Moonlight and Roses

The ‘Annual Summer Dance’ was drawing to a close. I sat in the corner quietly on my own, sipping my lemonade, and looking down at my silver dress I wonder why the hell I had even bothered!

I hadn’t had a dance partner all night, occasionally I had stolen a momentary glance in your direction, you always seemed so preoccupied though, I knew I never stood a chance with you.

As the band struck up its final slow number of the night, (it just had to be my favourite love song of all time, ‘Moonlight and Roses’ didn’t it!) I looked down, and as my soft auburn tresses fell about my shoulders a single tear dropped off my face onto my lap.

“No! No beautiful lady like you should shed tears on this night!”

Then I hear the magical words I have longed to hear all evening;

“Please dance with me.”

I look up to see where those dark sultry tones are coming from. I see you standing before me so proud and yet elegant in your tux, your arm outstretched offering me your hand.

Putting down my drink, I take your hand, and you lead me onto the dance floor. You guide one of my arms around you and slide an arm of your own around my waist. You then take hold of my other hand, and as I lay my head on your shoulder and close my eyes you swirl me round expertly.

Then you whisper in my ear, saying that you have been watching me and trying to drum up the courage to ask me to dance all night.

Looking up at you starlight dances in my eyes as you see the happiness there. You bend your head over and your cheek touches mine as your lips search for mine. Our lips brush and you plant one single soft kiss on them. Then I part my lips slightly and you trace the edges with the tip of your tongue before edging shyly into my mouth and touching my own tongue sending a shiver right the way down my spine.

Holding me closer you swirl me round again then gently dip me backwards gazing directly in my eyes as you do. You are the perfect dance partner

My leg brushes yours as you draw me so close to you and our bodies touch. I feel your heartbeat pounding against my breasts.

Tears of happiness whelm up in my eyes as we each sense our own arousal growing.

The rest of the World melts away, it is just you me and the music, and we kiss again.

I want this time to last forever.

But the music ends all too soon and we still hold each other. So as our arms drop down and we smile at each other you take my hand and lead me out into the moonlit night to sit on a bench in the rose garden.

We look at each other, smile, and then all of a sudden we are in each others arms kissing with such a fervent passion, the likes of which I have never known.

Your tongue searches out every corner of my mouth, then dances its own love dance with my own tongue.

My heart races and my breasts heave as my inner flame of desire burns brightly and you say to me;

“I have loved you from afar for a while now and I came here to tell you so. The time is right tonight, please let me prove it to you. Let me make sweet beautiful love to you.”

I gasp, I am so overwhelmed by this self admittance of inborn passion. It seems so surreal, only usually read about in romance novels.

I look up at you and dive into the deep pools of love light in your eyes as I hold my hands out to you, but you shake your head and, upon standing you lean and sweep me off my feet lifting me up and I put my arms round your strong neck.

“Come, my sweet, let me take you to the moon!”

You carry me to your car, and after making sure I am safe in the passenger seat you settle in the driver’s seat, and you take me across town to your apartment. Ordinarily I would be very wary but something inside me told me there was nothing to fear, I am a huge believer in a ‘Woman’s Intuition!’

You carry me inside. I glance around and am impressed at how tastefully everywhere is furnished, and how neat and tidy everywhere is.

You take me right through to your bedroom, all furnished in white with a vase of red roses by your bed. You lay me down gently upon the soft white downy quilt so comfortable to lie on, that adorns your bed and lean and kiss me gently on my forehead.

Then you lie down beside me, but make no attempt to remove any part of my clothing for that would be too crass.

You turn to me leaning on one elbow, smiling as you gently run feather-like touches along my cheek, then extending those touches along my neck and down the side of my body you watch with interest as the expressions alter in my face, the way I bite my lip and almost contort as my body begins to writhe with the exhilarations of your touches.

“You are so beautiful,” you say, “a lady who should be treated with every respect possible. I have loved you for so long, longer than you will ever know!”

I can’t believe what I hear, and my response is to kiss you tenderly on the lips.

Then once again we hold each other close, bodies touching, hearts pounding, legs entwined as we display our ever increasing heartfelt feelings with ardent kisses.

Then you reach and extract a rose from the vase, and you stroke my hair and face gently with it. The aroma is so sweet, and you look at me as you say;

“This rose is so beautiful, so sweet smelling, but it is nothing compared to you my love.”

You gently trail the rose around my body, this way and that, till my body is so hot I have to remove my dress. You help me take it over my head, but such is my excitement now I fling it across the room where it lands on a chair in a heap.

“Oh my but you are so beautiful,” you say as you let your eyes feast upon my creamy white flesh and how it fills my pink silk underwear.

You watch the way my red ruby like nipples push forth, trying to create an escape route through my bra for my voluptuous breasts

You let the rose continue its travels, taking it all around my breasts my stomach, slowly, gently, for maximum effect, marvelling at the way my body is squirming now and the gasps of delight that escape my mouth.

Your own bulging manhood strains now and you ask permission to remove your clothing. What a Gentleman!

Then you run the rose down the outer sides of my thighs and legs, and as my hips rise with burning needs, now you look up at me and say,

“Patience my dear, I want you never to forget this night!”

Then, and only then do you reach up to my panties and glide them down over my stocking clad legs kissing my legs all the way down to my toes as you do so.

I am so hot for you now, my body is crazy with desire and you know it!

You sense my body is building up to a huge crescendo and massive orgasm.

“Not yet, my love, let me give you more.”

Then you bend and kiss my shaven pussy with such refinement and caring it makes my whole body tingle and jump. Your tongue searches out my clit and on discovery find it moist, hard and inviting. After swirling your tongue around it a few times you take the hard nub between your teeth and nibble on it.

This makes me wild and my moans give way to squeals of delight. I’m not sure who is getting the most pleasure!

“Tonight is for you my love,” and you smile that infectious smile as you speak these words to me.

Then you pick up the rose again and trace a line along the inner sides of my legs, angel touches that drive me wild to moaning again, purring like a kitten, and, looking at my face, watching the ever changing expressions of delirious desire you track the rose around my inner thighs right up to my pussy, where its petals come into contact with my own velvety petals at the gateway to my garden of desire.

Then you let the beautiful petals move inside me slightly, just gently for your desire is only to make me happy, and this tips me way over the edge.

Suddenly my hips buck, my back arches and I grasp the quilt as my dam bursts with the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced in my whole life!

My nectar soaks the rose and you lift it up to your mouth and suck the petals readily!

Then you place the flower down and lay on the bed where once again our bodies entwine as our kisses are like an everlasting flame. I hold you close to me and you reach round to unhook my bra. You lay your head amidst the spillage of my breasts and stroke them tenderly with your fingertips.

Your lips then suckle on my hard but sensitive nipples which are desirable yet comforting to you.

Two fingers return to my pussy, searching out the most sensitive spots and the sweet juices that are inside me.

Your fingers move regularly in rhythm. In and out your fingers slide hooking and finding my G spot making me scream “Yeeeessssss!”

Your own enjoyment is quite obvious to see too as I watch your own face contort and feel your body move around on me.

I take a glance down and see your upward rising manhood. Standing to attention to convey all of your desires.

“Take me my darling,” I whimper, “I want to see the moon!”

The time is so right now, our bodies feel the need to mould. The moon sends its rays through the open window to rest on two consenting lovers caught up in the throws of passion.

You lay on me and replace your fingers with your throbbing member that glides effortlessly into me searching for the loving inside of me. We cling on to each other and I lock my legs around the back of you. Then we move together in regular rhythm two as one, poetry in motion.

Then the flames burn brighter, higher, as you go deeper, harder, and our moaning is in unison, louder, louder, as we go higher, higher, till we reach our self acclaimed destiny, the moon!

Then we reach the edge, and at the apex, we sail over the moon and our love juices flow forth and intermingle.

Then we gradually make our descent to terra firma, reaching reality again as we regain our breath and hold each other close.

Smiling, and kissing once more, we eventually settle, and comfortably nestling in each others arms, drift off to sleep.

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