Me and my Mother-in-Law

This incident happened a month ago. Firstly let me introduce my mother in law. Her name is Ananthi and she is 45 yrs old, fair and sexy lady. She has a slim figure of 34-32-36, a firm set of boobs. She maintains her body well for that age.
On that day, I was sleeping my wife’s room after my night shift work. My wife and my father in law both had gone to their respective offices.
I was wearing only by boxer shorts and my tee-shirt. I was fast asleep and was having a wet dream because of which my cock had become hard.
My mother in law had been noticing my hard cock for quite sometime (This I came to know later on through her). Later after sometime I felt somebody waking me up by tapping on my cock. I saw my mother in law standing next to my bed. She asked me whether I needed lunch for which I replied that I am not hungry and asked for water. She went and came back with a glass of water.
When I was drinking, she said that my cock is big and hard. I felt embarrassed and blushed to her. She then said that she has never seen such a hard cock before. I again blushed and gave a naughty smile to her. She then started weeping and said that she had not been having sex for the past 12 yrs after my father in law’s heart attack. She had been fingering herself and satisfying her sexual urges all those years.
I then gave her a hug and wiped off her tears. I made her lean on my chest and fondled her head until she became normal. Then I kissed her head. She lifted her head and saw me I gave her a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes and accepted. Then I kissed her nose and went down and jus planted a mild kiss on her lips. She didn’t reject me. That gave me the go ahead signal and again a kissed her lips but this time I kissed her hard. Initially she didn’t respond properly but after a split second she opened her mouth and reciprocated. Then put my hands around her and massaged her back while I kissed her. I undressed her immediately and made her lie down naked on my bed. I went on top of her and I kissed her lips then her neck and went down. I then got hold of her breasts and sucked and squeezed it hard. She was moaning light each and every time when gave a small bite to her nipple. Later I licked her stomach and then her belly button and made her giggle. By this time she was very comfortable with my moves.
I then spread her legs to have a full view oh her pussy. She had a very clean shaven pussy and it was leaking of her juice. I licked her pussy and drank her cunt juice. By this time she said to me to eat her pussy which I gladly agreed. With my fingers I spread open her pussy and thrusted my tongue inside her pussy and licked her hard. She was moaning loudly and I could feel her cunt muscles shuddering. She came hard in my mouth moaning loudly and I could feel the vibrations of her pussy. She whispered that she had not had such a strong orgasm ever in her life. I replied her not to jump the gun as there is still more to go.
I then made her sit on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her on the floor. She pulled down my boxer shorts and my cock sprang up to life. My cock was dripping with my pre-cum which she licked gleefully. She stroked my cock and took it in her mouth and sucked it like a child licking her ice cream.
I then held her head and slowly stroked my hard cock in her mouth and pushed the entire length of my cock deep in her mouth. I made her choke for breath by stroking her hard. Then I made her bend down in doggie style at the edge of the bed and made her spread her legs. Now her pussy was just in font of my cock and was dripping of her cum. I held my cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy with my cock over her cum. With one leg on the floor and other on the cot, I thrusted my cock deep inside her wet cunt. The sensation of her soft pussy walls rubbing my cock was heavenly such that I banged her pussy for full 15 mins until I completely emptied my loads of cum deep inside her pussy. She gave a loud cry and came instantly when I came inside her.
Then we both lied down on the cot before we came back to our senses. She requested me to keep this fling within ourselves. That was one of my memorable moments on my life. Thanks to my mother-in-law for such an awful experience.