Ms Marca Ch 34 Old Friend new kid Part 2

I’m a very sexually horny woman, some people might even say I’m crazy about sex or even nymphomaniac, but I really love to fuck. My husband Tim is 20+ years older than me and I at 32 have it my prim years when it comes to sex. Poor Tim with his 4 inch dick just can’t keep up with me; in fact the man doesn’t need sex like I do. In the last year it seems he can do without sex in his life, on our honeymoon we fucked only a few times, and now, after almost 4 years of married life, I’m very lucky if I have sex with my husband 2 times a month. Maybe I should say he might get lucky if he has it 2 times a month.

I slid between the covers, my nakedness wrapped in a thin flimsy soiled bed sheet left over from Rick and me. The room was dark and my moist eyes took some time to adjust to the darkness of the room. I extended my right hand to reach the drawer by the bedstead and got a tube of KY gel, this was new it had a sweet taste to it, so said my little dick hubby. I put some on my two fingers and took my fingers to my pussy. My pussy still throbbed from the pounding I got from Rick. I smeared the gel on my pussy lips and waited…

I heard the movement in the hall of a woman in heels going from the bedroom across the hall and down the stairs. I looked at the clock on the night stand; it was just after 10 AM, just like Rick had said she was off to church. In the stillness of the house I could hear the car start up and then hear it back down the drive way and than there was no more sound. Rick had said his grandfather was coming to me after his grandmother went to church. Fuck it had been ages since I screwed Mr. Cook, I wonder how long before he comes to my room?

I didn’t have to wait long as I heard the door creak open and my old neighbor Mr. Cook entered the room. I was 17 the first time I screwed Mr. Cook; it seem like it was just yesterday. He had come over to return a tool that he had borrowed from my father and mother and dad were gone for the afternoon. I remember being dressed in my baby doll PJ’S and the old fart looking me over.

I will never forget how he made the move on me. “Damn girl Larson is right you got one hell of a body, you as good as he said you were?”

Fuck Mr. Larson has told him we are screwing. I just smile at him. It was about 30 minutes later he put on his pants and told me I was better than what Larson had told him; I screwed old man Cook for the next 2 years I was at home and got him from time to time when I made it home to visit the folks.

He made my mind come back to the moment as light filtered in to the room from the corridor and I could see he had to squint as he kept trying to locate me. He saw me lying under the bed sheet and slowly closed the door behind him, bolting the door this time. He came to my side of the bed and sat down next to me. I faked sleep, as his right hand reached my face and traced a line from my hair to my neck.

That touch brought back all the memories of my sinful past with other men from the old neighbor hood. A distant past that had tormented and then titillated me, a past where I had been a prey to their predation, a past where I had cowered from their lust and masturbated for it in their absence, a past where a teenage girl had been subjugated by older men and corrupted by my lust.

His hand touched a raw nerve within me and his fingers traced a line from my forehead down the left side of my face to my lips. I wasn’t going to let him see the agony that I was going through. It was strange, this feeling of betrayal and loss that I was feeling now. He was a lecherous old man who had been one of the guys on the street who had corrupted me and had taken advantage of me and still having just fucked his grandson evoked strange emotions in me. His fingers were arousing me nonetheless. I could feel my nipples harden under the sheet. His hands were on my lips, touching my lower lip, feeling the fullness of my lips, applying gentle pressure on my lips.

It felt surreal.

He took his hand down to my neck and I could feel his rough hands rustle under the sheet, his hand moving on to the mound of my large left breast. He knew my nakedness under the sheets and knew that I was ready to be devoured his lust. He took his time though. His hand reached my right nipple and I shivered, my body arching up and a soft moan escaped my mouth.

“Oh is that you Mr. Cook?”

“It’s me Marca; I see you’re still the slut whore you were when you lived on the street.”

“Mr. Cook I can’t help it I’m so in need of sex, I just need it so bad!”

“Did you show that grandson of mine what good pussy is?”

I giggled and nod yes. “We did it 3 times; he was in bed with me until just after 4.”

Mr. Cook gently squeezed my left breast and I melted within. I was getting warm between my legs and wetness was slowly spreading within me. His hands wandered to my belly, my navel and then on to the mound on my lower abdomen. He gently pulled the sheet away revealing my nakedness for his eyes to feast upon. I closed my eyes. He curved his fingers further down and parted my legs apart. And then he inserted his index and middle fingers into my pussy. I was wet and my pussy lips were throbbing.

I literally convulsed with his invasion and a loud ‘ah, ah’ escaped my lips.

He took out his fingers stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, dropped his pants and got rid of his underwear. The 60 plus old guy was stark naked as he got under the sheets beside my body. He held my hand and took it to his penis. It was a familiar feel. I had serviced more men than I could count. I knew what he wanted. He was hard, very hard indeed. It was amazing knowing that he might have just spent himself on his wife half an hour ago. I gave his penis a tug and he moaned.

“Wow Mr. Cook you’re already hard?”

“I took a pill when I got up and made coffee.”

His mouth kissed my neck and dragged a trail of saliva to my mouth. I took my fingers to my pussy, found the wetness there and scooped up some and applied it on his cock. He shivered under my machinations and I started to masturbate him, my hand holding his stiff member and bobbing the skin and my juices up and down his shaft. He moaned and moaned and writhed in pleasure. His mouth kissed me full on my lips and our tongues entwined with each other, a little hesitant at first and with considerable ferocity soon after.

He shifted to my breasts and gave a good hard suck on my left nipple and soon my entire breast tingled under his mouth. He shifted to my right breast and started sucking my right nipple. Oh it felt lovely… It was like a thousand low voltage shocks erupted within me emanating from my right breast and culminating in an electrifying charge within my pussy.

It was if I ceased to exist at that moment. “Oh fuck me Mr. Cook, give it to me, I need it, it’s been to long since I had your cock in me!”

It was just my pussy and my breasts sending sparks of joy to a distant brain. Sex is always a moment of pure joy for me and guilt, jealousy and passion make for an invigorating mix with sex. Try it sometime. You won’t regret it.

Meanwhile, I was teetering on the edge and another assault on my breasts sent me over. I moaned and my body shook convulsively as I had the first small orgasm of this fuck session. He felt my orgasm and climbed atop me, his mouth still working on my breasts, alternating between nipples, sucking them, biting them and caressing them with his lips. He then moved down, his mouth licking me all the way down to my pussy. His tongue flicked on my pussy lips, and then his fingers spread the lips and his tongue swiped at my engorged clit. It opened the gates to yet another orgasm, this time spreading over my body as a swathe of warm jolts from my clitoris. It’s that way with me. I can always localize the origin of my orgasms. And they can come from anywhere – my lips, my breasts, my pussy, my clitoris.

He started assaulting my clit with his mouth. It sent me into wild raptures of joy, my body writhing and my mouth contorted in a never ending moan. From then on I was continuously moaning for the next ten minutes of his machinations as orgasm after orgasm hit my body with relentless ferocity. I bucked my hips up and down thrusting my pussy into his mouth. I was wild, literally shouting now. He was hushing me but I was careless and he kept up his machinations and I kept on thrashing wildly. He stood between my legs on his knees and inserted his fingers within my pussy, his fingers rubbing my clit and my pussy walls as I went into fits after fits of limitless ecstasy.

He had to pipe me down. There were neighbors and anybody could have heard the kind of noise I was making.

He raised his hand and it came down as a smack on my right ass cheek. It came down hard and it hurt. It brought out a tear to my eyes instantaneously. Sometimes, physical violence does that, bringing tears out even before the hurt has registered and connected with the emotions.

The room went quiet and my brain connected back with my breasts and my pussy. My body lay still as the emotions of guilt, hurt and betrayal washed over my ecstasy yet again.

I could feel him getting down again and his hard penis entering my lifeless vagina. It stretched my lips wide and filled my vagina, my juices letting him enter till the hilt. And he started pumping into me. I lay there motionless as he went on pumping me. He sensed my listlessness and tried to arouse me. He got his mouth to my breasts, to my lips and then took his hand to my clit all the while pounding my pussy with his penis. He was getting frustrated with my inertness and he raised his hand yet again. He smacked me on the other cheek.

It hurt.

It brought another tear to my eyes.

He was too close to stop. So he went on pounding my pussy with his thrusts. I could feel my pussy tingling now but these tingles felt meaningless. It was as if my brain had left my body and was watching form the dark corner of the room.

He went over the edge, buckled and came into me. My body shuddered with another orgasm but I felt nothing. He slumped on me, his sweat reeking of his anger now. He rolled off me, stood up and got dressed. He looked at me, lying naked on the bed, staring vacantly at the ceiling, tears rolling down my cheek and spat at me left the room. As he left the room he cursed

“You fucking bitch.”