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The naughtiest and wildest London Escorts have a similar passion in common with their favourite clients. The soft skin, the sweet scent, the rounded curves of a tight pair of breasts, and the warm downy place between the legs of a sensual woman, are all a desire not only coveted by men but by the most beautiful and playful London Escorts alike.

Sure Delights London Escort Christina loves to play with women. And with a hot body, long legs and delicious round bottom, the women love to play with her too. Christina was remembering her favourite encounter with a passionate couple who loved nothing more than a perfect stranger to join in their fun.

Their names were Marcus and Laura, and Christina was expecting nothing out of the ordinary but simple no-strings fun for an hour or two, when she made her way into their quiet two-bedroom apartment, her stockinged legs and platform heels clicking delightfully up the hardwood stairs.

The bedroom did not disappoint. It was furnished mutedly with soft beige carpet and a fluffy and inviting looking white rug in the centre of the room. Whilst Marcus poured Christina a large glass of wine, Laura started stroking her thigh and ran her painted fingernails all the way from the ankle upwards until she reached her black lace panties. Christina shuddered and quickly suggested they should all be topless and right away. As Laura took off her pink sweater, Christina could only gasp at the huge double D’s facing her barely concealed in their pink peephole bra, and she felt the urge to bury her hands and face in them and feel much as she could take.

“May I!” Christina managed to squeak out, and Laura nodded. Marcus only gave a little smile to himself. He was used to this kind of reaction to his girlfriend’s fabulous boobs. Marcus quickly undressed and his excitement was easily apparent when his swollen meaty cock sprung to life. Eager to join in the fun, Marcus pushed Christina’s legs gently open and thrust his tongue softly into her while Laura laughed at his impatience. Without anyone consciously realising it, the threesome moved wordlessly to the white rug and tangled together in a hot restless pile on the floor, touching, sucking, and licking every part of skin spare and uncovered. The heat rose along with Laura’s breath, now coming in ragged gasps as both Christina and Marcus fell hungrily on her clean shaven pussy, savouring the sweet smell and taste as Laura squirmed underneath. Before long the rise and fall of her thighs shuddering uncontrollably signalled a heart-pounding orgasm and Laura pleaded for mercy.

With Laura seemingly spent, Christina took a large gulp of wine, as Marcus led her by the hand to the room next door. It was bare except for a black chair, and some blue silk rope lying conspicuously on the floor. Marcus sat on the chair and ordered Christina to tie him to it, bound at the legs and wrists. Christina dutifully obliged, intrigued and excited, as she loved to tease. Laura strode in, with the sweat still showing on her cleavage, and suddenly gripped his face hard in her hands and kissed him full on the mouth.

”You can’t touch, you’re our plaything now.” Laura pulled Christina to her in an embrace and pulled her pert bum cheeks apart so Marcus could see. He grinned, playing along with the game. Marcus knew they’d both be desperate for his cock by now. Laura and Christina both bent over the chair in Marcus’ lap and teased his thighs and aching balls, leaving them wet with their kisses. Marcus groaned longingly and Laura felt a pang of pity for her beloved. Laura kicked her legs apart and stood astride him, then lowered ever so slowly onto him, filling her pussy up so completely it was impossible not to push down the whole way. Christina leant over the back of the chair to kiss Laura sweetly above Marcus’ head, now thrown back with his eyes closed.

Laura thrusted and wriggled and writhed until she felt the tell-tale signs of his cum rising, and then abruptly climbed off his cock and gripped it tight at the base to stop it reaching it’s peak. Christina knew it was her turn, and she couldn’t wait, as it meant the cum was going to be hers for sure. Christina rolled on a condom with a smooth practised hand and slid him quickly and roughly into her. She was too worked up to wait, and this excited Laura who was rubbing her pussy and watching, unable to tear her eyes from the wonderful sight of the lovers’ enjoyment. All too soon, Christina felt her own orgasm bubbling up and she threw her whole body into it, rocking back and forth as Marcus’ body went rigid and taut with restraint and exertion. They both came together, and the relief was tangible.

As Christina kissed them both politely goodbye, she caught a glimpse of a photo beside the door. It showed the happy couple, and a pretty blonde smiling in the middle. Laura winked, and Christina knew she was the lucky Sure Delights Escort who would be seeing them again in the near future.

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