Ms Marca Ch 36 Back to my old tricks

Tim and I had been in Houston for three days, he on business and me on monkey business, will I had gone with the intention of meeting up with one of the guys that I had know back in the days when I was a model doing the trade shows and had spent some time with him whenever I was in Houston doing the O T C Conference. Tim screwed that plan up when he had me going or doing something every afternoon and evening. So when it came time to go home I told Tim that since we were this close to Fort Worth, I would rent a car and drive up and look in on my rent property.

I grew up in Ft. Worth and went to college at TCU for one year. When my grandmother on my father side died she gave me some property that I turned into rent property and I went home to check on it from time to time and see old friends.

I got my rent car and dropped Tim off at Bush International and got back on the I-45 north. I was going to be in Fort Worth a few days long enough to check on business and see old friends. My little dick husband had to be gone again within two days of him getting home so it was no problem for me to get away for a few days. I hoped to meet with a couple of old boy friends that I knew when I was at T C U. I would be staying in Fort Worth for the three or four nights.

That morning we had breakfast with one of Tim’s money people and I had to dress and look the part, so I wore a skirt, blouse, stockings and heels. Its only 4 to 4 ½ hour drive depending on traffic up I-45 to Fairfield where you cut off the interstate and go west about 50 miles to get on I-35 than north again to Fort Worth. It should make a pleasant break from routine I thought, approaching a junction just before I was to join the interstate I spotted a guy with his thumb out. With a rucksack on his back I surmised correctly that he was a hitch hiker. A glance in the mirror showed me a decidedly good looking young man, clean shaven but with jet black, rather curly hair, flowing down over his shoulders. He was very tall, skinny and kind of cute. A bit of company might be nice I thought, impulsively pulling in to the side of the road.

He ran to where I stopped and I lowered the window on the passenger side. “I’m on my way to Ft. Worth, need a ride in that direction?”

“Yes, that is perfect!”

After getting back on the Interstate I found out he was heading for Denton Texas a town just 15 miles or so from my own destination and after stowing his rucksack in the back seat, and climbed in beside me on the passenger side. The hitch hiker, thanking me profusely, introduced himself as Mark. A student, Mark was traveling back to school after a few days back in his home town of Spring Texas, mainly to meet up with an older brother back from a trip to South America.

I hadn’t missed the way he eyed my legs while climbing into the car, my skirt having ridden up a little whilst I was driving, and he continued to cast furtive glances at them. I felt glad to be wearing stockings rather than boring tights.

After pulling into a service station off the I-45 for gas I popped to the ladies room in order to pee and freshen up a little, my mind now intent on seducing the young student. It would certainly be one way of getting some strange cock since my little dick hubby had messed up my plans for me in Houston and he was not doing his duty at home, besides it had been four weeks since I last picked up a one night stand and fucked his brains out. But would the decidedly handsome Mark be interested in someone so much older? He had said he was in his second year at North Texas, so that made him 19 and here I was 32. Well there was only one way to find out.

I looked myself in the ladies room mirror and unbutton my blouse and removed my bra. Than I put my blouse back on but did not button the top two buttons. I paid for the gas and resuming my seat in the car I deliberately allowed my skirt to ride even higher, this time giving a hint of my garter belt was on. It was deliciously exciting I found to be driving along with the lad now unable to take his eyes off my legs. From the way he moved his hands to cover his crotch he might even have an erection! Steering the conversation on to relationships I was pleased to discover Mark didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment being far to busy with his studies to have the time.

“That’s a pity. At your age you must have strong urges which need fulfilling.”

Mark actually got tongue tied at my words.

By now we were just a few miles from the state highway that I take to cut over to get on the I-35 and I saw a rest stop I pulled in. Switching the engine off I turned to Mark and said,

“You haven’t taken your eyes off my boobs or legs for miles. See if you like the feel of them as well.”

Taking his hand I pressed it to my thigh, pleased when he left it there of his own accord after my own hand was removed. It was a blatant approach but did the trick.

“God, you’re an attractive woman.” Mark gasped, his fingers describing delicious circles on the bare flesh above the stocking top on my inner thigh.

I sank lower in the seat at the same time I pushed it back, my legs drifting apart with a will of their own, under Mark’s massaging fingers. As he leaned over to kiss me, my hand found Mark’s crotch and I was pleasantly surprised to feel a particularly large bulge. I’d thought him shy but with his tongue probing my mouth I felt Mark’s fingers eagerly worming their way inside my thong panties. My legs sagged even further apart when he exclaimed,

“Your smooth, no pubic hair!”

“My husband likes to eat me and hates the hair to get in his mouth and I prefer it that way, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes.”

With his fingers moving slowly up and down the length of my vagina, spreading it open in quest of my clitoris, we were both oblivious of passing traffic. Mark’s fingers were penetrating me now and he murmured,

“You’re very wet.”

“Whose fault is that?” I gasped, as Mark’s thumb now rubbing my clitoris while his fingers continued to slide in and out of my vagina.

Sinking low in the seat my skirt bunched up around my waist, I was moaning almost continuously now and knew that the fingers relentlessly driving in and out of my vagina coupled with the thumb teasing my clitoris were bringing my inexorably to orgasm. When it hit me my ecstatic cries were stifled by Mark’s lips pressed to mine.

Coming back down to earth I pushed Mark gently back in his seat and murmured,

“My turn.” as I unzipped his jeans.

Freeing his very erect penis I stroked it with loving care. If anything it was even bigger than I’d first thought. Moving my hand lower to cup Mark’s balls I lowered my lips to his penis. It was Mark’s turn to moan now as my tongue flicked round and round the crown, my fingers raking his balls.

“Oh God.” he gasped when I took his penis into my mouth. “Fuck I can’t believe this is happing to me?”

That made me just go at it harder and faster when I heard him say that. I lowered my head down more and took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked the hen size egg ball and felt him stiffen his legs as I sucked on it hard. I pulled off his ball sac and ran my tongue up the shat to his pee hole sucked it free of per-cum and then lick back down to the base.

“Mother fucking fuck your good you know how to suck a cock!”

With out looking up at him, but still licking and sucking the young stud I said in between my oral action, “I love sucking cock I love cock period, fuck I love to fuck a cock!”

While I sucked he was bucking up and down in his seat, his penis slipping in and out of my mouth. I knew he wouldn’t last long but was taken by surprise nevertheless when hot semen suddenly erupted into my mouth. Try as I might it was impossible for me to swallow the copious amount and white cream trickled from the corners of my mouth to run down Mark’s penis. He slumped in his seat looking pleased with himself while I looked like the cat that had got the cream. Which indeed I had!

With my head still in his lap I cleaned up his rod and licked my fill of his baby batter and whet I got on my hands and fingers I licked that up also. Pulling myself together I realized that the rest stop had a few more cars parked since we had stopped. There was an 18 wheeler parked directly to my right, the grinning driver staring down through my passenger side window!

Sucking Mark’s penis I had been oblivious of everything else, even the noise of the truck pulling up. Mark had seen it but was enjoying the feel of my mouth on his penis too much to alert me. Mark told me later that the truck driver had given him the thumbs up and leaned forward to watch! With my skirt still up around my waist and my blouse open to expose my big boobs he must have had a good view.

Embarrassed a little to have unwittingly given the truck driver a show I started the car and resumed the journey. I wanted to finish what we had started, my vagina ached for his young cock, but the rather cold mid December day ruled out anymore car sex. My mind working overtime, there was no way I was going to drop Mark off without fucking him, I hit on a plan. I’d drive straight to my hotel. He could stay outside while I checked in and after being shown to my room I would text him the room number so he could join me. Later I’d drive him to Denton. Mark greeted the plan enthusiastically and outside the large, imposing downtown Hilton hotel we exchanged cell numbers.

The checking in took longer than anticipated with a big convention that was in town, but eventually I was shown to my room and I noticed the bell hop giving me the eye and when we got in the room he asked was I here on business. Since I was I answered, yes and some pleasure.

“Miss you looked like a working girl, just et me know if I can help you with anything, might even run some business your way.” Damn did I look like a hooker and than I remembered I had not button up my blouse all the way and with the chest I have I was showing a lot of cleavage. I gave him a smile, shit why not. “Will my fee is not cheap!” He nodded yes, handed me the key and went out the door. After quickly freshen myself up I text the room number to Mark. Acting on impulsive I then undressed, no point in beating about the bush, and climbed onto the bed to await his arrival. In answer to his knock my voice called to him to enter but he pulled up short just inside the room to see my laying naked on the bed, legs wide apart. What an incredible sight to greet him!

“Close the door sweetie. We’ve already had one audience today.” I said.

He closed it before undressing rapidly, his eyes still drinking in my naked body.

“You’re beautiful!” he exclaimed, throwing his jeans on the floor. Mark, approaching the bed in his underpants was excited to hear I admonish,

“Get those pants off. I want another look at your lovely big cock.”

Without further ado he slipped them off and then knelt on the bed beside my head.

“You wanted a look, is this close enough?” he cheekily asked.

For sometime there was silence in the room broken only by Mark’s gasps and groans as I first licked and sucked the lad’s penis before doing likewise to his balls. The feel of my lips round his balls while I sucked them was incredibly arousing and Mark slipped a hand between my thighs, his fingers finding a very well lubricated vagina.

“Lick me there.” I moaned, unable to concentrate on his genitals any longer due to the pleasurable feelings emanating from my own.

Well he did just that, only too eager. Despite his seeming expertise Mark had very little sexual experience and was all the more gratified when I exploded in noisy orgasm under the pressure of his tongue doing marvelous things to my clitoris.

For the finale I wanted to be in control and told Mark to take my place on the bed. Then I climbed on top of him, looking down at him I saw his eyes fixed on my big boobs and I reach back to grip his cock, holding it in place as I lowering myself onto his waiting penis with a happy sigh. Moving slowly up and down I quickly had Mark’s penis fully inside me and murmured,

“Lovely, oh fucking yes, just fucking lovely!” I moaned as I rode his cock and held on to my big 40DD.

I began to ride Mark’s upward thrusting penis, keeping him slow and controlled, not wanting it to be over to soon. He was finding it hard not to get carried away as he held my large and luscious breasts in his hands. I was speeding up now, the bedsprings creaking. I rode his thrusting penis like a thing possessed, moaning my pleasure with each thrust.


What I didn’t know and was told by the bell hop later, that outside in the corridor the night manager and he the head bell hop stood listening, a smile on their faces.

“Thought so,” the bell hop said to the manager, “She works fast, bet she is a high dollar one.”

My ecstatic cries were really ringing out now and the bell hop told me the weirdo night manager rubbed his erection in time with the pounding of the bedsprings which could be clearly heard.

“He’s really giving it to her.” The manager muttered to himself, but the bell hop heard him not realizing it was me doing most of the taking from this young stud.

My wild cries reached a crescendo before the room suddenly went quite. After listening for a minute or two the manager realizing it was over, returned to his duties a highly frustrated man, unlike Mark who now basked in the after glow of orgasm. I continued to sit astride him, body glowing as I too, slowly came back down to earth. Running my fingers through Mark’s flowing locks I smiled down at him, feeling his penis subsiding slowly inside me.

I rolled off him and we laid in each others arms. “Thanks Mark I needed that bad, you were just what I needed.”

“Oh shit you don’t know what you did for me my roommate will never believe it when I tell him!”

Later we shared a shower before I dressed and drove Mark to Denton.

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