Ms Marca Part 37 Back to my old tricks

I tried to never let co-works of my husband ever know about my outside world. Most of my girl friends are women that have husband who work for Tim or do business with my husband. I do have old friends, both female and males in Fort Worth and I do try and get back to my old home town to check on the property that my grandmother left me when she died. I made this trip when I knew Tim was on a long trip and I just went once every three months. Whenever I got out of town, I would go a little wild. You know blow off some steam, not to mention other things. The thing was, as most of you know who know me, I loved sex and when I get away from Tim and home I get it all the time, so whenever I made it to my hometown…you can guess what happens.

When I went to Fort Worth, my town, the place I grew up in and learned about life. I always stayed at the Hilton downtown across from the convention center. This was the place I did my first trade show was back when I was still in high school also was the first time I turned a trick. I turned one every night and almost every afternoon. My poor father was worried I might get taken advantage of by these dirty old men who were eyeing me as I paraded around the exhibit booth in my bikini. It was a boat show and I was standing next to a big sail boat, looking good.

That was years ago and all in my past. Today at 30 something and still got that figure I had when I was a young model, I still get looks and can get just about any man I want. On this trip to Fort Worth I got into town mid afternoon and checked in at the Hilton and fucked the young kid I had picked up on the road out side of Houston. After I took him to Denton and returned to the hotel I ran into Jerome the old bell hop from when I was working the trade shows and other things. Jerome was an old black guy who was old when I was a young thing and he still is old. Before I had a chance to fill Jerome in on my life and being a happily married woman, he let me know that a sales convention was going on in town and I had all the business I wanted, just let him know.

I took a quick shower and did my make up and was going to call some old friends to have dinner with me when I got that wild hair to just go check out the bar. I was dressed sexy as ever in a short, strapless black dress with stockings and garter belt, a sexy lacy black g-string that covered my smooth, sweet pussy ready to be licked and always needed some fucking on demand. I told myself that I was just going to have one drink and check out the action and than call one of dad’s old friends and see if they would join me for dinner.

I took a seat at a small table for two against the wall of the dimly light bar off the lobby and looked around to see that it was a room full of horny old and a few young men. One hunk gave me a once over and smiled as he told the bartender something. When my drink arrived and I was told that the gentleman, him, had picked up the tab, I flash him a sexy smile and a wink as I sipped my drink. It was just a matter of time before he approached me.

His name was Terry and he was in town for the sales conference and was bored. Sounds like a job for hooker woman. We made small talk about him, his work, family and all he found out about me was my name was Marca and I was in town for a few days, business and pleasure. Didn’t take him long to get around to putting the move on me. Did I want to make it with him, was I going to let Jerome know I was giving it away, hell no!

‘Marca, say sweetheart, let go some place where we can get to know each other better…!’
For all I knew he was a cop undercover, and I needed to make sure he was on the up and up.

‘Terry, I need to go to the little girls room, give me 5 minutes…!’

With that I got up and headed for the rest rooms off the lobby and found Jerome and told him the score and he said he would check out the guy and if he was a player send him up to my room. I went up to my room and told myself if he was not playing. It didn’t take 10 minutes when I got a call from Jerome.

‘Ms. Marca he is ok and he is on his way up, by the way I set the price at 800, I hope that is ok with you?’

‘Jerome that is fine, 100 of that is yours, see you in the morning, thanks sweetie…!’

I was going to slip out of my things but at the last minute I told myself to let him have the pleasure of unwrapping the package, me. As soon as I open the door to my room he pulled me into the room and kissed me hard while his hand moved up my leg. Our tongues entwined and I started to run my hands over his body. I could feel his hardness pressing into my stomach.

I slid my hand around to the front of his trousers and started to rub his hardness up and down with the palm of my hand. He groaned and I whispered in his ear, ‘Would you like to examine the goods before you pay for them?’

His hands went straight to my tits and started to rub and gently massage them. I took his hand and led it down between my legs. He felt his way up my skirt and found my g-string, inside was my hairless and wet pussy. His hand moved across my silky stockings under my dress he moaned with pleasure as his hand slid my g-string down exposing my shaven pussy, his fingers sliding onto my already soaking clit, as soon as he felt my sopping cunt his cock seem to get that instant hard-on. I did get him to ease off some to slow down, we had all night, I hope he was going to last all night. I couldn’t help a shudder that ran though me.

After a few minutes I asked, ‘Do I take it that you like the goods?’

‘You fucking a . BABY!’

‘I think we have some business to do before we get into the game…!’

‘Oh yea, let’s see the nigger said 300…!’

I got up went to the door and open it…’you got problem with black people…?’

‘Hey baby that was just a figure of speech, don’t let it get to you we all say it, shit don’t you?’

‘By the way it is 500 and not a dime less…!’

‘Damn, that old nigger said you were a smart hoe and that was his words …! OK, 500 it is, here lets get it on…!’ I took the 5 Ben Franklins and put them in my purse and than turned to him.

‘Oh by the way, I guess you never slept with a nigger gal have you?’

‘GOD DAMN NO! It will be a cold day in hell I stick my dick in some nigger pussy…!’
I smiled, held out my hand, and took him to the bedroom. I dropped my dress and stood with my 40DD poking out the top of my black lace bra. He had that look of a winner in the lottery.

‘You like big boy?’

‘SHIT, what is there not to like, I have never seen a woman as fine as you, god your perfect, I see why the 800…just looking at you is worth half that!’

‘Will I hope you can make me as happy as I know I can you?’

‘Will baby, how can I make you happy other than let my big old cock do the talking!’

‘I would hope you like oral…both ways, I’d love for you to lick and suck the juices from my pussy, then fuck me all night long…!’

‘OH SWEET THING…I’ll eat your ass hole if you like, let me have some of that pussy for dinner!’

‘Hey big guy, you going to show me what will rock my world tonight…!’

He smiled and started to undress as I sat back on the bed and watched him strip for me. Terry slowly pulled his boxers down bringing into view first his public hair then, a wide shaft that seemed to go on forever as he pulled his shorts down. Finally the large head of his penis came into full view as he finished getting out of his boxers.
This hunk of a man, not much older than me, now standing there without a stitch of clothing on, completely naked, looked over at me, and saw my stare. I tried to keep my head and feeling to myself, it was all I could do to keep my jaw from dropping open, my mouth was open slightly, and I was staring wide eyed at his flaccid penis! I didn’t even try to hide where I was looking!
He stepped toward me; acting like this was no big deal, a completely normal situation. Although his face was flush red. My eyes still glued to his fully exposed penis, taking in the site of what it looked like from the frontal view I managed to say.

‘Oh yea, the …It’s ah, the Olympic sized… It’s ah…nice, big also!’

With one hand nervously playing with my hair, almost out of breath, from the deep breathing I was doing, ‘It’s ah…real big’. I brought my eyes to his for a moment before once again dropping them to his penis. I did it against my will, I couldn’t help but stare. Its immense size demanded it.
I couldn’t help but notice that although his penis was completely limp, it was still an impressive, thick oh god he had to be over 7 or was it 8 in this state of being limp. His balls were just as large. They were almost the size of 2 tennis balls hanging there. But what really caught my attention was the innumerable folds of skin on the shaft and the large pink mushroom head at the end. He was hung like a horse! I wondered to myself, ‘good god! How big can that thing get?’

My eyes feasted on his body. I was enjoying the profile as much as the front on view. What an incredible body I thought! Flat stomach, muscular body, and not an ounce of fat. But fat where he should be. Where it counts. Oh baby yea, if I wasn’t married I would…ooh my I thought! It’s getting bigger! God had I seen one this big before and on a white guy…! Had I seen a cock that big before even when it was hard, but his was still limp! Although that was beginning to change in front of my eyes, damn what a cock!

From my profile view, I watched as his dick expanded to what seem to be greater than 7 or 8 inches. His cock looked enormous. All at once he was on the bed, on his back telling me to blow him. How did he know I wanted to have a good look at that cock? I needed it in my hands and mouth. He seemed to know what I was thinking as he rolled over to the center of the bed and lay on his back and allowed me to see his manhood properly for the first time.
It seemed to have grown and I grasped it in my hands, marveling at how something so hard could also feel so soft and silky. I ran my hand up and down the length fascinated by the smoothness and yet feeling the warmth and power it was radiating. My tongue found the tip and I licked it. I started slowly licking the entire length. Back and forth I went. Damn I adored this son-of-a-bitch, his cock, licking then sucking the head, back to his balls, and then I would suck more cock into my mouth. Then I ran my tongue on the underside of his cock, teasing him before taking all of his cock back into my mouth. He was big and I thought I would have trouble taking all of him, hell that never stop me before. He seemed to just slide down my throat. I could hear him moan when my lips hit the base of his cock.

This went on until he told me to stop and suck his balls….which I dutifully did. My mind flashed to Tim and his tiny cock and balls, and how he sometimes jerked it. Terry took his cock and put it back in my mouth. As I sucked I looked up and saw Terry smiling at me. He was in control.

‘Damn baby you can suck a cock, shit you’re good…!’ I pulled my lips away from his tool and looked at him with a big ear to ear smile.

‘I like my work, I like giving head…!’ With that I slipped him back in my mouth and sucked it deep into my throat.

As I drew him into my mouth I heard him groan and he twitched. I thought he was going to erupt there and then. Certainly, I was feeling my own mini orgasm as the exoticness of the having him. I could see that he would not last long and very soon I felt his cock swell up even more and then it started to explode. The flow was large and the creamy sperm looked as beautiful as it flowed over the end of his big mushroom head. I watched in fascination as I continued to pump him for every last drop. Here was a man that was certainly getting relief that had been a long time coming.

I placed my mouth over the end and he jumped and groaned as my lips engorged him and a small eruption in my mouth told me that he was enjoying the feeling he was getting. I let him return from his heights with slow sucking. He relaxed but the cock in my hand and mouth had no intention of relaxing in the slightest. He looked down at me a smiled. “Wow, that was great” he said. I smiled with my eyes as I continued to lick and suck on this beautiful cock.

I open the top drawer to the night stand and took out a condom and tore open the package and started to slip the long rubber over and down his shaft.

‘Hey baby, you got something?’

‘Not me, but if you pick up ladies in hotels like you did me you might have!’

‘Shit I never do this, I’m always at home with the little wife, and I don’t need that if you don’t!’

I flipped it in the waste can and than let go of his cock and fell back on my back on the bed on my elbows, legs spread, inviting him to mount me. His penis was rock hard again, and as it slipped into my fold I told him to hold it there.

‘I love a big cock, goes good with my over size pussy!’

‘Baby you got the right size pussy for my big cock!’ He moved up higher on the bed and slipped a little more in. I cried out in ecstasy. Always make the customer think he is the best even if he is not, this guy was going to be on the top 10 list as one of my best.

‘Oh Terry, I can’t remember when, no I never felt so full.’

Ever nerve in my vagina was stimulated. I raised my legs into the air, spreading myself wider, accommodating his size. He began to pump then, pushing deep, touching my cervix, and then pulling back, until the head teased my pussy lips.

‘Damn big guy slow down I’m not going anywhere, why be in a hurry, let’s enjoy this ride!’

‘Baby, I never had pussy like this, I ‘m in a hurry to get it all, your right I need to slow down and take it easy.’

We settled into a rhythm, long slow strokes, my hips rising to meet his thrusts, allowing the deepest access we could. My cries of pleasure and his grunting filled the room, as we both did our thing to each other.

‘Oh this is so good, fuck me big guy, and fuck me good, you’re good, I needed this, just as much as you!’

My first orgasm built quickly, washing over me. I slipped my legs around his waist and held him in me, deep, as the orgasm subsided. Relaxing my grip, he began to pump into me again, and another orgasm followed, fast, but stronger than the first. My fingernails dug into his back as yet a third orgasm began. His tempo increased, his cock moving faster and even deeper.

‘Come on faster, fuck me give it to me, make me cry out when you shoot off in me, I need to feel it deep. Give it to me deep, deeper damn it fuck me deeper!’

I began to slap his tight ass trying to make him move deeper into me and faster. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he fucked me, pulling him towards me and moaning into his ear. “Fuck me, fuck me, oh god I’m going to cum!” I dug my manicured nails into his muscular back and wrapped a shapely leg around his thigh, urging more of him inside of me. “I’m cummmming,” I cried, my head thrown back and my eyes clenched tightly shut, my orgasm so intense it seem to border on pain.

As he neared orgasm, he pulled out, surprising me. He and aimed his cock at my face. “This is what I can’t do to my wife but I can to a whore like you, you bitch!” he growled as he began shooting his hot cream at my pretty face. “No, no,” I cried. I tried to turn away but he gripped my hair, holding me still. Streams of thick milky semen splashed onto my face. He pumped his cock and with his last spurt he spitefully aimed higher, shooting his sticky thick man goop onto my hair. After he was done, he rubbed his softening cock across my cheeks and forehead, painting my entire face with his sperm.

I fell back on the bed and had to close my eyes to keep the burning in my eyes from hurting so much. The next thing I knew I woke from a deep sleep with drier sperm caked on my face, oh shit what a cock hound that bastard was, god I love it so.

More to cummmm .

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