Mother in Law – take 3

The next time Carol and I got together was when she had booked a slot at a crafts fair near to where I was working. During one afternoon whilst enjoying a Sunday roast at the in laws Carol mentioned that she and her business partner were attending a craft fair and were taking their stall for the weekend but were finding it difficult to find somewhere to stay. My wife suggested my mother in law and her business partner stay the 3 nights with me as it was pretty close. Carol spoke with her business partner the following day and called me on the phone asking if it was still ok to stay with me then they would be very appreciative. Carol said she would be especially appreciative.

Well the time came and my mother in law and her business partner, Jeanne, also a sexy older lady, arrived at my place. I hellped them in with their things and suggested we go straight to the veune and set up as this would take the pressure off and allow them to have a lie in in the morning.

At the venue Carol was being very flirtatious in front of her business partner to a point where Jeanne was even being quite naughty and suggesive. They were both saying things like they would have to think of a way where they could both thank me properly.

Jeanne has bigger boobs than the mother in law and was certainly giving me an eye full as she bent over and her shirt fell forwards. Carol caught me perving a few times and said to Jeanne that her boobs had my attention. To which Jeanne replied \’thank god for that, I have been trying to show them off since we arrived\’. Their forwardness took me quite off guard and I felt quite awkward.

We got finishe and back to my place by a little after 9pm and both ladies took a shower to get the drive and the set up out of their \’tired bodies\’. After they had finished I got a shower and changed into my tracksuit bottoms and t shirt to settle down in front of the tv for the evening.

Both ladies got themselves ready for bed. Jeanne was wearing a very sexy pair of pyjamas with a top that showed her big tits off perfectly. Carol was wearing a thin strappy vest top and some hot pant style pyjama bottoms. She also had a sliky dressing gown.

We all settled down in front of the tv and watched a movie together and shared a bottle of wine. Carol made a comment to the effect \’What would our husbands say if they saw us now\’ to which Jeanne replied \’mine wouldn\’t notice, well not as much as I have been by your son in law over the past few hours has anyway\’. I replied \’well what do you expect you are both looking gorgeous and besides I couldn\’t be that lucky\’.

As the film ended Jeanne went to bed and Carol and I stayed up chatting. After about 10 mins the conversation quickly turned to sex and how she had been fantasising and playing with herself for the last few weeks just waiting for this weekend.

We were pretty confident that Jeanne was asleep as the house was very quiet apart from the tv so Carol and I started to have some fun with each other. Carol pulled my top off and started to rub my chest, she then got her sexy tits out and rubbed them across my face and over my chest. By this time my cock was throbbing and straining to be released.

My mother in law sensed this and slid my tracksuit down and took my stiff cock in her mouth and looked up into my eyes with a very sexy wicked look.

I couldn\’t wait any longer and slipped her bottoms off and openned her dressing gown. As she sat back into the settee her dressing gown parted revealing her sexy sweet pussy. She had shaved it into a perfect little triangle. I quickly got to work on her and she responed quite vocally as I teased her clit with my tongue and finger fucked her pussy.

Carol pulled me up and told me to fuck her before Jeanne had a chance to drag me away. I looked up at her and asked her what she meant and she just looked over towards the door way where Jeanne was stood slowly making her way towards us.

That night I got to experience 2 very hot, horny, sex depraved women. I finally got into bed with them both at 2am the next morning. That was the start of a brilliant weekend where I got to fuck them both together and separately.

My mother in law really surpassed herself over the weekend and is undoubtedly the best fuck I have ever had. More to follow…

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