Me ex calls the shots pt. 2: the club

I’ve begun accepting the fact that my girlfriend is no longer just mine to have. I’ve asked her a bunch of times what she does, but rarely have I received any answers. She has told me that she is sleeping with two, not just one, of her exes. She has also told me that she also sleeps with random guys when she feels like it, but that’s about all I know. I never know when she is going to meet up with one of them, though if I call and her phone is off, I know she is either getting fucked or whoever fucked her did a damn good job and she is too tired and sore to do anything but sleep. If she isn’t in the room, I check her phone and find dirty text messages from a number of different guys, and once even found a picture she took of herself sucking someone else off. I try to ignore all of this, as well as having to ignore the hickeys, discarded condom wrappers in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and washroom of her place, and occasional cum stains I find on her clothes.

One weekend, I decided I would take my girlfriend to go clubbing. It was a little heavy on my credit card, seeing as I called the club beforehand to book bottle service, got a hotel room across the street from the club so we could have a place to fuck without having to drive drunk to her place, and took my girlfriend out to buy a clubbing dress she insisted she needed. Once she came out of the dressing room in the dress she chose, however, I knew it was worth every penny. The black dress was simple enough, but it was short. VERY short. The dress just barely covered her ass, and I had no doubt if she bent over or even turned around too fast the dress would lift enough for anyone to see her panties. The dress wasn’t doing much to cover her chest either; I could still see part of her bra over the top of the dress, and I could tell she didn’t mind it either. I stood up straight (in more ways than one) and gave her a hug and a kiss, running my hand up her thigh, hoping for a little action in the clothing shop’s dressing room. My girlfriend pushed me away, however, and made her way to the shoe section of the store. After picking a pair of high heels that accentuated her legs, legs already fully on display with the short dress, we were on our way.

At the club, we settled down in our booth that came with the bottle service. The booth was great, it was stashed away in the corner of the club, and consisted of two couches and a small table on which to place your bottles and the various mixers the club provided. Even though the booths were in the corner of the place, the couches were facing the club, so you were always granted a good view of the dance floor. I was sitting on one couch, my girlfriend on the other. I had managed to convince my girlfriend to ditch her panties for this night out, and every time she leaned forward to grab a bottle, that short dress moved up enough for me to catch a glimpse of her shaved pussy. We didn’t get up to dance much out of fear that someone would steal our bottles of booze when we weren’t at the table, so we just drank and enjoyed the music pounding out of the club’s speakers. I wasn’t too worried about the fact that I wasn’t getting any action at the club, since I knew alcohol always made my girl horny and she’d be my slut once we got to the hotel room later that night.

Pretty drunk, I looked at my equally trashed girlfriend. She looked so hot and nasty in that dress, and I was eager to get her to the hotel room soon and rip that tiny dress off of her. I needed to go to the washroom, so I got up and left, telling my girlfriend to be careful of anybody trying to steal our bottles. She nodded and I set off. When I got out, I could see from across the club that my girlfriend wasn’t alone. As I made my way closer, I could see she was talking to another guy. This other guy, pretty good-looking I must admit, was sitting on the couch across from my girl. I watched them talk from a distance, and from my girlfriend’s flirty smiles and laughs, I could tell she was eating everything this guy said up. He kept the talk coming, and my girl started pouring them drinks from our bottle. After a while, he motioned to a group of his friends, and they came over to sit on one couch while he moved over to share the couch with my girlfriend. The way her legs were crossed with both her hands on her lap, no one could see she wasn’t wearing any panties, but this guy was obviously enjoying the view of her legs. The guy’s friends seemed more concerned with drinking the bottles I paid for.

After a while, my girlfriend and this guy got up to start dancing. I moved towards the bar to buy myself drinks, seeing as I couldn’t exactly go to my table and drink my own bottles without having to face the shame of explaining that those were my bottles they were drinking and that was my girlfriend their friend was dancing with. I kept an eye on my girlfriend and her new friend, hoping some harmless flirting and dancing was all she had in mind tonight. I saw them head to the middle of the dance floor, and this guy slid behind my girlfriend, letting her dance on him, rubbing her firm ass all over his him. The guy was sliding his hands up her thigh, and I could see his eyes widen with surprise when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. I could see his hand travel between my girlfriend’s legs, and the fact that she was quickly biting her lip let me know he was fingering her, right on the dance floor. He turned her around and started making out with her, his hands up her dress and all over her naked ass. I was pissed as hell, and started walking towards them. However, my girlfriend noticed me and fixed me with a stare, and I knew I had no choice but to go back to the bar and watch. The guy was too busy kissing my girlfriend’s neck to notice our little drama.

From the bar, I continued watching them. Eventually they headed back to the booth area and the guy’s friends. The action didn’t slow down there, though. The two started doing body shots, and I could tell this guy was having the time of his life drinking a shot wedged between my girl’s breasts. She was so drunk she started giving him a lap dance, and the guy’s friends were laughing it up at how lucky their friend was. I was so frustrated I moved to a different area of the bar, far enough away that I wouldn’t have to see someone else enjoy her. After some time passed and a few more shots, I decided I’d have to live with the shame and go get my girlfriend, even if she was still dancing on this guy. When I was close enough to see our booth, however, I only saw the guy’s friends, who were close to finishing every last drop of our bottles. I figured they had gone back to the dance floor and scanned the club looking for them, but found nothing.

I spent quite a while searching for them, every once in a while looking back at the booth to see if they had gone back to sit down. No sign of them. I tried calling her, but there was no reception in the club. I figured if I exited the club, got reception for my cell and called her to come out and meet me, I would avoid the embarrassment of having the guy or his friends know I had let her do all that. I left the club and waited for reception on my cell. It came quickly, and with it came a text message. Seeing as it was from my girl, I opened it. It read: Left the club. Gonna fuck at hotel. Don’t you dare come to the hotel room or you can forget about me fucking you ever again.

I quickly called her cell, but it was off. I was furious with myself. How stupid could I have been? When we got the hotel room, they gave us two key cards, I kept one and I handed one to my girlfriend. Not only had I been stupid enough to leave my girlfriend drunk in a club by herself, I had even given her a convenient place to fuck. I crossed the street towards to hotel, but remembering her words, I didn’t dare go to our room, should she make good on her promise and I would never feel that wonderful body again. Instead, I pulled out my credit card and booked another room. The receptionist tried giving me a room on the fourth floor, but I begged her for one on the second, which was where my original room was. She gave me a weird look, and I gave her some made-up story of having a friend in a room on the second floor and we wanted to chat a bit before we went to sleep. She told me I was in luck, there was only one room left on the second floor. If she knew the story of my night, I doubt she would have said I was “in luck.”

In the elevator, I looked at the keycard. I was pissed, because it was for room 211, and my original room was 206. I had hoped for the room right beside them, so I could hear exactly what was going on. Soon I realized that wouldn’t be a problem, because as soon as I exited the elevator on the second floor, I could hear my girlfriend screaming at the top of her lungs. We had been at hotel rooms before, and my girlfriend had always tried to make the least noise possible, because she didn’t want everyone in the hotel room knowing what we were doing. This guy must have been a real animal if he had my girl screaming like that in a hotel. I went to my new room at the end of the hall and let myself in with the keycard, finding I could still hear my girl screaming and begging for more. I dropped into the bed, and after turning on the TV at high volume and covering my head with the pillow, managed to drown out my girlfriend’s screams enough to sleep.

When I woke up, I was so hung-over it took me a couple of seconds to place where I was. It took me another second to place the screams. I looked at the clock, and it was 7:14 AM. This guy must be an early riser if he had my girlfriend screaming already. I decided to go down to the hotel lobby for the free breakfast they provided, and while eating, I thought about what I was going to do. I settled on calling her once I got back to my hotel room. I finished breakfast and headed back to the second floor, to find my girlfriend still screaming harder then she ever had with me. Knowing it was useless to call now, I decided to take a shower. Thankfully, when I got out of the shower, it was quiet. I decided to call my girl, but her phone was still off. I left a voicemail message telling her to call me when it was okay for me to go over to see her at her hotel room. Two hours and one long scream-fest later, I got a text from my girl telling me she was stepping into the shower, and I could come over to the room and wait for her to come out. As I was headed to her room, I actually ran into this guy. He didn’t recognize me, and from the huge smile on his face I knew he was thinking less about who he ran into in the hotel hallway and more about what he had done to my girlfriend last night/this morning. I waited till he actually got into the elevator before I entered the room. I could hear the shower running when I let myself in.

The room looked like it had been hit by a tornado. My girlfriend’s sexy little dress, high heels and bra were thrown on the floor, the bed was a mess, and the glass vase that had been on the table lay shattered on the floor. The room smelled like cigarette smoke as well. I picked up the dress and found it ripped and covered in cum stains. I decided to sit in the chair rather than the bed and wait for my girlfriend to come out of the shower. When she did, she had that look on her face that told me everything I needed to know. Well, almost everything. I asked, “What’s the vase doing on the floor?”

“That happened when he threw me on the table and fucked me this morning,” she let me know. “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked that hard.” I decided to ignore that last comment and enjoy watching her dry her naked body off with the towel. I also had to ignore the new hickeys and the bite mark on her round ass. I was getting horny watching her casually dry herself off, so I pulled her close and stared kissing her neck, running my hands over her ass., hoping for the opportunity to prove myself and make her scream even louder than she had last night. She told me, “I know you’re horny, but I’m way too sore and fucked out to do much right now. I can give you a hand job, if you want.” I nodded, so turned on I’d take anything from her at this point. I laid down on the bed while she turned on the TV and slipped beside me, slowly stroking my cock uninterestedly while she watched the news. “Faster,” I begged, and she listened, speeding up her stroke. I was so horny it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load, and she grabbed the clubbing dress and used it to clean me off. I asked why the dress was so ripped, and she excitedly explained that in the hurry he had been to get her naked, he had literally ripped the dress off her body while she took off her bra. She then casually added he was more than okay with her leaving her high heels on all night, and she had barely had the strength to take them off when he was done with her.

Seeing as the dress was all ripped and she had no clothes, I ended up driving to her place to pick her up something to wear. When I came back, she changed while I tried to fix up the hotel room. We left the hotel room together, and the guy and girl who were in the hotel room were leaving at the same time. The guy winked at me, obviously under the impression that it was me making my girl scream all night and that I had a hell of a time. I smiled back, playing along. I dropped off the keycards for both rooms at the reception, drove my girlfriend home, and headed back to my place to sleep.

About a week later I received my credit card bill. It was huge, with all that I had spent. One thing really bothered me though, in addition to the two rooms, the hotel was charging me an extra $125. I called the hotel and requested to speak with the manager. I explained to him what the problem was, and he quickly let me know what the extra charges were for: the original room I had gotten was non-smoking and required a $100 cleaning fee for the smoke, and the vase was $25.

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