still our group goes for such outings once a year. In rainy season you have to tread these very carefully as they become slippery. Not much chance, as this was the starting period of Monsoon but you have to be watchful. At one such place, Suman, who was leading the way, slipped. I instantly grabbed her shoulders and steadied her. That was my first touch of her. I held her somewhat longer than necessary. Her body odor thudded my nostrils. Involuntarily I inhaled it. It smelled raw.

\” Sambhalun, padashil.( be careful), I showed concern.

\” amhi yayacho collegemadhe asatana ikade. ata javalach aalay dhabdhaba.( we used to come here in my college days, its nearby only), Suman.

Just before we reached the spot, we have to cross a small stream. Not much water though it was a wider stream, and the bottom part looked slippery. I stopped Suman and lead the way. \” Haat pakad maza. shevala disatay, padayala hoil. (Give me your hand, it looks slippery),\” me to Suman. Her hand was somewhat larger to her frame with long soft fingers. I didn\’t have to tighten my grip as she herself caught it firmly. Even though we passed the stream our hands were in same position. When we treaded the hilly corner a few feet away, a bigger stream was between the path and Suman squealing pulled my hand, \” bhauji ujawikade bagha, dhabadhaba (Ah, The waterfall on the right side)\”.

It was amazing site. The fall was around 30 feet on the right side around 50 feet height. The stream was from that fall and the water cascaded after the main fall hit the land. A narrow by-lane got us to the bottom of the waterfall. Small droplets of water, emanating from the fall, greeted us on the face. I halted just near the fall to soak in these droplets. Suman tightened her grip on my hand and tried to pass me. Her leg slipped from the weeds, which had formed and I had to catch her by waist with the other hand making it a sort of embrace. She shot a glance at me, but didn\’t say a word and did not try to get free too.

We remained like that almost glued to each other. A minute passed and as though realizing the situation we separated and leading, I moved towards the waterfall, reminding Suman to be very careful while walking. I feared the proximity of each other might lead to unpleasant experiences.

The scene was beautiful. The fall was about 50 feet height and around three feet wide. Because not much rain was there the water was fully transparent and the froth was white. There was a pool around 10 feet bye 5 feet dimension, beneath the fall. The water from the fall was cascading at almost the foot of the fall on the rocky side. There was some gap between the fall and the hill; maybe about 2 feet where one can stand. I watched from the side of the pool. Few droplets grazed my face. Suman was beside me, still our hands were together. I thought it will be wonderful to stand between the rock and the fall. I searched but found that I have to cross the pool, the depth of which was not known. I asked Suman, if she knew the way to go to that gap. She denied the knowledge and informed me that they haven\’t tried it any time. My male ego must have chosen that this is right moment to impress her, besides I like challenges. I told her to wait till I try to find the way to go there. I entered the pool very cautiously. It was slippery inside but I was able to stand there. The pool seemed 4-5 feet deep and I had to catch the ledge and move towards the rocky side. After the half way the depth was more and I had to swim to the rock crossing the falling water. Once I came back and gathered some rest at the side of the ledge, holding on to it. After gaging the speed of the water finally I lunged myself forward and was able to catch the rock beyond the fall. I stayed there to experience the falling water. Catching the rocky ledge I came up from the water and sat on the ledge and looked at Suman. She was dumbfounded and watching her gawking figure my male ego had the last laugh. I thought that I will prepare her to try to come here.

\” Kaay ge yenar ka ikade (do you want to come here)?\”.

\” Ho, pan ekatila naahi jamanar. Bhiti watate. Nako mee ithech bari aahe. ( yes, but I wont be able to do it alone. I think I am better here), Suman.

I lingered there for some time enjoying the fall and came back the same way. As I knew the way now, it was easy for me this time and I reached in under2 minutes.

\”Bhauji, tumhi mhanaje kamalach kelit. mee ajparyant konalach baghitale nahi tithe jatana. kasa vatate ho tithe? Majja vatat asel naahi? ( Bhauji, you are incredible. I haven\’t seen anybody venturing so far. It feeling must be great there?), Suman said.

\” Hmm, farach maja vatate tithe, panyache tushar zelat ubhe rahayala. Mala lahanpanachi comics madhali Vetalahi guha athavali.\” (Yes, it was joyful there, experiencing the sprinkling of water. I remembered the \’Phantom Comics\’, read when I was a kid.)\”, me.

\” mala pan jata aale asate tithe tar kaay maja aali asati, pan mala bhiti vatate, ( I also wanted to enjoy that, but I am frightened), Suman.

\”mee aahe na, chal mazyabarobar. Pohata yeta ki naahi? ( Don\’t worry, I will take you there. Can you swim?), me.

\” Nako, ghabarayala hotey, madhe budale tar. Tasa lahanpani pohayachi mee pan barech divasat naahi pohale. ( No, I am frightened, that I will drown although I did swim when I was young but its been a long time)

After some cajoling she agreed to give it a try. I was sure that it would be difficult for her but I was intent to try it, as that will enable me to end the proximity between us. The last three year\’s hidden truth in me to have her, has taken hold of my mind and I was besides caring now. The nature was taking its course. I eased into the pool and told Suman to proceed. She was shivering but showing courage she sat on the edge of the pool. I let her get the feel of the water and extended my hand to her. I told her to hold my shoulder with other hand and ease into the pool. When she was easing I encircled her by the waist and she shrieked when the cold water hit her body and instead of just holding me by shoulder she almost got glued to my body. I was imbalanced. However using great strength, I somehow managed to hold the rocky edge and steadied us. I was getting the feel of her body now. Though she looked frail her body felt filled up. Her torso was touching my body and my arms had the feel of her lemon sized boobs. The nipples had peeked up from the cold and they seemed bigger in size compared to the mounds. The left boob was pressed on my arm and the right was visible through the wet tee shirt, which was clinging to her body now. Her body odor and the jungle odor along with the humid atmosphere were making me restless, but somehow I restrained myself.

I told her to hold the rock edge with one hand and to hold me with the other and try to keep the legs at the bottom of the pool. She did so holding me around the neck with left and holding the rock by the right hand. I was holding her by waist now. We slowly inched forward and it took us 10 minutes to cover the halfway stage, from where the water got deeper. The fright had gone from her mind and now she was enjoying the happenings. I also felt that she was clinging to my body more than necessary. Now was the time to go for next step.

\”geli ka bhiti? jayache na palikade? (Are you all right? should we venture to go there now), I confirmed.

\” jauya . tmhi ahat mhanun nahitar me prayatnach nasata kela. budnar naahi na pan me? mala sodu naka ha. me ghatta pakadnar tumhala. (Yes, we will try. as you are there to take care of me I am ready to try. But I am going to hold on you. Take me to that place)\”, Suman.

\” asa karuya yu mazya pathiwar pakad, me pohat tula neto tikade ( you ride on my back, I will swim with you on me)\”, I grabbed the chance with both hands.

She hesitated but agreed. It was a very difficult task considering the force of the water but I ventured in. She grabbed my neck from behind and I flung myself forward. I started to sink but somehow held on. Suman\’s body was glued to mine from the back. She started to shriek but I told her not to panic but to keep quiet as far as possible. She kept quite but her grip tightened. I told her to grip my waist with her legs, so that I could keep the balance, she complied. Now it was comparatively easy. Though I did not gain length I steadied us and now it was a pleasurable load bearing. Suman also relaxed and I was able to make it to the rocky patch. Holding the age of the rock, I told Suman to get down from my back and hold the edge too. She could stand in the water now. She did so, and just when I was getting myself some room to stand, a pleasant shock was in store for me.

\” Bhauji kiti changale aahat ho tumhi (thank you very much “˜Bhauji’, you are very nice), murmuring, Suman encompassed me and planted a kiss on my cheek.

I probed her eyes. They had respect, affection and much love in them. She avoided looking after a moment and I sat near her on the rock. Our feet were in the water and what I could see in front was water falling making a wall of it from the scenery beyond. No one on earth could have seen us through this water wall. We sat there silently for a couple of moments, both occupied by our thoughts. I was thinking, is this the right time to go one step further or should I wait till night takes over. Making up my mind that, instead of the hotel; where if she resists, it would be problematic for me; I decided to advance now. I glanced at her. She was looking at the water beneath and seemed in a trance. The wet, yellow Tee shirt was fitting to her body and I could see the two pointers on the very small hillocks. There was a gap at her naval between the Tee shirt and the Top of her blue jeans. The jeans must have slipped downwards, due to the wetness, and so her smooth, wheat colored naval was visible. A thin trail of hair ran from the naval downwards into the jeans. Her thighs looked filled up. I decided to tease her. I leaned forward, gathered some water in my hand and threw it at her face. She came out of the trance, \” bhauji,asa ho kaay karatay? ( bhauji, you are naughty). I splashed more water making a game of it. Suman tried to duck the splashes and doing so tried to grab my right hand with her left hand. For this she had to lean towards me and her torso was on my left arm. I encircled with the left hand and tried to force her away splashing more water with the right hand. To stop me was beyond her and instead of fighting me; she buried her face on my chest. I used this opportunity and lightly hugged her with both hands.

We remained in this position for a minute or two. Then maybe realizing the situation she tried to get free. I held on and tightened my hold.

\”Bhauji, nako na, soda. Please! Konitari baghel (Bhauji, don\’t. Please free me, somebody may watch us), was her feeble murmur. But there was no firmness in it. Instead of freeing I held her waist with left hand and stoked her hairs lightly, whispering, \” koni yet nahiye ikade, ghabaru nako (nobody is going to come here, don\’t worry)\”. She calmed down and remained silent. Now I was sure that, she liked all this and I could go ahead and enjoy her.

Bringing my right hand down on her back I started to feel her back. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and then nibbled her earlobes lightly. A light moan escaped her mouth and her hands encircled me. After a while she shifted slightly and moving her head, as the position was becoming awkward, she kept her head on my shoulder. Adjusting myself I lifted her and put her on my lap. Now she was sitting in my lap and I encircled her from behind, keeping my lips on her neck. My pecker was fully erect and her soft bums must be feeling it. She was ecstatic now. Her right hand moved backwards to my hair. Keeping my left hand feeling her tummy, I moved my right hand upwards to get the feel of the small hillocks. She shivered and caught my hair. “˜Bhauji, nako na soda na mala kaitari hot ahye’ is all she could say, I continued to caress the hillocks and felt that though they were small, they were hard and the nipples tried to protrude through the bra and tee shirt. I pinched them and simultaneously nibbled her ears. She was fully aroused by this act, as her legs sprang up from the water and she kept both on each side of my legs, widening the gap between them. Her left hand went for neck and she tried to bring my head forward. I lowered my right hand and brought it up from inside the tee shirt. Simultaneously my left hand traveled downwards to her mound. It seemed to be larger to her frame. I caught hold of it and then caressed it with hand movement. Just when my right hand reached her naked nipples, moaning she faced sideways and my lips touched her lips tenderly. Her eyes were closed but her lips parted and now my tongue reached her.

The sweetness of her saliva engulfed me. We passionately kissed. My left hand was fast in removing the buttons of her jeans and in a fraction her white panty was visible. I caressed the mound from top of the panty and then moved my hand inside it and treading the jungle there it reached the door of her pussy. The jungle was thick and I had to search her pussy lips. It was sopping wet there. My fingers tenderly treaded her outer lips, which must be around 3 inch. My fingers picked her clit, at least half an inch long one, and a muffled cry burst from her mouth, \”aaho nako na bhauji (bahaji, don\’t), which was more like, do it more.

Thinking about the odd place, I shrugged the thought of fucking her here. But I had to give relief to the fired up body now. It was also very difficult to control myself. Changing my position I lifted her from the waist and downed her jeans with the panty to her knees. Also I raised the tee shirt along with the bra around her neck, making her nude from shoulders to her knees. Two 2-inch diameter lemons with half-inch nipples sprang outwards and the nipples were very hard and erect. I put her back on my lap. My pecker, who was trying to break through the shorts I wore, was sticking in her soft bums, which were larger to her frame. The smooth, solid thighs looked like a stem of banana tree, and the jet-black furry jungle hid her pussy. Small droplets could be seen on the edge of her jungle. My right hand started to tread the smooth thighs and the left hand fondling her lemons. her body was on fire. She through back her head and her hands, which were sideways yet, came back and got hold of my head. I put my lips on her neck. With my right hand I parted her jungle and tickled her clit, I put my middle finger on entrance of her love hole. My other fingers caressed her lips, with my left hand getting hold of her lemons. As my middle finger was circling her love hole a sudden jerk from her lower body, put it inside.

\”Aai je, kara na bhauji ( do it bhauji), she blurred, putting her head backwards. Her eyes were closed. She was breathing heavily. Her nostrils were flared up. Continuing to tickle her clit with the thumb I put a full finger in the hot, tight, wet passage of her pussy. It was twitching there. She jerked upwards with ecstatic moans. I put the index finger with the middle finger inside her pussy. It was really tight now. I slowly started to finger fuck her. As she brought her head sideways, leaving her neck my lips started to chew her lips. She was frantically hot now and her lower body started upward downward movement on my fingers. I increased the pace.

\’Kara na jorat, aaohhhh, (do it fast, ohhh), ajun jorat ahhhhh ( I want more speed ahhhh), she was beyond herself now. Her lower body was frantically moving now and leaving my head her right hand tried to search my pecker through the small gap between our bodies. Somehow she reached it and she caught hold of the throbbing tool. As she got hold of it, her body flung upwards almost a foot and held there, tightening her pussy\’s walls around my fingers. A half chocked grunt escaped her mouth and she came. Her body was shaking, with mouth wide open and her grip on my pecker was like a vice. I too leaked a small load into my shorts. The liquid started to ooze out of her pussy. After a whole minute in that position she collapsed. Her right hand was now on my right hand and her left hand lost its grip of my head and was now resting on my left hand, which had a lemon boob in it. I nuzzled at her neck and allowed her to rest in same position. After a while, coming back to her senses, she tried to get up. I hugged her lightly and planted a kiss on her. We adjusted ourselves and somehow, though drained of the energy, managed to come back through the pool. As she was spent completely I carried her on by back through the pool. When we straightened ourselves and were getting rid of the water, I peeled off my shorts and the tee shirt and stood in my undies. Suman stood still and was amazed at my physique. Her eyes looked dazed looking at the semi erect pole tent in my undies. I quickly squeezed my wet clothes and wore them, then holding her hand started towards the hotel in earnest.

The dusk was there in the air and though moving rapidly, it took us about 30 minutes to reach the hotel. A small drizzle continued for last 15 minutes and so when we arrived at the Hotel, all wet, looked to be from the drizzle instead of the waterfall. Because of the breeze and wetness and also the elevation we started to shiver. Slight numbness was engulfing my hands and Suman was really shaking with cold. We enquired about Vijay and Anita, and found out that they haven\’t even ventured outside the room, enjoying the privacy of a Hotel room. I allowed Suman to get hot water bath first and then myself.

It was dark outside now. The temperature must be in lower twenties. No need for the air conditioning. Though both of us were used to this climate, due to 2/3 hours soaking in the water, we felt colder. Suman wrapped herself in the blanket and was in thoughts, blankly watching the TV. She hadn\’t talked much after the incident at the waterfall and I could understand it. It must be her first flirting outside the marriage and she was inexperienced to react to it. The waiter arrived with the hot tea and snacks. We were hungry and finished it in minutes. But the semi hot Tea did far less for the shivering condition. So to have two pegs of Rum was the perfect remedy for this.

I phoned Vijay to see if he was ready for the company. Both of them were sleeping and I awakened him. He accepted the invitation and he would be ready in 10 minutes. We decided to have it in our room. I had ten minutes to buck up Suman. Vijay and Anita should not feel that something happened between us. Suman was sitting in the bed, wrapped in the blanket. I sat near her and put my hand on her shoulder.

\” kaay zala? tula sharamlyasarakhe vatatey ka? (What happened, are you feeling ashamed?).\”

She just stared, keeping mum. I continued, \” je zala tyat tuzi chuk kaahich naahi. mazich jast aahe. khara mhanaje me asa vagayala nako hota. (What happened was not your mistake. Rather it was my fault and I should not have behaved like this)\”.

Some more of such small talks and it seemed she was getting to her normal. I finally asked her, \” aapan javuaya ka parat. tula nasel rahayache ithe tar lagech nighuya.(Should we pack our bags and go home? If you feel so, we will go back now immediately.\”).

This did the trick. She sharply looked at me and nodded a no. I understood and just embraced her. I allowed her to sob away from the nervous state, caressing her all the time. I gathered that Anand must be bereft of such behavior and Suman was expecting such loving from him. I then decided to give her a full quota of love today. Once the sobbing subsided I said her to become fresh, as Vijay and Anita would be joining us soon.

We enjoyed the drinks. Vijay was especially jolly and instead of the 2 pegs at the start we emptied half and a quarter of the warm rum. The ladies were enjoying their soup and cold drinks. All of us were enjoying the evening and I narrated many of my hiking adventures. At the end of the 3rd peg, Vijay seemed to be, on the brink of intoxication, and so, Anita tried to stop him. But he was in such a jolly mood, he told her to finish the glass herself if she wanted him to stop. He told her that it felt great to have Rum in this weather and pecked her to accept the half empty glass, at least taste the drink. Adventuring, Anita tasted it. First the bitter taste made her halt. But in a minute she tried again and later finished the glass. I glanced at Suman and asked her with my eyes if she wanted to taste. First she hesitated but after Anita’s insistence she too had a small peg. We enjoyed the dinner and Vijay and Anita said good night and left for their room.

Suman must be feeling warm by now as she sat on the bed, folding her legs, in her light yellow nightgown. She was watching a movie on the TV. As usual I was in shorts and a loose tee shirt. Now we were to ourselves. I adjusted the light to night lamp, which felt like moonlight and sat on the twin bed alongside Suman, resting my back to the wall behind and straightening my legs on the bed. I took her right hand in mine and hugged her to me with the left hand. Our bodies touched from the sides and she put her head on my shoulders. I lifted her chin to lift her face up. She closed her eyes and awaited my advances. I put my lips on her slightly parted once. I nibbled the lower one, which was fuller, and then lapped her lips in round motion. I nuzzled my nose on hers and with my right hand, caught base of her hair and caressed her neck there. She pushed her tongue out and searched for mine. We passionately kissed.

After the first impact I got rid of my tee shirt, and putting her on my lap sideways, gathered her in my arms. My left hand was supporting her back. I was not able to feel the bra strap. My right hand traveled to the bottom of her nightly. Her hands were circling my neck. When my hand reached her thighs I started to caress her seductively. Her body must be on fire now. Her left hand reached my nipples and it nuzzled there. I reached upwards to her panty but was surprised that she didn\’t wear one. (So she was expecting the action.) I caressed the jungle of her pubic hair. I could not wait now. Pulling her onto my lap I removed her nightly totally and saw that she was without the bra too, which I already suspected.

Putting her on the bed, on her back, I got rid of my shorts and the jockeys. My pecker, a 6-inch long and 2 inch thick tool was erect now. She still hadn\’t opened her eyes. I kneeled near her and put her hand on my pecker. It was hot and throbbing. She opened her eyes with a start. She must be startled with the size of it. Anand\’s must be smaller than mine. \” awadala ka?(do you like it?) I murmured. \”huuuu\”(yes), whispering she wrapped her long fingers, around it. Her grip was tight and she started to massage it. She opened the foreskin, and the red headed knob oozed my precum. Now her other hand also joined and she griped my cock, at the base making it stand still and massaged it with other. It was throbbing vigorously now. My one hand was at her lemons and was rubbing the hardened nipples one by one. My patience was ending as she gripped the knob with her thumb and index finger. Making way for my mouth, so that the nipples could be chewed, my hand went to her mound and I gripped it tightly. I groped the love-hole, which was all wet and oozing, with my finger. As I tried to insert a finger in it, widening her legs, she whispered in my ear, \”atta bota nako, lawda ghala. Ata rahavat naahi, bhauji (Don\’t put the fingers, but your cock, bhauji).

I sat up from the kneeling position and adjusted my self between her thighs, making a missionary position. Separating her pubic hair, I opened the hole and put my cock-head at the entrance. I rubbed it there 4/5 times and she lifted her pelvic to receive it. Her pussy hole was small compared to my cock\’s size and so carefully I tried to insert it. It went hardly an inch and was blocked. Understanding it, she still widened her legs. I knelt forward and put one hand at the base of my cock to keep it steady and grabbed her breast with other. Her hands were at my neck now, trying to grab it. Slowly my cock started to inch forward. It must be 2 inch inside it now. The slippery path was there but a fast shove should be made, otherwise it was difficult. To take care of a painful moan by her, my mouth shut her with a kiss, and right arm leaving the lemon gripped her shoulder. I shoved in fast movement. The cry by her was muffled and my cock went almost full inside. It was really tight there. I held it in same position. She must be in pain. Her head tried to get free from me and she succeeded to loosen her mouth.

\” aai ga, bhauji nako, kadha baaher. dukhatay na (bhauji take it out, its paining), Suman blurted.

\” thamb ashich, halu nako, bara vatel don minitat ani mag maja vatel( wait like this for 2 minutes, the pain will subside and then you will enjoy), was my response, nuzzling her and caressing her thighs with my hand.

After a minute I took it out an inch and shoved again, but with lower force. God she was tight. Her Pussy was squeezing my cock-head and I had to keep control, not to ejaculate at this time. My cock was ready from last 4 hours and it wanted a full release badly. I repeated the movement few times, and in a while her vagina adjusted to my cock. Now there was less pain and she started to get feel of it. Her pelvic area started to push up with my movements.

\’taku ka pudhacha gear (should I start and shift gears )?, I alerted her.

\”huui\”, was her response tightening her hands on my back.

I adjusted my hands, one to her neck and other at her lemons and started to move. The cock was able to slip in and out of the passage, though tightly. Her vaginal muscles started to expand and contract, gripping the cock in-between. We fell in rhythm now. The pace was increasing and she put her legs on my back like an animal. Both of us were on fire now.

\’Ghala jorat, aai ga, ghala bauji ghala. uuuu(more force, do it fast, uuu), she was moaning now.

I grunted and started in top gear. Now my cock was like a piston and my balls were slapping her ass. I was about to come but held on till her climax. Her internal muscles started to twitch. We were frantic and she was like a tigress now. I was astonished by her energy. Her pelvic movement was faster than me and the leg\’s grip was like a vice. I used my full force and she started to blurt, \” zava, zava,. Phadun kadha mala aaahhhh (fuck me, fuck. Tear me apart). Avdia varshat,Itka majja te, mala tayani pan nahi dila, aai jee, kete majja ahhe ree!!.( “This much enjoyment was never given to me in all these years by my Husband. Oh Mother! this is great enjoyment”) The crescendo was reaching its peek and it reached the summit. Suddenly she chewed me on my shoulder and as her orgasm started my semen hit her deep inside. Her hands and legs gripped my body and I stood still pressing my cock to her pussy with all the strength I had. Only the throbbing of my cock and her twitching muscles were moving and our juices started to ooze into and out of her pussy. Panting I collapsed on her and shortly her grip too loosened.

Both of us were completely drained and we fell asleep in each other\’s arms. I was on her body throughout the night sleep.

We woke up early morning with my flaccid tool still soaking in the heat of her body. We repeated the action of the past night till we were drained again and slept again.

Was this not a wonderful experience?

Around 12 noon we were up and ready to move back. Both the women had met at breakfast and both looked happier that yesterday. Suman had possibly shared her experience with Anita as Anita, who was on the rear seat behind her husband during the drive back, was all smiles and kept locking onto my eyes in the rearview mirror giving me knowing glances. Both the females kept giggling during the trip back. Latter during the Drive, I was shocked and happy seeing Anita with her breast area uncovered by her Sari, and exposing her fair and large breasts to my feasting eyes through the rear view mirror. I readjusted the Mirror for a better View.
She shamelessly went ahead and opened two front hooks of her blouse so as to facilitate a better view of her Boob Valley. My Pecker grew and started changing gears more like my Esteems gear knob. ” ka hoo bhausahib, appli Picnic chi Majja” kashi zahhli? (“How was your enjoyment of the Picnic?) I slowed down, to turn around feasted my eyes on her beautiful exposed breasts, looked into her eye’s and gave her a knowing wink saying “Great” The rest was the beginning of a new story.

Today as I write, Suman has informed my wife that she is pregnant and I hope the kid is mine as Anand had not done anything to prove me wrong in the past three years. Suman really made me work hard during that picnic Day and night. So did Anita, on another Special trip to Mirchi Kolapur. I am revising my age old opinion on Women from Maharashtra being “Thandi”

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