Love and the Law. chapter 1

Hi, my name is Jackie, I just read one of a friends stories and it got me to thinking about my own life and a few things and fantasies I have and had. I’m an attorney at a very successful and prestigious law firm. I don’t have the body of a model but I do have nice long legs double d tits and a little bigger ass than I like, and waist length reddish blond hair, but I still get the looks, even caught a few of the gals checking me out.
Well anyhow I was working late one night finishing up on a few briefs for court the next day, when I heard a commotion coming from down the hall. It startled me, as I thought I was the only one here. So I got the small hand gun out of my purse my husband gave me for protection, and slowly wandered down the hall towards the noise. There was a light on in one of the senior partner’s office the door was open about six inches, and I could hear the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking. When I heard that then I turned and started to walk away, but my curiosity got to the best of me.
I had never watched a porn movie, or caught my parents making love, and have only seen my husband and I make love through a mirror. So I tiptoed up to the door and looked in. There on the desk was my boss Tom, and one of the other partners Barbara, a very beautiful statuesque woman with chestnut brown hair to her shoulders and tits equal to my double d’s, going at it. He was laid out on the desk shirt open pants off, with his legs hanging down in the back of his desk where Barbara was sitting in his chair, her blouse and bra off
She was sitting in it with her arms on his legs, looking very relaxed had her tits wrapped around his cock and was sucking the head of his cock very nice and slowly she moved her tits up and down on his rock hard cock as he lay there moaning “ahhhh baby suck it suck it all” then she let go of her tits and deep throated him. Every time she took all of him in her mouth, she would stick out her tongue and lick his balls, (I never dreamed that could be done) he would gasp. I started to feel a twitching in my clit, I reached down to adjust my panties and it felt like a mild electric shock, when I touched my clit, the feel good kind of sensation. Then I watched her lift one of his legs up, and drive a finger up his ass and he let out a “ahhhhhh yes”, he cums in her mouth as she jacked him off and sucked on the head of his cock.

It got me so hot just watching it, my nipples got so hard that I had to pull on them to relieve the hardness and doing so I got real wet I could feel my panties were soaked and I got real horny real fast, faster than I have ever been in my life. I took my heels off, snuck back down the hall to my office and closed up my briefs and snuck out to go home.
On the way home I could not keep my hands off my nipples, it felt so good to pinch them, it made my clit tingle. I wondered what had gotten into me, was it the thought of being caught watching my boss, or just the sight of others making love. I got home the kids were in bed; Dave (hubby) was reading a book. I grabbed the book from his hands, grabbed his hand and dragged his ass up the stairs to bed.
He’s looking at me with this what has gotten in to you look. (Now don’t take this wrong, we have a great relationship, I love my husband with all my heart, and there is nothing that we have not done to and with each other). He starts to say something, I put my hand to his mouth, and said, “Shut up and fuck me”. With the surprised look on his face because he had never heard me talk like that, started to unbutton my blouse, I was in to much of a hurry, I tore the buttons off his shirt. And pushed him backwards onto the bed and I dropped my wet panties as he was un buckling his belt I grabbed his pant legs and jerked his pants off, hiked my skirt up to my waist and straddled his hips as he was hard already from this new found excitement.
I grabbed his cock and opened the lips of my wet pussy and guided that wonderful hard cock to its destiny. I squealed as it went in and all the way to the base of his cock and I’m pounding down on him furiously I grab his hands that were on my hips, put them on my bouncing tits he unclasps the bra in between my tits and they pop out, still wearing my blouse, he reaches in and grabs my nipples.
As I finish taking the blouse off not missing a stroke of his cock into my hot pussy, I start riding him hard and fast, Like I never had before, I leaned over and said “suck my tits hard baby” with that note he grabbed both tits one in each hand, sucking one nipple and pinching the other, I felt my orgasm start to build I started to whine and moan “oh David uh huh yes oh baby fuck me hard”, as I rocked uncontrollably on him. Then he cums and the heat from his orgasm sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my body, causing my own orgasm to run uncontrollably.

I did not realize that I had grabbed his chest with both my hands so hard that I put nail marks in his flesh. As he moaned loudly, with pleasure and pain it made my orgasm even harder and longer.
We just lay there for the longest, Dave starts to giggle and said,” what has gotten into you besides me” he laughs. I have never seen this side of you, and I think I like it. Well I was very embarrassed, but I told him about the events of the evening there at the office as he listens wide eyed and very interested, not like the normal things I say, that goes in one ear and out the other. Dave said,” well if this is what it does to you, then stay late more often!” He laughs, and his smile made me giggle too.
Well the next morning in court was the final arguments, the jury was out for just a few hours, and came back in my clients favor. So we went out and he bought us a few drinks, to celebrate the bonus I would get from this case, after three martinis, I was ok but I could sure feel it. So I bid my client “good bye” and I walked the two blocks back to the office. Hoping some of the alcohol would ware off. Walking in to the building, on to the elevator, my heel got stuck in the small opening between elevator and the floor; I tripped right in to Tom, my boss “Whoa young lady” as he catches me, as he held me for a second I felt a flush, wave over me.
As my mind raced back over what I had witnessed the night before, feeling his unusually hard body for an older man. I felt my self getting wet again for some reason, so I went to the bath room and put on a panty liner, as I was wearing tight kakis slacks, the wet would show very easy. As I come out of the stall Barbara walks in. I look her in the eyes, she gives me a knowing wink and little sexy kind of smile, it sent shivers down my spine. The excited kind of shivers I call chivers. And it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable and yet excited at the same time. I gave her a smile back as I would normally do. Then that feeling came over me again. Like one from last night. Nipples hard, clit was tingling, both longing to be abused again like they were last night.
It was Friday afternoon so I called my sister to see if the kids could spend the night and I would give a few hundred dollars to go to the water world amusement park the next day. As it was still hot September weather she jumped at the free ride (gas money and tickets). As I was happy to give it, I got home and the kids were home and just as I got done telling them about water world, my sister drove up. They happily all loaded up in the van and were gone.

I nervously scurried around the house getting curtains closed, doors locked and everything ready. Wine at the Jacuzzi, candles on the dinning room table with black table cloth and contrasting napkins that may or may not be used I was hoping not, but just that though got me even hotter. And a pillow on the seat of one of the chairs that was out of sight I stripped naked, put on the new sexy shear black robe and matching G-string I picked up at Fredric’s on the way home. Everything was ready. And it was about time for David to be home any minute.
Then I heard the garage door open and I had an orgasm, Dave was home and I got that excited by it, I could not believe I had an orgasm just at the sound of the garage door I was so excited. He seen my car home so he knew with the windows closed something was up, he tried to sneak in and surprise me but it was he who was surprised. As I was there at the door waiting for him, he took one look at me with that, wow wide eyed all over my body look that sent more chivers down my spine. I said, the kids are gone till tomorrow night and I have plans for you sweetheart. I take his tie off and walk away dragging the tie then letting it go a few feet away.
On cue he started to take his clothes off and leaving them where they dropped, just slowly strutted in front of him, I stopped once bending over to look back at him as he looked at my ass vary intently. By the time we got to the back door, on our way out to the Jacuzzi he was naked and already had a Boner, “that I liked to see”. I dropped the shear robe and thong, grabbed his cock and waltzed over to the Jacuzzi, we got in and just relaxed but I had not let go of his cock and was stroking it. I straddled his lap putting his cock up against my clit and just moved around getting a nice feel of it I arch my back and he bends and starts to suck my nipples and ohhhh they needed that, I rub my clit up an down the shaft of his hard cock, “ohhhh yeah ah huh” more harder’ “yes oh baby” I started to shudder, he lifts me high enough to slide it into my now quivering cunt. I wrap my arms around him, I cum hard, a muffled high pitched squeal “yessssssss” I said, as I bit his neck, and he holds me down on his pole like cock, I wiggled and shuddered uncontrollably, as the head of his cock rode my g-spot, my orgasm lasted several minutes, never that long before I just sat on him enjoying the feeling of his cock up in side me my, eyes closed, and head on his shoulders, I was in ecstasy.

After several more minutes, I felt David start to go soft, I though, well is he in for a treat, since he had not gotten off yet. It was one of the things I had planned for him; there in the Jacuzzi I was going to do him. Like Barbara did Tom my boss, only on the edge of the Jacuzzi and not a desk. I squeezed my pussy muscles, and he popped out, he had a sad look in his eyes, I said, “awwww my baby didn’t cum”( like I didn’t know). Then I giggled as I put him up on the edge, pushed him back on the towel I had laid out and planned for.
I grabbed his hips and pulled him in closer to me, I see the smile on his face as he pulled himself up on his elbows so he could watch the play I was about to perform. I spread his legs as far as I could so I could get in as close as possible. I picked up the head of his flaccid cock with my mouth, probing the hole at the tip, running my tongue around the crown feverishly as I suck him in a little at a time, now he’s starting to get hard, so I take as much as I can take of him into my mouth as I could possibly do. I try to lick his balls and when I stuck my tongue out that far it allowed me to take more of him in, hmmm I though, that’s how she did it, for I had not known. And the surprise in his eyes and face said it was good. I hum and smile back with my eyes. He gasps, “Ohhhh mmmyyy gggoooodddd that’s awesome”. I bobbed up and down on his head ever so slowly still working my tongue as fast as I could around the head as I pulled to the tip, trying to push my tongue into the inside of his cock.
After about twenty of those I could feel his muscles tightening telling me he was close to his orgasm, I stopped and he look at me, I reached out and grabbed his hands pulled him up, place my breasts in his hands and wrapped them around his cock, I had him hold them in place and with his thumbs play with my already hard nipples I pushed his hands together to make him squeeze his cock then I bent my head down and started to suck on the head he starts to move my tits up and down , I heard him moaning ” ahhhh yeas ahhhh baby ahhhh ohhhh hmmm’ I could tell as he was moving my tits faster and breathing faster that he was close to Cumming, with my free hand I ran it up between us and drove my finger in his ass, as soon as I did he cums the most I ever remember I suck hard a gulped a few times as he filled my mouth, it was wonderful making him cum like that. It turned me on again, he lay there exhausted as I get out of the Jacuzzi, grab his hands and a few steps was the lounge chairs we sat a while smiling at each other drinking our wine, holding hands across the table. David said, I really like this new you.

It’s exciting and fresh, and that was fucking awesome, I said, good there is more to come, he lifts his glass and eye brows and with a chuckle, said “hear hear”
We sat there for about an hour or so it started to get dark as we exchanged small talk. I said. Give me a few minutes and I’ll have you something to eat. I’ll call you when it’s ready. Close the door when you come in hon. He nods, smiles, whistles and said softly, “nice ass”, as I bend over to pick up my thong and shear robe. I turn my head; give him a sexy smile and wink, as I walk back into the house.
In side the door I run and freshen up put on the best perfume I have, run back down the stairs light the candles set the pillow on the table, put whip cream on my nipples, belly button and clit, then cherries on the whip cream, and hollered, “David its ready”. I hear him come in and close the door the lights were off. But the glow of the candles, lead the way.
He walks in and sees me laying on the end of the table with my feet on the arms of the chair like they were in stirrups, I say, desert first, he walks around the table like a wide eyed boy in his first smorgasbord restaurant dessert isle, the whip cream is starting to melt and run down the sides of my body. He grabs a napkin and then starts to wipe, I said, with your tongue, he starts to chase the melting cream, “no hurry baby”, I said “just enjoy”. He starts in circles around my areola licks all he can up to the nipple and sucks on it nice and hard. Then trails his tongue up my chest and neck to my mouth where I lick the cream off his face and we kiss passionately, he works his way around the table and repeats the action on my other tit and hard nipple and we kiss again,
This time his tongue makes a slow beeline down the valley of my tits to my belly button and he licks all around it then eats the cherry there then drives is tongue down inside the belly button and sucks out all the cream in it, Then retraces the steps, to my awaiting mouth.
On his way back down he licks each nipple, nibbles and sucks them. I grab his already hard cock and stroke it, as he sucks each tit. I was so hot and horny it was hard for me to just lay there and not have him fuck me right now and then. David lifts my right leg and slips into his chair, I hand him the whip cream, chocolate, and cherries, I said, have at it baby. He starts on the top of my pussy and makes a half circle down to my asshole then goes back up to the top and does the other side all the while the featherlike feeling of the whip cream is

Making it even harder to contain my self, I’m pinching and pulling my nipples, it was an itch that could not be satisfied.
He squirts a load of the cream in side me and I explode. Screaming,” uh huh yes uh huh”. A powerful orgasm. It squirts the whip cream out. David quickly dives his face in to catch all he can, with each slow stroke of his tongue I cum again, “oh David uuuugggghhhhh” “yes hummm” I’m yelling, I grab his hands and pull them up to my nipples and he’s pinching them nice and hard. I cum hard again, and again I yell, “I’m Cumming I’m Cumming” as I fuck his face. I grab his hair and pull his face hard onto my cunt. I had never cum so many times in one night I lost track. I had never been so loud, or felt free to be this wild. David stands and plunges his cock deep into my twitching pussy. And fucks me with a fury he had never done, grabbing my hips to keep me close in to his strokes, I grab and squeeze my tits and nipples, I hear him moaning, he’s about to cum, I squeeze my pussy muscles as hard as I can and he explodes into my cunt as I cum again with him.
He pulls me up and holds me kisses my neck, I wrap my legs around his hard butt and squeeze more of him close to me, as I wanted every part of him touching me he pulls the back of my hair to make my face even with his and says, “Jackie I love you” then passionately kisses me searching the depths of my mouth with his tongue. We shower and lovingly wash each other with a care that was not there before, we lie in bed and hold each other and fall asleep.

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