Massage Parlour

I saw the advert in the Massage section of one of the daily papers.
I did my usual thing and arranged to be in a place where I could masturbate and telephone to get some details of what was on offer at the Massage salon.

My system is to search through the adverts and select whatever seems to be the right one for that day. I always like to be naked and in a position to masturbate while calling the advert selected. On this occasion I stripped off and lying on the bed lubricated my partially erect penis with KY jelly over the head of my cock. I am not circumcised so I always like a nice layer of cool KY under the head of my cock. It helps my foreskin slip smoothly over my cock head. I also like to lubricate my balls and anus with baby oil. I find that a well lubricated cock makes telephone masturbation very rewarding.
My favorite fetish is the bra fetish. I have always had a sexual fixation for bras and breasts. Not that I don’t like pussy and of course pushing my erect cock into a wet vagina. But breasts and bras are my biggest sexual stimulation. Many of the young prostitutes that I have fucked have learnt to masturbate me and after the first load of sperm to slowly massage my body and then let me enter their vaginas with my erect coc for a proper fuck.

On this occasion I called the number and spoke to ‘Cherry’. I asked her what she charged and what services she offered. I always slowly stroke my cock while making these calls and usually have a bra near my cock, to catch my sperm when I come. I also asked Cheery what size bra she wore and if she usually wore a bra. Cherry told me she was a 36D cup. I was very erect and nearly cumming at that point and let go of my cock while I asked Cherry if I could buy her a bra and come and visit her. She agreed and I arranged to visit her the next day.

I got dressed without shooting my sperm load and went up to the mall and into a shop where I knew I could buy a 36D cup bra for Cherry. I also knew that once I had bought the bra I would take it home and rub my erect cock into each cup and leave a trace of pre-cum in the nipple area of the bra cups. I love front fastening bras but on this occasion, as it was the first time I was visiting Cherry I bought a Wonderbra 36D with maximum cleavage. As soon as I got home I stripped off and masturbated and rubbed my pre-cum wet cock into the bra cups. I slipped a condom onto my erect six inch cock and came with the sperm reservoir in the nipple area of the left bra cup. I put the ‘cocked’ bra back in its packet and cleaned up ready for the next day.

I arrived at the building where Cherry was giving her massages and pressed 301 for the Studio. The electronic door lock buzzed and I went into the building and walked straight into the lift. I pressed three and as I was alone in the lift played a little with my cock as the lift rose up to the third floor. The lift was quite slow so I was semi erect by the time I got to the floor. I had put on, under my trousers just a jock strap, and I have modified the pockets in some of my trousers so that I can masturbate my penis while walking around or on stores where they sell bras and panties. So I was quite stiff when I pressed the bell on 301.

Cherry opened the door and in I went. The room was quite dim but I could see that she was about 5ft 8 and she really had lovely big breasts.
She was quite slim and I could see the outline of her bra straps though her blouse as she turned and asked me to follow her into the massage room.

When we got to the room, which was a lot brighter than the entrance I could see the magnificent breasts the she had. I was also now able to see her hips which were quite wide, just the best type of hips for childbearing. Her butt was very firm and I could see the outline of a pair of panties through the material of her short skirt.

I handed Cherry the bra that I had bought for her and started to take off my clothes. I pulled off my T shirt and slipped out of my sandals. Only my trousers and jock strap remained. I dropped my trousers and stood there in my jock strap with my partially erect penis pushing against the material covering my cock.
Cherry had unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and dropped her skirt to the floor.
I was gazing at one of the firmest pair of breasts that I had ever seen. As Cherry reached behind her to unhook her bra I realized that she didn’t really need a bra for support of the breasts. She wore a bra to enhance the sexuality of her body. Her bra that she had on was a very thin lacy white bra which contrasted vividly the deep chocolate color of her breasts. As the bra fell away her nipples were stiffening and the aureoles around her nipples were dark against the swell of her breasts. I could feel my cock stiffening against the jock strap and put out my hands to fondle those firm brown breasts. Cherry stepped back and told me to wait, she wanted to put on her new bra before we started anything.
The bra that I had bought for her was light yellow in color and the contrast against her brown skin was fantastic. My cock stiffened as I looked at those two large breasts straining against the material of the bra. My cock had been exactly where Cherry’s nipples were pushing into the bra cup.
I smiled at Cherry and reached behind her and released the catch on her new bra. The bra fell to the floor and I put my hands onto her breasts. I could feel the nipples stiffening under my hands and my cock was now fully erect and straining against my jock strap.
Cherry pushed my jock strap down and my penis sprang forward. My cock head was damp with pre-cum and my cock pushed against the thin material of her brief panties.
Cherry touched my erect penis with the tips of her fingers very lightly and I was fondling her breasts. The sensation from my cock was wonderful and I could feel my sperm building up ready to explode over Cherry’s hands.
Cherry fondled my erect cock for another few moments and then told me to get onto the massage bed.

I got onto the massage table and managed to fold my stiff cock under me so that the pre-cum soaked head was exposed between my legs. Cherry picked up a bottle of baby oil and applied it to my back and started to very lightly rub my back and shoulders. My erection had gone down a little and my sperm was not yet pumping out of my cock.
Cherry moved down towards my butt and I opened my legs as wide as I could. Her hands slid over the cheeks of my bum and then down the crack and across my anus. I felt Cherry pour some more oil down my bum crack and she started to play around my anus, Just lightly pushing the tip of her middle finger against my anus. My erection was rising again and I lifted my bum up and felt one of her hands start to again very lightly fondle my penis.

A few moments later Cherry stopped caressing my erect penis and asked me to rub and fondle her breasts. She told me that she masturbated daily and loved someone rubbing her breasts with oil. She told me that she could often have an orgasm if her breasts were massaged in the way she liked. I rolled over and was greeted with Cherry’s breasts and a bottle of oil. I poured some oil onto my hands and started to softly massage Cherry’s breasts. I quickly realized that Cherry was getting very aroused her nipples were stiff and she was moaning softly as I rubbed and played with her breasts and nipples. Her hands went down and with one hand she cupped my testicles and with the other she started to stroke my erect penis. I dropped one hand and pushed her panties down. My hand was at her vagina and my fingers caressed the lips of her wet cunt. Her vagina was soaking wet and my middle finger slipped straight into her cunt. As my middle finger started to move in and out of the lips of Cherry’s vagina I lowered my head and sucked on her left nipple. After a few strong sucks on her nipple I felt my sperm rising in my rigid penis and I could also feel and hear that Cherry was about to come.
My sperm shot out of my cock and covered Cherry’s vagina mouth where my fingers were pumping her cunt. At the exact same moment Cherry shuddered and gave a loud sigh as she came. Her vagina bucked against my hand and I felt her sopping wet vagina grip my fingers as I slowed my finger fucking of her vagina down. We both rested for a little before I withdrew my fingers from Cherry’s beautiful shaved vagina.

I got dressed and we decided that I would visit her again very soon.

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