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Facts About Escort Services

All of us know what the modern community thinks of today’s escort services, especially men. Before, many taboos are affiliated with the concept of escort services. Fortunately, all of these taboos have been erased within the government and on people’s minds. But did you know that escort services exist for a long time now? Yep, they do. Agencies providing escort services have been present in our culture and believe it or not, the girls who offer this kind of special service were acknowledged as intellectual and sophisticated escort ladies, which is actually correct. Escort is a service by pretty ladies and good-looking men that provides entertainment. It’s easy to distinguish prostitutes from escort ladies judging from the way they carry themselves. Escort ladies are far more presentable and classy than prostitutes. Therefore, escorts shouldn’t be mistaken as female prostitutes.
Paying for Time
First and foremost, what you’re buying from an escort is her time. All types of escorts, whether, high-class, average or cheap escorts sell their time. Second, you hire them because of companionship. Third, special services such as massage will depend on the escort you’re booking if she also offers it. On the other hand, prostitutes are paid initially for sex and that’s just it. Once the sexual intercourse is over, the extra time you’re spending with a prostitute will also cost you more.
The job of a female escort is to cater to gentlemen. Like for example, a man is supposed to attend a big dinner party and he doesn’t want to bring someone romantically involved with him but it would be a faux pas to come alone. So instead, he would hire a beautiful escort to bring with him as a companion to the party with no strings attached. Remember, you are paying an escort to go on a date with you and if you want to engage a sexual activity with the escort, you need to discuss it with her if she’s up to it and how much more you need to pay. Yes, there are escorts who also engage in sexual acts that usually offer higher rates but still, they’re nothing like prostitutes. Plus, escorts are way more elegant-looking than prostitutes.
However, some people don’t know how to distinguish an escort to a prostitute. There was even news about the infamous “Credit Card London Escorts”. People say that these sexy London escorts sell their bodies for sex and accept payments via credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and etc. This is not true. Though, it is true that elite London escorts accept credit cards but as I have mentioned, escorts sell their precious time. It just happened that their gorgeous bodies come along with the “paid time”.
Running the business
Escorting is not all about selling sex. It is a business like any other business there is. As we all know, there’s a queue of activities that employees execute in a business such as arranging/attending business conferences, answering phone calls, conversing with clients and etc. This business tasks are very similar to what an escort does daily, specifically an independent escort. An independent escort is not employed to an escort agency, which means that she does all the work by herself. Most escorts have their own websites or listings on a site. In a business, the secretary is in charge of checking and arranging her boss’ schedule. The secretary should also attend all phone calls, e-mails and paperworks relayed to her. As for escorts who have a personal site, they don’t have secretaries to answer their e-mails and phone calls or arrange the schedule for them. Escorts answer calls and e-mails personally and they arrange their own appointments. The escort has to make sure that everything will go along with her schedule. She has to fix all of the appointments by organizing the time and date she needs to be with each client. If she’s booked for an hour for a client then it has to be exactly an hour or else her schedule for the day will be ruined, and so as her business. Thus, with all this work handled personally by an escort, it is very obvious that they have a very busy schedule to even leave room for unintended sexual appointments, don’t you think?
So you see? There’s a lot more to learn about escorts than you thought. Sex is not something that an escort automatically agrees on. It should be discussed upon booking and not during or after the date because some escorts might reconsider to have sex. Keep in mind; escorts are not prostitutes that will undoubtedly say yes once you offer to pay for sex.

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