Mother in law take 2

Well after my first experience with my mother in law I kept a low profile just in case she had a guilty complex about our previous sex session. After 4 days she calls me up and asked me if I had been avoiding her, to which I told her no but thought she may have been regretting it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She told me that she had been reliving our sex session since I had left and she was planning the next.

She told me that she was home alone and needed a bit of help with something and that I should come in the back door. I took the afternoon off work and went around to see what my sexy mother in law wanted, knowing full well what she wanted.

On the drive there i got a text message off her it was a picture of her playing with herself, telling to hurry up as she wanted my stiff cock in her.

When I arrived the back door was open so I made my way upstairs to her bedroom, passing her sexy underware on the way. As I approached her bedroom I heard the distinct sound of sex toys and her moaning softly, I opened the door and entered, Carol looked at me andd told me she couldn’t wait for me.

She looked fucking amazing and for a woman of 53 has an incredibly sexy body with pert 36b tits and a tight pussy, which she had shaved into a sexy little triangle.

I wasted no time and stripped out of my clothes and burried my face in her sweet pussy, as I busied myself on her tight pussy I gently worked her little ass hole, teasing her.. As she got excited her pussy juice found its way to her tight little ass hole allowing me to slip my finger insider her. As my finger entered her she moaned out loud with delight and gasped saying that she had never had her ass played with but it felt amazing. I came up her body and sucked her errect nipples before french kissing her and saying that if she played her cards right then maybe I would slide my stiff cock into her tight little ass.

she then went down and began to suck my cock, like her daughter, my wife, she knew her way around a cock and worked me into a frenzy. She stopped just before I came and said that if I played my cards right then next time she may let me cum in her mouth. I never realised my mother in law could be so dirty and I loved it.

All of a sudden her mood changed and she pushed me to the bed and sat straight down on my face telling me to tongue fuck her. As I did as I was told I reached around her and slid 2 fingers into her now eager ass. As i did this she got more randy and started grinding down on my face and pulled my head into her pussy, soon after she was oozing her sweet cum into my mouth, telling me to drink it all. Fuck she tasted good.

she climbed off me and got on all fours and I started to screw her doggy style, as I was fucking her I saw one of her toys and grapped it as I was sliding my cock in and out of her. I lined her vibrator up and as I pushed my cock into her pussy I slide her vibrator into her ass. As I did this her pussy tightened and she started to moan in pleasure.

As I fucked her my mother in law reached around and started to pull on my balls which drove me over the edge and with one hand playing with her pert tits I stiffened up and shot my load into her pussy. She pulled off and started to suck our cum off my wet fading cock. When she was finished she told me not to leave it so long until I came around again or she would tell her daughter what we had been up to.

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