Ms Marca Ch 32 Pool Time with the Neighbor Kid

I am what all the young studs describe as a MILF. I’m a 32 year old housewife that looks 25 if I might say so. I work hard to look good. I workout everyday, swim, and keep my body fit. My husband has a high paying job that allows me to do this. We have a great home with a pool in a gated community. To have this lifestyle I have to put up with my husband having to travel a lot, and of course his very average cock. Below average actually about 4 inches.

I really have tried to take care of myself. I am on the tall side about 5″ 10″. I have long shapely legs and all the working out has kept my ass from falling. It’s high and tight. I keep my tummy flat and even have a little six pack when I tighten it up. Having never had a child has helped that I think. I have long brunette hair. Of course my best feature and the one people notice first, are my breasts. I have always had big ones, with big nipples, and I have worked hard to minimize any sag. They are heavy, but I, and pretty much everyone else I know, think they look great.

When I go out, and I do this when I am feeling naughty, in tight jeans and a low cut shirt with no bra people will stop and stare. I have seen a guy have a wreck in the grocery store parking lot because he was looking at me instead of paying attention.

I have had a number of affairs after 3 and half years of marriage. Last week I gave the UPS guy a blowjob. He was black and I had to see what size it was. It was OK just not what I had dreamed about. I find myself dreaming about big cock’s more each month, in fact the college kid who come home to see his folks that live behind us, is one such kid. He has the monster cock, so I heard his father telling my husband Tim when they were watching a football game last fall. I was in the kitchen getting some snacks when I was about to go back to the den I heard Dan say.

“Damn Tim, he has to take after his mothers side, my dick is just average, just 6 inch.”

Tim looked at Dan “so he has a bit more?”

“Fuck! The boy has a 13 inch cock, I over heard the other guys he had home one weekend saying they all had used the tape on the group and Bill was the winner with 13 inches, can you believe?”

I almost dropped the tray of snacks when I heard that. After that when ever I saw the boy home from school, the desire to touch it and stroke it is so great I can’t stand it. I usually have to masturbate with one of my dildos that I know doesn’t come close to his size. I have let him catch me out by the pool topless this past spring when he was home on spring break. I know he has looked. I also know he has to hide his erection after. I know I drive him crazy when I am around the pool in a bikini. I still look really good in them. A couple of his friends have seen me in one and I know I saw swelling bulges in their shorts too.

It has been a great summer. The weather has been perfect and it is still warm even now at the end of summer. I have spent a lot of time working on my tan. I love to lie out at our pool and if I know nobody is around I will sunbath in the nude. I have only been caught a couple of times by our pool boy, but I think he is used to walking in on nude sunbathers. I usually cover up with a towel quickly, after I make sure I give him a good show. I have a nice even tan. Not too dark and obnoxious. Just healthy looking and looks good with a white bikini.

The pool is where I find myself today. It is a Saturday, It is warm and the sun is shining, no clouds. My husband is at the country club playing golf like he does every Saturday. It’s an all day affair of golf, lunch, than 18 more holes. I won’t see him until late afternoon. It’s almost 11 AM when I put on my bikini and head to a lounge chair at our pool. It is one of my favorite bikinis. It really shows off my tan well. If I wear it to the pool at the club guys will drop their drinks.

I lay down on the soft padded lounge chair with my big sunglasses and a book to read if I want to. It feels really good in the sun and I wonder if today would be a good day for a little nude sunbathing. I really don’t care if people see me. Hell it kind of turns me on to know that people would look. I undo the ties on my string bikini top and take it off. My big breasts come free. I slide my bottoms off and put them with my top. I have a towel near by just in case. I have no tan lines. I have had all the hair around my pussy waxed and I shave it every few days. Even my pussy is tan; I had to be careful down there.

I am just soaking up the sun, enjoying the day. It feels great to be naked and out in the sun. Whenever I start feeling a little horny I think of the last big cock I had. Than Bill came to mind that good looking college kid, with 13 inches, oh me. I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks this summer. He stayed at school through part of the summer. Fall Classes have started now and I don’t know when he is coming home. I wonder how many hot coeds he is banging with that big cock. I squeeze my legs together wishing I was one. I had a Bloody Mary and I am drifting in and out of a nap.

I hear something. It sounds like our back gate to our backyard open and close quietly. I am lying there nude but I have my big sunglasses on so I can watch someone approach and they will think I am asleep. Who could it be? The pool boy, no it’s Saturday. My husband, no way he would never skip golf. I hear someone approaching quietly. My heart is pounding with excitement. I slow my breathing so it looks like I’m asleep. I look to the side as best I can and I see him. It’s my neighbor’s son Bill. He is home from college.

I don’t move an inch. For all he knows I am sound asleep. I feel him get closer. I also feel his eyes taking in my nude body as I lay there in the sun. My chest rises and falls slowly and I know he is looking at my tits. He stands very still for quite awhile. He finally moves some, down to the foot of the lounge I’m laying on. I know he’s trying to get a better view of my pussy. He stands there looking and I risk it and pretend to move in my sleep and I open my legs some more. I know he is getting a full view of my pussy lips and my clit and I know it’s sticking out.

He moves back to the side but closer, like he wants to inspect my pussy closer. I see him lean down. His face is maybe 8 inches away from my crotch. I hear and feel an intake of air. He is finding out what I smell like. He is breathing in my scent. If I wasn’t wet before I am now. I wonder if he has noticed my nipples have gotten hard. He stands up and I can see a huge lump in his shorts. Is that his cock? Have I turned him on again? It looks very big. He backs away some more. I can’t just lay here forever. I pretend to wake up slowly. Stretching some, I see that he moves quickly back to the gate and close it quietly.

When he has left the backyard I get up and put my bikini back on. I wrap myself in a towel and I go into the house, into the kitchen. I start getting some sandwich stuff out for lunch. He has not come in the house yet. I go to the kitchen window and I see him in his yard looking back this way. He is probably trying to get his erection to go down, the one that I caused to rise up. I go back to the kitchen and wait. Soon I hear a knock at the patio door I go to the door and see him and smile as I open the door. I call his name, “Billy” and he comes in there.

I say, “Oh my, what a surprise, welcome home how is school, I bet you folks have missed you.”

He gives me a hug, even though I am wearing a towel and a bikini underneath. He squeezes my big tits to his strong chest. He says he just decided to drop by and say hi. I told him how nice of him to remember me and I was glad he was here. “Billy, I was just making lunch, do you want a sandwich?”

College boys are always hungry so of course he said yes. I made our sandwiches and we ate the sitting on stools at the kitchen island. My towel had started to loosen and slip down a little and I caught him catching looks at my cleavage.

After we finished he asked, “Where’s Tim?”

I said, “Well its Saturday so he is where he always is, the golf course. I don’t expect to see him until late afternoon or early evening.”

I caught him looking at my tits again and I said, “Billy it’s such a beautiful day I was going to sunbathe. There are not too many nice days left. Why don’t you join me? I can get a pair of Tim shorts for you to slip on.”

“That’s a great idea Marca.” and off down the hall we went to our room, I got out a pair for him and left him to change.

I made a Bloody Mary for me and got him a beer. I got back to my lounge and removed my towel and lay back down in my bikini. In a few minutes he came out on to the pool deck in Tim’s shorts. I offered him the beer and he laid down on the lounge next to me and drank it. From behind my sunglasses I could tell he was stealing looks at me. I felt really sexy in this bikini, but I wished I was back to being in the nude. After he finished his beer and stole a few more looks he decided to go for a swim. I imagine that he had some parts he needed to cool off. He jumped in the pool and swam around a bit. He came to the side of the pool close to me and put his arms up on the side looking at me. I was enjoying the sun when he spoke.

He said, “You know Marca I noticed something. You don’t have any tan lines. How did that happen?”

I smiled at him and said, “Well Billy most of the time I am alone back here and I like to take my top off and sunbathe topless.”

He was quiet for a moment then said, “So if you sunbathe in your swimsuit it will mess up your tan you have been working on?”

I said, “Yes it might, there is a possibility I will get tan lines.”

He said, “Well heck Marca, don’t mess up your tan. You can sunbathe topless, it won’t bother me.” I decided to play along. I knew what he wanted.

I said, “Are you sure Billy, you wouldn’t mind seeing me in the nude? I don’t want to gross you out.”

He shook his head and said, “First of all you are the last person to gross any man out. Second you look fantastic, in fact you’re hot, and all my buddies say you’re a MILF.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about but I played dumb.

I said, “OK then if it’s no big deal I’ll take my top off. Oh you can’t tell anyone, not even your folks, hate for them or my husband to know I was nude in front of you!” He just nodded yes and smiled.

I reached behind my back and pulled the strings on my top that undid it. I pulled it over my head and laid back and relaxed with my huge breasts in full view. There was no doubt he was looking. He hadn’t moved an inch from the side of the pool. When I took the top off my exposed nipples were rock hard as big as my thumb. Through my sunglasses I saw one of his hands move under the water and I knew he was stroking his big cock. This was oh so naughty. This was my neighbor’s son. I couldn’t help it. He was making me so hot. He swam around a little then came back to the side.

He was looking at me when he said, “Marca when I said you didn’t have any tans lines I meant all over. Won’t those bikini bottoms cause those if you leave them on?”

I said, “Yes they probably will, what I should do?”

He pretended to be the concerned son. “Well I would hate to be the cause of you messing up such a great tan. Just pretend I’m not here. You can take those off.”

I played along. I stood up and looked around played with my bottoms, pulling on them turning around and showing my ass.

I said, “Are you sure? Hate for someone to come up on us, would be hard to explain to your folks or my husband!”

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry Marca. My dad said they would not be home until tomorrow afternoon. Besides I have seen plenty of naked women before.”

Hmm I thought. Not like this he hasn’t. I turned my back to him and peeled my bottoms off. When I turned around he had seen a great view of my naked ass and now he got a look at my pussy. I laid back down on the lounge. I spread my legs just enough to where I knew he saw everything he needed to see.

After a few minutes where I knew he was gawking at me I rolled over on my stomach and called to him. “Billy, would you please come up here and put some oil on my back?”

“Sure Marca.” He said, and I heard him get out of the pool and walk up to me.

He dried off some then pulled a stool up and squirted some suntan oil in his hand. He started rubbing my shoulders and the coconut scent of the oil filled the air. He moved down to the rest of my back and massaged my sides and the part of my tits that were pressed out because they were smashed beneath me. As he moved down lower on my back he stopped.

I told him not to stop and to put some oil on my ass. He kneaded my ass cheeks and it felt so good. He moved down to my thighs doing the inner and outer. He got within an inch of touching my wet pussy. Finally he finished and I told him thank you. He sat back down on his lounge. I lay on my stomach for awhile. I looked at him and saw his bulge. I wonder if that is painful.

I turned to him and said, “Billy you should try sunbathing without those shorts. It really feels great. After all I’m nude, you should try it.”

All he says is, “OK” He gets up, undoes the lace tie and pulls the shorts right off. I try not to stare, but Jesus that damn thing was hanging down like a big pink snake with a deep pink cock head, that had a larger than most mushroom cap cock’s I seen. Got I almost went off thinking about that big head slipping past my fold. He is on his back and his cock is lying on his thigh. It’s huge, at least three times the size of my husband and as thick as my wrist.

It’s not even hard yet and it’s at least 10 inches. I keep stealing looks at it. Finally I have to cool off. I raised myself up off the lounge to stretch. I know he’s looking. I slowly walk toward the pool. I step in and walk down the steps slowly. I submerse myself in the cool water and swim out some, but not leaving where I can stand up.

I see a movement then a big wall of water hits me from the splash he makes when he jumps in the deep end when he breaks the surface I laugh and splash him. He splashes back and the water fight is on. We are splashing back and forth and he moves in closer. I move back and he keeps coming. He gets close enough to grab my arm and I scream like a school girl.

He pulls my arm and then grabs my waist pulling me in close. I am laughing. As we are playing in the pool except we are naked and the boy has a hard on. He pulls me close, my back to his chest. I feel his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I decide to play a little and I grind my butt back pushing his cock farther between them. He is tickling me now and he reaches around and grabs one of my big tits.

I laugh and say, “No fair, No fair, you can’t grab those, my tits are off limits.”

He pulls me tighter and says, “Oh yea.” he reaches out and grabs the other one.

He is pinching and pulling on my nipples. It feels great. I don’t want him to stop. He gives my big jugs a healthy squeeze then spins me around to face him. He holds me close, my tits pressed against his chest. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I feel his big hard cock between us. My clit and pussy are pressed against it.

I look at him and say with a smile, “That wasn’t fair, you grabbed my tits.”

He smiles back and says, “Yes I did, and you loved it.”

I smiled back confirming his statement. I grind my pussy into his cock. I lean forward and kiss him. I ram my tongue into his mouth and I pull him tighter to me.

When we break the kiss I look him in the eye and say, “You said some of your buddies thought I am a MILF. Do you think I am a MILF?”

He swallowed hard and said, “You are the hottest woman I have ever seen. Hell yes you are a MILF.

I smiled back and said, “I bet they all said they wanted to fuck me! Do you want to fuck me?”

That question hung in the air and he finally said, “More then anything.”

I kiss him on the lips and unwrap myself from him. I take him by the hand and lead him to the steps. We climb out of the pool and walk to the pool lounges and our towels. I towel off quickly and then start to dry him. I work my way down his front until I am kneeling in front of him. I rub his big cock with the towel. Then I throw it on the table. His huge cock is right in front of my face. I start to reach for it but stop.

I look at him and ask. “Can I touch it?”

He smiles down at me and says, “It’s yours, you can do anything you want with it.”

I smile back and reach out with both hands and gently wrap them around his cock. It is very heavy. I lift it up and give the big head a kiss. I kiss it again this time flicking my tongue for a taste. I press my lips against the head again this time sucking as much as I can in my mouth. I hear him groan. I can get almost half of him in my mouth and throat. I use both hands on him and shove as much as I can take into my mouth.

I know he has been aroused for quite awhile so I know he won’t last long. I long for his taste, his essence going down my throat. I am actually pretty good at giving blowjobs. I can tell he is enjoying this one. I start to suck and stoke him with more urgency. He has his hands on his hips and his eyes closed. I use my hands to check out the size. My palms are 4 inch across, I use one hand that is the first 4 inches, second hand that is 8 inches, third hand that is 12 inches and the tip is sticking out. Fuck he is 13 inches.

He say’s through clenched teeth, ‘Oh God Marca I’m coming, here it comes.”

I feel his cock head swell and he stopped thrusting. I pull his cock out of my mouth until only the head is in. I feel it boil up then it’s here. He young seed shoots out of his cock onto my tongue. I swallow quickly because I know more is coming. I stroke his cock with two hands with just the head in my mouth as he continues to spurt. When he starts to slow down I suck more in flicking it with my tongue. Finally he starts to go soft and I pull it out. I didn’t spill a drop and I smile up at him.

He says, “Damn Marca that’s the best blowjob I have ever had.”

I let go of his cock and get up off my knees and lay down on the lounge. I open my legs and arms reaching out to him.

“Hey it’s time to eat my pussy.” I say to him.

He dives in and I am surprised to find out he really knows what he is doing. I wonder who taught him to eat pussy like that. He kisses my inner thighs and slowly works his was to my inner lips. He kisses those the flicks my opening with his tongue. He works on me for ten minutes and hasn’t touched my clit once. I am climbing out of my skin. I have to have him on my clit. He finally flicks it with his tongue, once, then two times, then three. He is teasing me and I grab his head and smash it to my pussy. He sucks in my whole clit and I go over the edge. I start bucking off the cushion.

He is nibbling my clit with his teeth. Involuntary spasms are running through me. Finally he sucks on it very hard and rapidly thrums it with his tongue. I explode soaking his face and the cushion with my juice. When he feels me slowing down he wisely releases my clit because it gets too sensitive. He stands up and wipes his face on a towel. I look up and notice he is rock hard again.

I reach up to him and say, “Come here baby I need you.”

He comes to me carefully laying on me. I wrap him in my arms and whisper in his ear that I love his big cock. We kiss and I feel his hard cock press into my belly. As we are kissing he is squeezing my tits, pinching the nipples. He readjusts his position and his cock head is very close to my entrance. I open my legs more and he reaches down and rubs it against my clit.

He says to me. “Please Marca; let me put it in you, even if it is for just a few seconds. I need to see how it feels.”

I can tease him some more, oh I love to tease a hard cock. “Oh Bill we better not, you would not respect me if I let you fuck me, I was kidding about us fucking!”

“Oh Marca please, I need your sweet pussy, I jerk off at night thinking of you, I been doing that since the day I met you, please don’t say no!”

I smile and say, “Honey just put the head in, just that no more!”

He was ready and so was I. He moved into position, being careful not to hurt me. He was keeping his weight off me with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. He rubbed the head across my entrance and I sighed. His need was great, he was shaking. He pressed his big cock head into me and slowly I opened. It felt so big and hot.

“Oh you’re so fucking big, oh your cock head, unbelievable baby, just fucking wonderful!” He pressed forward more and I started to open up Soon he got the head in and it felt wonderful.

“Marca your pussy it is so tight, so smooth, I can’t believe you’re so tight?”

I’m hoping the boy doesn’t know about my wicked ways. “Oh Bill I never had a cock your size, don’t hurt me!”

“I want, I’ll never do anything to hurt you, and oh you feel so good!”

“It does feel good, maybe just a little longer than you need to take it out, I can’t have you ruining my pussy my husband will know I was stretched out when I fuck him.”

He lowered his head to my right nipple and began to suck on it causing me to moan, than I felt him flex his ass muscles and he slipped in a bit more. “Oh Bill I never had a thing that deep in me, your going to make me climax!”

He pulled up off my tit resting on his elbows he looked down at me. “I just have a little of it in, just think what it will feel like to have more of it!”

He got up on his knees and I held on to his arms as I looked down between us and saw him pull out all but the head. He looked down at me. “You want me to put it back in? Put it in deeper!”

The young mother fucker, he was teasing me, now I had to have it, god how do I get so carried away when I got a big cock after my sweet pussy. “Bill I have wanted your big cock in me for a long time. Please put it in me, all the way in and not for a few seconds. Make love to me.”

I was praying he wouldn’t freak-out and come too soon. I wanted to enjoy this. After some easy stoking in and out he buried his whole cock in me. A perfect fit. I raised his lips to mine and kissed him.

The feeling of this kid’s big cock in me was fantastic. He was big but it was like I was made for him. He began stroking in and out. He reached around with his hands and grabbed my ass, pulling my hips to him. He was adjusting the angle, trying to shove more of his cock in me. He was bottoming out as it was. He was starting to speed up and I sensed his desire would overwhelm him. The feeling of his big cock in me made me forget all reason.

“Oh Bill baby your so big, it’s so good, oh I needed this, I need this everyday, oh fuck me baby, fuck me hard!”

I had one had on his hard tight ass cheek and the other on his big powerful arm, holding on for the ride with this young hunk was taking me on. He looked down at me and at my tits.

“Shit the guys were right you got the biggest set of jugs of any woman we know!”

I looked up at him. “Did they want to fuck me?”

“Everyone wants to fuck you baby!” I knew he was close and he asked, “Marca I am going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”

I said, “No baby, I want you to cum inside of me. I want to feel it. Go ahead and shoot.”

When a guy hears that it is OK to unload his semen into a woman, and she doesn’t mind, it is an indescribable feeling. Somehow his cock swelled up some more and he stopped pumping. I felt a spasm move through it and he erupted. Wave after wave, rope after rope of semen and seed from deep within him hosed his hot neighbor’s pussy down. It was his second big cum, but he had managed to find more. His cock was pressed against my cervix.

My whole body jerked with my own climax. His cock was so big. My pussy rippled and squeezed hid long tool, like sucking in and holding and than letting it go and squeezed it again.

“Fuck Marca your pussy is sucking my cock, how do you do that?”

“I don’t know I never had a cock like this, my pussy seems to want to hold on to it, and oh it’s so good!”

I had wanted this for so long. How could I even consider not doing this more and more? When we both started to relax and come down from our orgasm high, he laid his head on my breasts thanking fate that he had this chance, the chance to make love to his hot slut neighbor’s wife.

He whispered to me, “Marca I am so sorry, I could not help myself. I needed this so badly.”

“Shh it’s OK I’ve wanted it too baby.” I said.

“Marca you ask if my room mates wanted to fuck you, would you fuck them?”

“Do you want me too? You want to share me?”

“I just know they would all go crazy fucking you!”

“Any of them your size, they got a big cock like you?”

“My buddy Jeff and Lance are built like me.”

“Honey after today I’ll need a bigger cock than I have here at home to take care of me, set it up and I’ll do all three of you!”

I held him tight. We were both sweating in the late summer sun. I didn’t want to let go of him. I didn’t want him out of me. He kissed me long and lovingly. Our tongues twirling together, than we both heard it. A sound from inside the house, a door opening and closing, and my name being called; It was my husband, back home from his day of golf. Any second now he would walk into the kitchen and if he looked out he would see us, his hot whore wife and his neighbor’s son, naked, laying together.

Quickly Billy got up off me and his cock popped out of me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the lounge. He turned and pulled my arm hard as he headed for the pool. We both jumped in with a splash. We swam underwater back to the side of the pool near the kitchen door. Breaking the surface we clung to the side to hide the fact we were both nude. As long as Tim didn’t notice our swimsuits under the lounges or walk to the pool we would be OK. Tim walked to the door and looked out to the pool.

I said, “Hi Honey how was golf. Look who decided to surprise me.”

My husband looked and noticed who was in the pool and said, “Oh hey Bill, welcome home.”

Billy said, “Hi Tim, Marca and I just decided to have a swim, pretty soon it will be too cold.”

I nodded at Billy and turned to Tim and said, “Honey why you don’t go get in the shower, I am sure you are tired from your golf. We’ll clean up too and then you can take us out to eat, Bill is home alone until tomorrow?”

My husband said, “Sure, that’s sounds great. See you all in a bit.”

He turned and walked back into the house. We both breathed a sigh of relief. We waited until we knew he was in the shower. Hugging the side we made it around to the steps. Quietly we got out and tiptoed to where our stuff was. We each grabbed a towel and wrapped it around ourselves. I grabbed our swimsuits and I headed inside. Billy headed to his house.

Before Billy went out the gate I stopped him and said see you in an hour and I winked at him. We had a nice dinner and came home. After my husband feel asleep, tired from his golf and too much drinking, I went out on the patio to see Bill got home. We were careful and quiet and made sweet love again. We even found a way to do it one more time on Sunday before he left to go back to school. Now that this had started I didn’t know how we could stop it.

Billy came home more often for the rest of the school year then he did any other year he had been in school. I also made some trips down there for the weekend. He did graduate early, and had some job offers from out of state, but he chose one that paid less but was back in his home town. He got a one room apartment, not to far from his folks. I helped decorate it of course and spent lots of time there. Someday he might find the right girl and settle down, but not yet.

More to cum….