Mother In Law

This is a true story,some people might think I am crazy but I am happy to share this adventure with you, so do not hesitate to comment.
When I married my wife 26 years ago my MIL was 50 years old. She was a very nice looking and sexy lady but was very liberated and was against wearing make up and bra.She will only wear her bra when she goes ou.
When we visited the in laws during the hot summer days I would always make sure to sit down next to her to discuss about anything happening on the news during those days.
At the same time I would take peeks at her well rounded C cups boobs under her cotton see thru blouse.I will make sure that I positionned myself so that I can see her boobs through her sleeveless blouse or summer dress
I have always fantasied about those boobs and wonder how they would feel at the touch and how they would taste.I sometimes go home with those boobs in my head and would masturbate to these boobs in my memory.
A few years later my company transfer to North America and both my wife and I moved to North America.We only flew back home during the holidays but nothing happened during these period of time.
So this summer we decided to pay MIL a trip to come to North America.Father in law passed away 5 years ago and it is only now that MIL is ready to travel.
Because it was a 20 hour trip to come to North America,I decided to go pick her up and accompany her during this trip.Our plane stopped over in London and we decided to relax a few days in London and tour the city at the same time.
On the plane we have had some time to catch up and did a lot of chatting. One of the thing she told me was that she has been very clumsy lately and always tripped and fall down when she goes out.
So during our visit in London, we had to walk through Piccadily Circus, Trafalgar Square etc.. I made sure that I hold her hand while we were touring the city and made sure that she would not trip and hurt herself.
So during the 4 days we have been in London we have been walking hand in hand like lovers during the whole time and she was enjoying me being her support.
That last night we went to see a musical and on our way back it was foggy and cold. I guessed this was London, we walked into hotel room that we had been sharing with separate beds the past few days and it was freezing cold in the room.
She immediately went to change in here night grown and slipped under the cover.We kept chatting and commented about how the musical was nice and I could sense from her voice that she was shaking and cold.
I asked her if she was cold and if she wanted me to hold her and heat her up, there was no answer ,so I moved next to her bed and held her hand and it was cold.I sat on the side of her bed and started to rub her back through the cover.It all seemed so innocent.She was feeling better and I asked her if she doesn\’t mind if I hold her in my arms to warm her up.
She moved over and and let me lean by her side, I put one arm around her shoulder and held her against me.We were still chatting, and after a few moment I slide another arm underneath her and held her tight to my body with the cover still between us.
I unintentionally give her a kiss on the back of her head and she responded by grabbing both my hands.I did not want to let go of this position and my cock was rock hard.I slowly pushed my cock against her butt and she did not move.
This time I gave her a kiss on the back of her neck and blew some warm air on her neck, she kept holing my hands and give me a kiss on my arm
I was very excited but at the same time scared at was happening , I let go of one hand and start rubbing her shoulder and her side.She asked me if I was cold, I said a little bit and if she doesn\’t mind if I slip under the cover too.
I was fully clothed and she said yes, without any hesitation I slipped between the covers next to her,we resume the same position but this time there was no cover seperating us.I kept rubbing and caressing her shoulder and back
Now I could feel her silky smooth skin on her arm, I pressed my hard cock against her butt and she stayed still.I gave her another kissed on the back of her neck and we were there lying like lovers chatting and whispering on the bed.
Then she would give me a kiss on my hand again and this time I responded with series of wet hot kisses on her neck and shoulder.I would pushed my hard cock against her butt for her to feel my hard member.
I could feel that she was excited and had goose bump all over her arm.I was still rubbing her shoulder and decided to stopped on her bra straps and traced the countour of he straps through her night gown.
She said nothing so I started from the top of her shoulder to the back and slowly went back up her shoulder and down her front.I stopped a while where the bra strap ended on top of her right breast.
I gave her another kiss on her neck and lowered my whole hand towards her breast,surprisingly she would move her arm so as to give me access to her right breast.I was in heaven , here I was holding my MIL breast something that I have been fantasising for over 26 years.
I was so excited that I almost came in my pants.I was holding and caressing her ample soft breast and I could feel her nipple hardened under her bra.I kept kissing her neck and this time I was almost sucking on her neck and ears.
She would now turn around to face me and looked at me in the eyes and smile.I put my lips on hers and she responded right away with a kiss,without hesitation I slide my tongue into her mouth and she would take it and sucked on it.
She would then pushed her tongue in my mouth for me to play with and we would be holding each other in our arms and keep kissing for another half and hour.We were not cold anymore so I told her I was taking my clothes off,she would help me and there I was in my brief under the bedsheets with MIL.
She caressed my chest and said what a lovely body I have,I thanked her and returned her the compliment by telling her how sexy and beautiful her breasts are.I now reached down under her nightgown and unclipped her bra thus releasing both soft ample breasts 38D
I am not a breast expect but I later checked the label on her bra.I grabbed one of her breast and like a baby I started devouring savagely on her hardened nipple.She has large pink areola and hard nipple
She would make some audible soft moan of pleasure and would hold my head in her hands.I then reached for the other breast and devour it for another 15 mins.
I could not resist anymore,I slide her night gown off her shoulders and pulled them down, my MIL was now naked in her granny panties with me under the bedsheet.
I could feel her soft silky skin against mine and we went on kissing and tonguing each other again for a long time. To my surprise my MIL would reach into my brief and grabbed my rock hard cock.I could feel her soft warm hands and fingers on my cock.She would slowly give my cock a few stroke and then grab my balls like an expert.
In the meantime I was playing with those nice soft boobs.She is 76 but her boobs are as firm and soft as my wife who is 48.
I would not lower my hand into her granny panties and caress her hairy pussy.I lower my hand between her legs and she was all wet. So I decided I wanted to taste her juice,I lowered myself onto her breasts ,sucked on both of them ,moved down to her tummy with my tongue and slowly worked my mouth and tongue to her hairy pussy.
I then proceed to remove her granny panty and she would lift her hips up to help me remove her panty,I buried my face right away into her pussy and start licking all her juices.
She smell great down there, I lick her pussy and moved to her inner thigh , legs and right foot, I would then sucked on her sexy toes with pink nail polish one by one.I would then returned back to her pussy and did the same thing to her left foot and toes.
I now came back to her pussy and concentrated more on her pussy lips and clitoris,I will from time to time lower myself to her a..h… and lick and suck her a..h… .She would moaned with pleasure.
I could feel that she was to the verge of an orgasm, so I keep presssing my mouth to her pussy and licked and tongued and fingered and she came with a load moaned and rock her hips from sides to sides while holding my head tight against her pussy.
After her first orgasm she was exhausted and lie on the bed with her legs still spread apart, I would go back in between her legs and licked the juice dripping from her pussy and lick her a..h… as well.