Ms Marca Ch. 35 Sex with my hubby

I was at the kitchen sink when I heard the garage door open…my hubby was home from a long week…shit I hope he is beat…I don’t need any sex tonight or even this weekend…not after this week I had.

“Marca…honey I am home…oh baby you look good…god I missed you…!” Tim put his arms around me and gave me a big kiss. “Damn am I glad to be home, what a trip…I been thinking of you for three days and three very long nights…!”

These were not the kind of words I wanted to hear as Tim my husband walked into the house. But I decided to try and play along with him in the game of life and love.

“Let me get you a glass of wine and relax. You’ve earned it. I’m making dinner.”

Will actual I had the new take out place fix something for me on my way home from my afternoon delight. God what a fucking I got it all afternoon from that new young stud I met at the Home Depot last month.

“Marca…I thought about you during the day, I had an erection on the plane today just from thinking about you…! Honey for 3 hours I had that thing up and it needed you…!”

Tim smiled at me…his way of saying he was horny, he went upstairs to shower and I heard the bedroom door close. I had been hoping for a quiet non-romantic evening, not one that was going to be a wild fucking session in bed with my husband…it was wild to him and his 4 inch little we-we.

Hell he had it hard all afternoon…he was not with a twenty something that screwed me with 8 inches all afternoon…! Shit I had been looking forward to a quite relaxing evening and weekend, after the week I had, I needed to rest my pussy. I hate when this happens. I can create a relaxing sensuous environment in my home for my husband, but sometimes I just got to get my sex when I can. I have learned…you’ve got to be open to it. The bottom line is, Tim and I hadn’t made love in weeks and I was getting use to that.

I have kept myself in good shape and after a year of marriage I am still hot to look at. I still got that figure I had when I was doing modeling…40DDx23x38…..and at 5′ 10″, 135 # I am not bad to look at. All my lovers agree, and they love my imagination when it comes to sex and I do or can get carried away, but I’m nuts about them and their big cock’s…I love Tim, trouble is…he can’t do anything for me between the sheets. I have become that wife that all husbands know of. ‘I like sex sometimes, but can also live without it.’ To my big cock lovers, I can’t live without it!

Over dinner we chatted about his trip and my week…will no I didn’t tell him about every minute of my week. After dinner we went to the den and watched some TV and had one more glass of wine, I was hoping it would get him good and sleepy. After I saw it was past 11 PM, I made that move most horny husbands don’t need to hear from their wife.

“Honey I am getting sleepy…you lock up before you come up, I am off to bed…damn all of a sudden I am beat…!” I kissed Tim on the cheek and said in a whisper. “I missed you…nice to have you home and in bed next to me…!”

Hey I got to make him think I wanted some and missed having him around for more than a pay check. I went up stairs to our bedroom and slipped out of my things and stood in my bath looking at my body. I had to laugh to myself when I remembered what my hot hunk said today as I sat on him and rode that 8 inch tool he had between his legs.

“Damn Marca…you always want it, it’s like you can’t get enough…!”

“Honey, I always want it…if you can take care of me…and you seem to have what I want…so shut up and lets fuck…!”

I looked at my 40DD remembering how he played with them and sucked them as I rode that hung hunk. His hands held my 38 inch hips in place and help me slide up and down on his hard pole. Damn I had sex twice on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday and had to skip Thursday and I did it today with my last lover of the week. Than I went over to my purse and looked at my Day Timer and saw what I had going for me the up coming week. Jake, our handy man would be here on Monday. Oh wow, the water delivery guy would be here Thursday.

I slipped on my black night shirt and after washing my facing and doing my girl think to keep myself looking under 30, I got in bed. It was just a few minutes later that I heard Tim come in and after having his bedtime Pee he slipped in bed and turned off the lamp on the night stand. Lying on my side facing away I felt him move to my ass and rest his hand on my hip. In the dark I felt him move his hand toward my crack, looking for my over used and slightly sore pussy.

“I’m sorry babe; I know you had other plans but I wouldn’t be any fun…I started today…!”

“Oh…will I was just letting you know I was ready if you felt like it. It’s ok…I love you Marca…god do I love you…!”

Than Tim pulled away and rolled over on his back and let out a deep breath. Shit he can always make me feel so guilty when I say no to him. I roll over and reach down to his crouch and felt his little boy dick hard as it can be.

“Oh Marca…oh god that feels so good…!” I turned on the lamp on my night stand so I could watch my little dick husband do his thing.

I looked into his eyes and in a swift movement; I pulled my night shirt over my head. My breasts swung free, my nipples hard as rocks. My hand slid down his stomach to where his hand was and I took it and wrapped his around the base of his cock. I slid my index finger and thumb up his little penis to the tip, and spread his pre-cum around the sensitive tip. I then took my finger and put it to my lips. I looked into his loving eyes, and licked his pre-cum from my finger.

“Jerk it for me Tim….. show me how you jerk off when you’re in your hotel late at night…!”

His eyes closed he began to stroke his little we-we. “Keep going babe, you look like you are so into it, I want to watch you, and I want to see you come. I know it’s been a while I want to help, what would you like me to do”?

“Oh Marca I have missed you…I was…god so horny all week…god I love you…!”

“Oh Tim just keep jerking it…I love watching you jerk off. Watch you jerk my very own cock. Tim it is my cock…it better be and you better never let any other woman near it…!”

“Marca never….. I love only you, no one but you…!”

“Show me baby; show me how you jerk yourself off”

I felt how hard he was, and I pressed my middle finger into his balls to ring them to keep him from going off. My breasts were swinging with each thrust of his hand. He began to grunt with each pumping of his hand and I began to say “pump your cock baby, jerk it off for me, let me see you shoot your cum, shoot your cum baby, shoot it on my boobs.”

Now his cock was throbbing and I could feel his balls tighten. His tongue began to lick at my nipples. He was licking and sucking my nipples as a child would try to get milk. He was stroking his cock shaft and his cum was building to a squirt.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum… uhh… uhh” and I let go of his balls and he shot cum straight up as I sat back on my ass and side. I looked down at his little dick as it went limp and back to a size 3 and than just a nub…god he was small. After several moments, I rolled off to his side and he continued gasping for breath after what was our hottest lovemaking session in a very long time…will it was hot for him.

“Tim I like watching you stroke your hard cock tonight, maybe I need to take some pictures of me for you to put on your lap top so you can jerk off to them when you’re gone on these trips…!”

What kind of pictures Marca?”

“Oh I was thinking some pictures of me fucking…!”

“Marca…my god you fucking…Marca of us fucking…?”

“Oh Tim…I was talking about using…just me…one of my dido’s…you silly boy…!”

I saw his little we-wee twitch…damn the boy was getting excited again.

“Tim …I could take a few pictures of my breasts…me on my back with my legs up in the air spread. You want to see me playing with my pussy …fingering myself…than on all four’s looking back over my shoulder at you…just before you slip it in…!”

“Oh my god Marca…you would…?”

“Sure honey…than I lay down on the bed, pull up my legs to open myself wide for you. I can take a few pictures of my pussy; I know that it is your favorite place. He was both excited and embarrassed as I told about what I would do. Than at night you could call me and we have phone sex as you look at my pictures…!”

“Oh Marca baby…I do jerk off some nights thinking about you…!”

“Tim I could have phone sex and tell you about how some young stud tried to fuck me while I was out shopping…or a repairman came to the house and made me suck him off…!”

I was thinking about Jake the whole time, knowing how my actions would please him come Monday. I got very wet and turned on. With that I turned off the lamp and in the dark I took our conversation one step more.

“Tim when you jerk off in the hotel room…do you ever watch the porn on the pay for view channel?”

“I have some times…!”

“You ever think of me as you watch the porn?”

“After it is over and in the dark…just like we are here… as I jerk… I can put you in the place of whoever was in the porn…!”

“So you think of me fucking that big cock guy in the porn?”

“Oh Marca I know it is wrong…but I have…!”

“Wow Tim…..that is hot… thinking of me…..watching me have sex…..oh good heavens…! Tim it is ok…..I like the idea of you thinking of your hot sexy wife fucking as you watch…when you’re gone, it’s my way of helping you have sex…!”

“You’re not mad I think of you like that some times…?”

I snuggled close to Tim, pressing my heavy 40DD’s against him. I than slipped my hand back down to his little limp dick…oh… it was a little on the stiff side. “Oh I can see your dick is thinking of me and some old nasty big cock trying to slip it in me…!”

“Oh Marca…don’t say that…you get me turned on again…this is not right to talk like that…you’re my wife…!”

“Baby just close your eyes and see him on me his old nasty cock is right at my sweet pussy…how much can he slip in me Tim…?”

“Oh no Marca I don’t want any penis in you…but me!”

“Tim I can’t stop him… he will put it in…..if and when you let him…!”

I was back to jerking him with my finger and thumb…poor little thing it would be red in the morning…!

“Tim he has it at my pussy…he ask you how much of it you want me to have…!”

“As much as you wanted…I guess…!”

“Tim you have to tell me…It would be up to you.” I began to rub his stiffening little we-we even faster. Tim was way into this wild nighttime sex trip I had him on…he was so excited. Than I stopped and took my hand away. “We better stop…don’t you think we should honey…?”

“Marca…please just…a little more…please…!” I took hold of him again and stroked it and he moaned…he was lost in my words of lust and sex.

“Tim I got to stop jerking you baby unless you let him slip his cock in me…do you want him to give it to me…?”

“Put it all…let him put it all in Marca…all the way in…!” I giggled. “Really? I mean, would you let another guy fuck me? Wow that makes me so excited…god I am hot…!”

I knew that answer…his cock was rock hard. I squeezed it and stroked him ever so slowly. My hand slid expertly up and down his little thing.

“Tim this is turning us both on …your dick is so had…almost as hard as my nipples are!” I snuggled closer and kissed his face…his lips.

“Would you want to watch another man fuck me? Damn that is making me so horny thinking about you looking at me have sex with…who Tim…..who is he…?”

He didn’t answer…he just kept breathing hard and moaning…my hand stopped moving on his little we-we. “Would you want to see me? Would you jerk off…as you watch him stick his big old cock in me…?”

“Oh shit Marca…!”

“Would you eat my pussy after he shot off in me…?” Than Tim went off all over my hand.

To be continued…..