Ms Marca Ch. 31 My best friends husband

Tracy had called me the morning that they were going on their trip to France, England and back to France for the next 28 days. I remember her saying “. Please Marca check in on my baby, I just don’t know if Neil’s father will see to all his needs”please!

It was on Thursday, two days after the grandfather Frank had me give him a BJ. Tracy and her husband Neil had took off for Europe and I dropped by the house around 2 that afternoon to meet with the grandfather Frank for his fuck, so I had assumed. Neil Jr. was going to be there and I was asked by his mother to check to see if he and grandfather were getting along.

This was the third year that Tracy and Neil had gone on a vacation and this year they didn’t take their teenage son Neil Jr. Neil Jr. was 17 and had a summer job at the local fast food hang out and his mother didn’t trust him to stay home with them gone for a 30 day cruise. So they had Neil’s father come stay with him for the time they were gone on the trip. In chapter 30, you remember I was blackmailed into giving a BJ to the grandfather and was told to come over Thursday.

When I get to the house Frank is busy packing his bag and Jr. is helping him. When I get in the house Frank starts telling me he has a problem back home and I need to take Jr. to my house until his mother and dad get home.

“Frank let me call Tim and check with him.”

“I done that he said it was OK, you’re to pick him up.”

Fuck, god damn my good hearted husband told Frank the boy could stay with us, we had plenty of room. Tim has a way of fucking up my schedule with my special friends. Frank looked at me as he took his bag to the front door. “Your husband made a great statement to me over the phone. Neil Jr. will be good company for Marca when I’m gone over night on a trip!”

Teenage house guest

Neil Jr. had spent that first weekend with us and on Monday evening at about 10:30 Tim and I returned from a night out at the club, while Tim went into his office down stairs to made a phone call to the west coast I went upstairs for a piss, on reaching the landing I noticed Neil Jr.’s bedroom light on and sounds were emanating from the bedroom, masculine grunts. The door was slightly ajar, and after at least a minute of listening to the sounds, I found the courage to push it slightly further open so I could see inside.

There on the bed was Neil Jr. completely naked, jerking his huge cock half of which obscured behind the porno magazine he was looking at, his eyes were rolling back in her head, he let out a low groan and cum started to spew over his stomach and chest. I quickly stepped back so not to be seen and made my way to the toilet. My god that boy had a cock as big as Jack next door, shit where has that boy been?

I get in bed and reach over in the dark and felt my husbands little cock, all 4 inches will it would be 4 inches just as soon as I got it hard. “Marca baby you horny?” will I wasn’t until I saw Neil Jr. jerking his man size cock. “Oh maybe just a little, you want some pussy honey, maybe eat me out?”

Tim can’t fuck worth a shit, but he can eat pussy better than anyone I ever had and that is saying a lot. I spread my legs and invited Tim in. Tim knew the drill; he went to work on my clit. He flicked it with his tongue and slipped his thumb in my pussy and a finger up my ass. Time stood still while my orgasm crashed around me. My whole body seemed to be on fire as the contractions in my pussy rebounded from my head to my feet. When it had slowed down a little I looked up and saw Tim was smiling and told me I was beautiful.

That evening I fucked Tim like a woman possessed, the headboard banging the wall and me groaning and moaning. I knew Neil Jr. could her us. All the time I was fucking my little dick hubby and telling the world how much I needed it and how it felt, Tim was trying to tell me to keep it down that we had a teenage boy just down the hall and he might hear us.

I wanted the boy to hear me, I wanted the boy to know I liked sex, I like to fuck and I needed a good fucking. I ended up on top of Tim facing the door riding like a cowgirl hoping that Neil Jr. might come down the hall and look in and see my naked body and see my big 40DD bounce as I rode my hubby.

At the breakfast table the next morning I noticed Neil Jr. looking at me in a different kind of way, he was trying to get a sly look as my dressing gown opened as I served coffee and toast. I had slipped on a silk robe that let my big nipples show though the thin material. Tim had just walked out the door as Neil Jr. came down so I could flirt with the boy and my hubby would never know.

“So Neil Jr. did you sleep well last night?” he looked up and nodded yes.

“How about you Ms Marca; how did you sleep last night?”

“I did for part of the night, had to get up and go down to the den and do some reading. I do that when I can’t sleep!”

Just the way he stared at me was enough to make me nervous; like he could see through my robe or something. I caught myself more than once checking to make sure my robe was pulled all the way around me. Whenever I did that, he’d smile slightly, looking down at where I tugged at the hem, and I’d shudder.

Two nights later I heard Neil Jr. go to the toilet our bedroom door was creaked open I could make out his silhouette as he stood in the doorway. I wondered how many times he must have done this, the door creaked shut as he turn and made his way back to his room. It was compelling watching him spying on us. I probably should have not been in the nude. I couldn’t stop thinking about the real possibility that he has already seen me naked and tonight he was back to see more. I sleep naked so I imagine that he may have seen me naked before tonight. I was so tired I fell asleep.

I wondered what he was like in bed. A disgusted shiver swept through me, as I imagined him, his sweaty body on top of me; grunting, straining. For the first couple of occurrences, I simply tried to ignore him. He didn’t let me, hanging around me constantly, and even worse, complimenting me on what I wore. Once he asked me if I went around without a bra often, and I just blushed again, and my nipples tightened with my embarrassment. All the next day I couldn’t get it out of my head, how could I set it up so Neil Jr. could see my naked body?

That evening when we went to bed I waited for Tim to drop off, I gently pulled the sheets off my exposing my over size 40DD breasts, then waited. About half an hour later I heard footsteps on the landing, it was Neil Jr. going to the toilet. The toilet never flushed, next the bedroom door creaked open, and he was peering in gazing at my big boobs. I watched him though squirted eyes as he stroked his cock though his shorts. I moved my hand down to my shaved pussy and began to rub it and moan. Tim coughed in his sleep; this was enough for Neil Jr. to make his exit. I lay there for ages imagining Neil Jr. and I making love, I eventually fell asleep with a finger in my pussy.

During the course of the next few days I noticed Neil Jr. becoming more and more over friendly with me. The odd corny joke the tap on my behind and the looks he was giving me. I even caught him with his large hands around my waist as I was at the sink washing up in the evening. The next morning just before 8 am, I was to get Neil Jr. up as he was to start a new shift at work. As I approached Neil Jr’s room I knock on the door and open it.

I was standing in the doorway routed to the spot. I just kept looking at the young kid. Neil Jr. was laying on top of the sheets with just his boxers on and his soft cock hanging out the side resting on his thigh, it was a good eight inches long.

I slowly look and being that it is pretty early in the morning, Tim was not around so I untie my robe and slide it open. I slide my hands across my breasts, down my stomach to my bare pussy. The feel of silkiness and the thought of having his hard cock sliding in and out, is so sensual and delicious, I get hotter thinking about it; wishing he was really fucking me.

I bring my left hand up to fondle my tits while I close my eyes and picture him pinching and playing with my nipples, with his long, big fingers. With my right hand, I caress my body, slowly making its way to my wet, hot pussy. Just the thought of that boy between my legs with his cock ramming my pussy is intoxicating. I feel faint and my body is ready to explode.

My fingers find my clit, and slowly I massage it, spreading my legs further apart while I slip down the hall back to my bedroom and slide more into a laying position on the lounge chair in our bedroom. I desperately want to feel that boy’s cock inside of me, but knowing I can’t, I bring my left hand down and slide a couple fingers in my pussy so I can fuck myself, lifting my hips up, pretending it is his hard, rigid cock.

I picture him ramming his solid rod inside, deeper and harder, my fingers mimic the rhythm as I thrust my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt and my breathing becomes ragged as I feel the pressure build. I can feel my orgasm building and my fingers keep stabbing my pussy while I still assault my clit with faster circles. Oh, I can feel the heat building hotter until I feel like I am going to explode. I know I am moaning out loud but don’t care as I still picture his cock lunging faster and harder into my pussy. I start to pant and say out loud, “Oh, I am going to cum; oh, yes, I’m coming; oh, yes, yes, I am coming; I’m commmmmminnnnngggg!!!”

As the euphoria of my orgasm slowly subsides, I realize that I am spread eagle on my lounge chair, with robe hanging off of me and my hands are still slowly fondling my pussy. It was the most incredible feeling my body has had in a long time.

Fuck I had to fuck that boy, do it girl go for it. I heard Neil Jr. get home around 4PM and I went down to the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and said hello to Neil Jr., after which I pretended to ignore him. I knew that he was watching me closely, so I wiggled my ass suggestively as I walked across the room.

Taking a seat at the kitchen bar, I crossed my legs knowing my robe was rising up so he had a good view of my legs. I turned my head quickly and caught him staring, so I teasingly asked him just what he thought he was looking at! Neil Jr. stammered a bit, which just encouraged my teasing. I asked him if he saw anything he liked and what he thought of my legs. He said they were great, which was about all he could get out. I flashed a devilish grin and asked him if he wanted a closer view of them. He just nodded at first and finally told me that he would. I got up off the bar stool and moved over to the chair Neil Jr. was setting on. Standing directly in front of him, I slowly raised one leg to rest my foot on the chair arm next to him.

As my leg came up, my robe opens all the way. I knew he was waiting for my panties to be exposed at any moment. Well to his surprise they never did, because I wasn’t wearing any! Now he had a great view of my crotch! It was in the shape of my smallest bikini bottom, so my tan ended right at my pubes. I couldn’t help but laugh at the shocked look on his face. I told him that I assumed that he wanted to see all of my legs. I rocked on my heels, rubbing my raised thigh with my hands. I then moved my hand up to my crotch, covering it with my palm. I began to rub myself and told him how hot it made me when guys watched me. This was true! It really turns me on to think about them masturbating later, as they think about me.

I asked him if he had ever jerked off while thinking about me. Neil Jr.’s face reddened, which told me all I needed to know. My fingers spread my pussy lips apart, and I twirled my finger around my clit. I was starting to breathe heavier, and I closed my eyes and stretched my head back. I took my other hand and inserted a finger into my now soaking wet pussy. Both of my hands were moving faster and faster, as I started to moan softly. I opened my eyes to watch him staring at my pussy and the job I was doing to myself with my hands. His expression was like a deer in the headlights; eyes wide open and staring! Suddenly I stiffened and a gasp escaped from my lips. I whispered to him in a throaty voice that I was feeling so good, and did he want to watch me cum.

He nodded his head furiously as I shuddered, and my face flushed as my orgasm rose in me and consumed me. Slowly I pulled my hands away and lowered my leg. I held out my fingers and offered them to him, asking him if he would like to have a taste of my pussy. He lapped up my pussy juices.

“You better not ever tell your mother or father I let you do this!”

“Oh Ms Marca I’ll never tell anyone; what about your husband?”

“What about him?”

“You’re going to tell him?”

“Fuck no way!”

The boy had his eyes on my big boobs and he first took one nipple into his mouth, while his hand teased the other, nibbling, sucking, and licking me into ecstasy. This was great. I felt my knees becoming weak, and I guess that he sensed this also. He picked me up, wrapping my legs around him, and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and said he had to remove his shirt, since my pussy juices were all over it. He pulled it off over his head and then brought the material back to his face, where he began sniffing and licking the material; now I was hotter than ever. He put the shirt down and leaned down on the bed and pushed my legs up on the bed, so that the knees were bent in an upright position and spread them apart.

I felt his thumb rubbing over my swollen labia, feeling the wetness of my pussy. He then used his fingers to trace the slit, and because I was so wet, it didn’t take a miracle for him to find the hole he was looking for. He inserted his finger into me and began to finger fuck me. I was so into this by now, my eyes closed until I felt his hot tongue inside me, licking me. His tongue found my clit. I felt him begin to suck my clit while still fucking my pussy with his finger. This was too much, and I had the first of several orgasms. I couldn’t take much more and pushed him off of me. He rolled onto the bed beside me. I pulled myself up and leaned forward towards his hard stiff cock. I rubbed his lower abdomen and down to his hard member. I wrapped my finger and thumb around the base of his cock and leaned my mouth down to the head.

I licked around the head, probing the slit to get all the pre-cum, then lower my mouth onto his head and continued licking and sucking. I would pull off of his 9 inch cock head to lick down the shaft and then back to the head. After a few times of this, when I started sucking and licking the head again, I could sense by the way he was moaning that he wanted to fill my mouth with his entire cock. I obligingly did what he wanted. I took almost the entire cock in my mouth and was sucking him while letting my tongue slide up and down him. My ass was in the air, since I was on my knees bent over, and he tugged at my leg. I straddled him and my pussy was over his face. He began licking, fingering, and sucking me again. I was back to the brink of coming, when he sucked my clit in between his teeth and began nibbling and sucking.

I returned the favor and did the same to the head of his cock while stroking his huge shaft with my hand. When my pussy muscles contracted, I began sucking and stroking Neil Jr. more feverishly, while I was coming in his mouth and on his face. He kept on licking, then pushed my ass forward and pulled his stiff cock away from my mouth. He scooted out from under me and straddled me from behind. He rubbed the head of his cock over my wet pussy and then slowly entered my hole. His hand had found its way back to my clit, while he was pumping his cock in and out of my pussy. My pussy felt so full, and it was! Neil Jr. moved his hand and started rubbing my ass again, using the juice from my pussy, he got my asshole lubed and then started finger-fucking my ass. I could feel the bulging vein in his cock tighten, as did his balls that were slapping my clit, and I knew that he was ready to cum.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to cum in my pussy; I just wanted to taste him. I pulled away from him and lied down on the bed and let him straddle my mouth. He engorged my mouth with his cock, and I began sucking him and stroking him with my hand. When he shot his load into my mouth, I swallowed as fast as I could, and still some managed to escape the corners of my lips. After he pulled out of my mouth, I used my fingers to wipe the remaining cum off of my face and licked them clean. Little did I know that Neil Jr. wasn’t finished, as he never went soft and was ready for more, and so was I. While I was semi-satisfied, there was still something more that I wanted. While on my back, he put my legs above my head and my ass in the air, at his complete disposal. He rubbed the head of his cock over my still sopping pussy and then down to my ass.

I was lubed really well, and he slowly and gently began pushing his member into my pussy. I was coming again in no time at all. He was rubbing my clit with his thumb, while fucking my pussy harder and harder, it felt fucking fantastic. It wasn’t long before he and I were coming together, simultaneously. This time I let him shoot his load into my pussy. It was hot and very erotic feeling. I must say I loved every moment of my naughty rendezvous with Neil Jr. over the next few weeks.