Mrs Jones carried a chair out into her entrance hall and placed it carefully facing the frontdoor. She put a cushion on the seat, put the door on the latch, made herself comfortable and sat down to wait. Joe the young milkman came up the step placed the bottles, pushed the door and slipped into the hall.

Without a word he watched as Mrs Jones dropped his trousers and began to play with his fast stiffening cock. Joe really looked forward to a first class gobble from the old girl, and if her husband was at work he got the full treatment. Irene Jones looked at his fine stiff young meat she could hardly believe she had swollowed his load only yesterday morning and here he was again stiff as a plank.
She held his firm long shaft and licked his ball bags with her dexterous tongue.

“Beautiful beautiful,” she murmured, “what a tastey cock I just love to empty your load.” Joe just looked down at her and it made his cock start to tingle she certainly loved sucking the old girl. Joe knew she would bring him off and swollow his full load as she always did yet this morning he felt really dirty and he wanted to give her a facial; this very dirty old lady had turned him into a fetishist. The very thought of dicharging a hot load over her face nearly made him cum and he determined that this morning that is just what he would do.

Meanwhile Irene was enjoying the feel of his thobbing penis in her mouth her head was going up and down and her tongue was tasting and licking; in her right hand she cupped his firm big loaded ball bag and her left hand fingers stroked his thigh.
Irene had long grey hair tied behind which rested on her back as she worked on that cock, she was getting him fired up and looking forward to the explosion of semen in her mouth.

She suddenly felt Joe tug at her hair and pull her of his swollen monster which was wet and steaming. Holding her head back by her hair with his left hand he slapped her face with his dick, “I’m gonna shoot in your face you old slut toss it now you spunk bucket,” and he grinned down at her surprized look.

While she wanked him he held her face near the end of his cock and in a few moments out jetted a white hot sticky jet of sperm all over her eyes and nose, ” keep wanking slag,” the next bigger ejaculation splashed over her lips and mouth. Joe grunted as the last load ran down her wanking hand onto her blouse then he proceeded to wipe his sticky cock over her face firmly holding her by her hair, “clean my balls you old tart lick me clean.

Joe certainly left a mess when he walked out that day, but he need not have worried Irene loved every minute of his brutal facial.

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