Ms Marca ch 29 My best Friends Husband part 2

I looked over my shoulder and he was just smiling at me. His blue eyes looked so sexy. I reached back and felt his cock in his jeans. It felt so good and right then I just knew I had to have that cock. I turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him and undid his jeans and pulled them down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock sprung free. Oh fuck it was nice. It’s 8 or 9 inches long at least and as thick as my wrist. And it was all shaved clean, and so were his big balls. I was in kind of a trance and I knew it was wrong but I just started kissing and licking that big beautiful cock. I couldn’t get enough of it. I could only get about half of it in my mouth so I used one hand to stroke him while I played with those big balls with my other. He put his hand in my hair and grabbed it. I felt like such a nasty slut, especially when he started talking dirty to me.

“Suck that cock; I’ve wanted you since I first met you three years ago! You’re so beautiful…you have such a hot body…I’ve wanted you for so long. I love those big tits of yours!”

Then he started bucking his hips and I knew he was getting close. I know that Tracy, his wife my best friend, never let him cum in her mouth. But I just had to have his cum. He let out a moan and he actually got harder and then I felt a hot blast of cum shoot out of his cock. I clamped down my lips and started sucking and swallowing for all I was worth. Oh there was a lot of cum. And it tasted so good. I kept pumping him until he was done and then he looked down at me with a smile. I had swallowed it all without spilling a drop! He patted me on the head and said, “you are one hot little cocksucker, baby!”

I almost came again right there. Something in me just wanted to please Neil and to make him happy. I kept licking his cock for a minute, cleaning him all up and then he lifted me up by the hair. It hurt but I didn’t mind it.

“He picked me up in his strong arms and lifted me on the island in the big kitchen. He pulled my top down and started kissing and licking my tits. That felt so good. My nipples were so hard and he started biting them and driving me wild. Then he pushed me on my back, and hiked my skirt up the rest of the way. I opened my legs and laid them on his strong shoulders. I was totally giving myself to him. I watched him as he slowly slid his tongue up my wet slit…oh fuck I came right then. He started moving his tongue up and down and sideways and all around. Slowly at first but then faster, his tongue was magic. I started to just cum and cum hard. He must have made me cum 20 times while he was eating me out. It was amazing. I had my hands in his hair and I was moaning and telling him how good he was. Then he stopped. I was breathing so heavy. I looked down at him and his whole face was wet with my juices. He pulled me up and kissed me hard on the lips. I could taste my pussy on him.

He looked me in the eyes and told me he needed to fuck me. I just nodded. He lifted me off the island and we walked into the family room. He took his shirt off and slid his jeans all the way off, than he sat down on the big leather couch. His cock was already hard again! I slid my skirt off and pulled off my top, leaving me in just my thigh highs and heels. I straddled his lap and reached down and grabbed his cock. It was so hard and damn it looked bigger than it was when I was here last week. I didn’t know if it would fit inside me but I needed it so bad. I put it at the entrance to my pussy and tried to slide down on it. So big! But I was so wet that the head popped in and I let out a moan, then he grabbed my hips and slid me down a few inches. I stopped breathing; it hurt but it felt so fucking good. He used his strong arms and slid me up and then down another inch or two.

After 3 or 4 times I was almost there, and then he lifted me almost all the way off his cock and pushed me down hard. I screamed so fucking loud I bet the neighbors heard, he was all the way inside me and I came harder than I ever had with Tim. I leaned against him and we kissed. Then he started kissing and licking my tits. He started slowly lifting me up and down on his cock. Oh it felt so good. He is so strong that he just lifted me up and down like a little rag doll. Slowly at first, and I was coming every 5 or 6 strokes. Then he started to really move me up and down and I was coming every 2 or 3 strokes. He called me his big tit coming machine. It felt so good.

It got wild after that. He was talking so dirty to me and I loved it. He asked me if I was a slut and I said yes! He asked me whose slut I was and I don’t know why but I told him I am his slut. He asked me if I liked his cock and I said no, I love your big cock. Then I went wild…I told him to fuck me, to give me that big cock, to make me his slut, to use me. I was coming and coming…saying all that made me cum so hard. He called me his Big Tit Fuck Toy and I said yes, yes, yes. Then he slid me off of him and threw me on the couch on my back.

This was the same spot where we fuck the last time I was here with his wife drunk past out up stairs. He lifted one leg over his strong shoulder and the other one was spread out off the side of the couch. He shoved that big beautiful cock into my gaping cunt and really started pounding me. His big old cock was going in me so hard, so fast, so fucking deep: I was delirious with pleasure…coming and coming. Then it felt like he was getting harder, and he started grunting. Then he let out a yell and gave me one last hard thrust and I could feel him start to cum inside me. That sent me to my biggest orgasm yet. I came and came as he shot load after load of his cum into my pussy.

After a few minutes we just lay there, breathing heavy. He kissed me and then he pulled out of me. I could feel his cum gush out of me. He stood up and moved to where he was standing right by my head. His cock was still semi-hard, and it was covered with our juices. I somehow knew what I was supposed to do, and I sat up and took it into my mouth and licked and kissed it all clean. I even licked all of the sweat and cream off his balls.

I stood up and we went upstairs and took a shower in the big master suite. We took a long, hot steamy shower. We played in there a little…that was fun. We got out and dried each other off and then went into the master bedroom. We laid down on the huge king size bed.

“So Tim can’t keep it up to take care of you?”

“Too small too quick and not a good lover at all, but the man can eat pussy. What about Tracy, what’s her thing?”

“As you know we married while she was in high school I knocked her up when she was 17 I was 18. First time we fuck and the egg took my little fellows real good, we got a son from that.”

“You said she doesn’t like to have sex anymore, right?”

“She hates sex with me, I’m too big, I want it all the time, I last too long, she hates it dog style, and shall I go on?”

“Damn what is wrong with the girl? I got the just the other side of that problem. I love sex, He’s not big enough, and I want it all the time. He can’t last long enough, I love to fuck dog style, and shall I go on?”

Neil rolled over on his side looked at me. “We should start a wife swapping club; they sound perfect for each other.”

I giggled at him and said, “You know they are both so straight that will never work!”

I knew than why Tracy never talked about her sex life with Neil and I kept my fucking sex life from her, thank god. Like a cock sucking whore that I was my hand had slipped down to his lower belly and I found his meat and took it in hand and began to play with it.

I look over at the clock on the night stand. “You sure Tracy and your son won’t be home tonight?”

“At her mothers for the night; Tim is home when?”

“I’m to meet him at the club at 7!” I felt his cock stiffen a little oh goodie. I let go of his big tool and turn over on my stomach and rest on my elbows and knees up under me. “This is the best position for it,” he insisted, not very convincingly. I had noticed how he liked to fondle my ass. But I liked doggy-style fucking, too, so I positioned myself on all fours. Neil entered me in one powerful thrust, and for a moment I was sure his cock would go right through me and come out my throat.

His hands grasped my butt cheeks. Soon his thrusts became faster, more urgent, finally almost violent. Both our cries filled the room, two rutting animals in heat. “I’m his bitch now,” I thought, “and we’re about to mate.”

Neil made a final plunge and a roar escaped his throat. His balls slapped loudly against my cunt as his load filled me, and with little warning I came again, too. He let his weight fall upon me. My arms collapsed under me, my face pressed against the bed.

“Do you feel it, Marca, going inside you?”

“Yes, yes, I do!” I cried, tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. “I want that. I want your big cock more than I’ve ever wanted anything.” We lay that way for a long while, as his cream began the unimpeded journey toward my ovaries. A lot of good they will do when they get there.

As I came out of the shower Neil looked up at me and said. “Tracy and I talked about my dad being with our son while we are gone on our trip. I told her to ask you to look in on both of them. I done told my dad what a hot ass you got and you would be dropping by to check on them!”

“Neil you told your dad about us?”

“Hey he is cool with it, it’s not like he is an old fart, just 58, 20 years older than me!”

“Oh is that all, hell just the same age as Tim.” I giggled and looked back at him as I pull up my thong over my hips. “You sure you want me to fuck your old man, your not going to get jealous on me?”

“Fuck his brains out baby; make him wish he lived near by!”

“Your son is a different story; I’m not getting into that, not just yet!”

Neil just nodded yes and walked me to the door. Just as I went to open it I looked in my purse and got my keys and than let out a low under my breath “fuck!”

“What’s wrong baby?”

“I forgot to get to the bank. Tim asks me to cash a check for 400 and I fuck up again.”

Neil pulled out of his money clip and 4 one hundred dollar bills. “Here honey you are back in good graces with old Tim!” I reach up and kiss him on the cheek as I slip the bills into my purse. I whisper to him. “I’ll make this up to you some how, just give me some time in case you need the cash back!”

He patted me on the ass. “Baby your ass is worth 400 big ones!” I giggled as I feel his hand rubbing my cheeks as I slip out the door. I look back at him to say good bye, but I looked him in the eye. “I guess I’m not only your cock sucking slut, but does this 400 make me your whore also?”