look but not touch

Stacey made me kneel just by the edge of our bed and said I could only look but not touch. That she was going to tease me like never before. I was not even allowed to kiss her soft sumptuous lips. Stacey was sitting directly in front of me with her long silky legs on each side of me with just a pair of silky panties. Which tied on each side? It felt good being looked down on. It felt hot and arousing.

She Leant forward and kissed my neck. I could feel your hair brush against me. I could smell the scent of her perfume. She opened her legs even wider. Her panties tightened a little and I could see her freshly shaved and trimmed pussy. She smiled, knowing that would arouse me even more. She knew I was erect. It was obvious. My cock was bulging through my jeans.

She moved her lips closer to mine without losing my gaze. I could feel her breath on my face. Her lips were opposite mine. I wanted to kiss them. She moved back and looked at me, I knew what that look meant. No touching. She moved closer again and a wet moist tongue explored my lips. I opened my mouth for a kiss but again she moved away. Reaching out she put her hands on each side of my face. Her lips touched mine. I wanted the taste of her lipstick on me. I wanted her to bite my lip. We kissed ever so slowly.

I wanted more but again she leant back on our bed. I could see that her silk panties were moist. They were stained from her juices when they had tightened and entered her earlier. I wanted to lean forward and lick them. But I held back and enjoyed the view of this beautiful sexy woman whom I loved just lying there.

Teasing and exciting me. Her legs still each side of me. Her panties stained from her cum. Her nipples proud on her breasts. I wanted to suck them, kiss them, and squeeze them. I moved my head closer to her wet panties. I just wanted to lick them and to feel the silky material on my tongue. To taste her warm cum juices. I wanted my tongue to explore the inner her. To feel her wet pussy in my mouth and suck it, lick it, and to feel her clitoris on my tongue. To feel how soft it was. To gently hold her clit between my teeth as I tickle it with my tongue. To feel her breathing get heavier, deeper, as I slowly suck her clit and to feel her push hard against my face. So she could grind her pussy against me.

I wanted to feel myself gasp for air as she tightens her grip around my head. Wanting my face in her pussy. Licking her lips and exploring every part of her. I could feel her move a hand. I moved my head back a little from her panties. Stacey slid her hand into her panties. I could see her moving her fingers between the fabric. The silk shimmered in the light. She knew I loved to watch as she fingered fucked herself. She groaned a little as she pushed deeper into her wet pussy and gripped harder. Her legs widened .The shimmering of her panties got more vigorous as she opened her legs.

Stacey as ever wanted more. Wanted Deeper, and harder. I untied her panties at the side and moved them away. I could see a cum soaked hand move in and out of her pussy. I wanted her now. As she finger fucked herself for me. I undid the buttons on my jeans and pulled my dripping cock out. My hand and fingers were wet from just pulling my cock out. Little beads of sperm were dripping down onto my jeans. I gathered my sperm on my fingers. And rubbed it onto Stacey lips, she loved the taste of cum. it felt good watching her lick her lips.

I am playing with myself now as I watch her finger fuck herself .Stacey liked I could not resist playing with myself. Knowing I was watching her. She liked the thought of me wanking. I put my sperm covered hand on her hand as she pushed harder into herself. My sperm was all over her fingers now. She could feel it. All wet and warm. She rubbed it into her pussy. Our juices were mixed. She loved it.

Stacey put two of her fingers in my mouth. I could taste both of us. I sucked every drop of our cum of her fingers. She put her hand back into her pussy and rubbed herself so hard. Her body tensed. Her fingers grasped her pussy. She had made herself ejaculate a little. I loved watching her now breathless body shake. Her hand sodden in cum. I wanted it. I wanted Stacey to make me lick her cum off each finger as I played with myself. And as if she had read my mind. She did exactly that until I could take no more and cum all over her.

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