Mother in law

My mother in law had been flirting with me for a while in person, over the phone and even by email. I work away from home a lot and am able to buy things cheaper then what we can get them at home.

My MIL is into belly dancing and I happened to see some outfits so I phoned her up and asked her if she wanted me to pick one up for her. She said ok but when I told her how much it was she said it was a bit expensive so I jokingly said I would buy it for her if she gave me a private dance. She agreed but half jokingly saying that I wouldn\’t want to have a private dance from her. I asked her what size she was and she gave me the size of her boobs waist and hips. I told her that she was getting me excited and she laughed it off.

Well 2 weeks later and many flirty emails later I returned home and as my wife was at work all day I took the opportunity to deliver the outfit. My MIL couldn\’t believe I had brought it for her saying that I couldn\’t resist the opportunity to get a private dance from her. She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was serious to which I told her I was deadly serious so she told me to take a seat in the lounge and 5 minutes later she returned.

As the matrial was very light I could see her sexy underwear, she could see my excitement rise and started to give me a dance. a short while in she told me to join her and she started to rub her sexy body up and down against mine until i was overcome with lust and dropped to my knees and pulled her knickers aside and started to play with her bald pussy. I spent the next 10 minutes licking my MILs pussy until she told me to get my cock out.

As my stiff cock sprung out of my boxers she immediately started sucking like a pro until she had me in the edge. she sensed this and stopped looked up at me and told me to fuck her wet pussy. I pounded her for about 5 minutes until I shot deep inside her. She told me that next time it would last much longer. I asked her what next time, to which she said that I cannot just fuck her once and get away with it nowI would fuck her whenever she wanted it and we could arrange a good time.

That was the very first time I got to experience my MIIL and her insatiable sexual appetite.