Ms Marca Part 38 Word about me was getting around

Tim and I were at Jack’s house for one of the neighbor hood backyard cook out get together one night. I had gone into the house to use the bathroom, and I used the one up stairs. Jack’s house is about like ours, 4,000 squar feet two stories on a half acre lot. Jack is the old guy that I was having an affair with, hell I was also sleeping with 4 other guys from the street and had taken on Jacks grandson and one of his friends. As I was saying I had gone into the house to use the little girls room and when I came out I was coming down the hall when I over heard two guys from around the corner of the hall talking and one said.


“Come on you wouldn’t shit your old pal?” I stopped dead in my tracks and slipped into the nears door, a small closet to keep from being seen, but could still hear them talking about me. I didn’t recognize the voices and listen to hear more.

“Jack told me he was fucking her, that she was fucking everyone in the neighborhood and he was getting her to fuck some of his clients!”

“You mean that rich bitch is fucking for pay, damn have you seen the house she lives in, it is the white Spanish style with red tile roof, biggest one on the street and she is turning tricks! Don’t tell me her husband knows about all this!”

“Jack told me the husband is out of town all the time, hell of a nice guy, I think he is some 20 or he might be 25 years older than her. Bet the poor old mother-fucker can’t keep up with her, Jack thinks he can’t take care of her, … like she needs it all the time. Jack said she must be bored, and has never said no to a cock yet!”

“How much for a all nighter and can Jack fix me up?”

To my gentlemen fan’s, I’d like to point out that although I was and have been called a slut, I don’t think of myself as a slut. I know men use this term because they don’t have a word that fits a female stud. Had I been a male, and was fucking everything around, I’d have been a hero. I’m simply a woman who loves sex the same as a man does, Men love ass, I love cock, the difference is, I can get it when I want, a man cannot.

I could hear them continuing on about me and telling each other more lie’s than truth.

“Hey there is Jack! … Jack, Jack up here come here buddy, got some question for you!”

“What’s going here you two?”

“Jack tell us some more about that tall long legged pussy with the set of jugs!”

“Oh you mean Marca, man she is something else, you two had a chance to chat with her?”

“Hell our old ladies are here, they would kill us both if they saw us near her.”

“She is cool, being married herself, she knows how to get around, hell she has been to bed with every guy on the block, maybe even the subdivision for all I know! Hell she even screwed my grandson and two other kids on the street.”

“Jack can you fix us up, is she for real, you know, she will put out, for the right amount?”

“She will fuck you until the cows come home any afternoon, when her husband is out of town, just set you back 400, be the best 400 you ever spent, get you about 2 hours of pure sex, she will do anything you want!”


“I’m not, 400 and a good size cock, you got all her attention for the afternoon!”

“OK, … hey, what is this part about a good size cock!”

“Oh, yea, … she won’t fuck you if your not 7 or better, she once turned down one of my best customer because he was just under 6 inches, she said he was like a small hot dog Weenier. She went out with him one time, I paid here 400, and she turned down 1,000 the next time, she said she didn’t need the money that bad! So you want me to fix you up?”

“Will, ….. ah, … oh fuck that whore, I didn’t want to fuck her that much anyway!”

“Let me know boys, I’ll set it up, but better come packing and bring dollars, she don’t take American Express!”

“Shit Jack, you know how to make a guys day, fuck I need a refill, anyone coming down to the bar with me?”

“Yea, might as will, all I can do is think about her when I fuck my old lady tonight, if the bitch will fuck!”

I heard the three walk away and I slipped out of the door back into the hall and went down the back way to the patio. I found Tim talking with some guy I had not met before, a friend of Jack’s named Peter and join in and the three of us began chatting about different places we had been in the world. Than I saw our neighbor David come over to our little group and he join in on the conversation. David saw the right place to ask the big question.

“Tim you still traveling as much as ever?”

“Yes, got this big project in Miami, in fact be gone all next week! How about you David, you doing much?”

“I was schedule to go to Denver next week, but I’m moving that up a week, so I’m here all next week, paper work and I hope a long lunch one day, if you get my drift!” (Oh I got it David, and I think I got Tuesday open for lunch, guess I better get the motel for Tuesday.) “Marca, looks like you need a refill, let me get you one!”

“Thank you David, that would be nice. Tim you need a refill, Peter how about you?” Peter said no, Tim smiled and handed David his glass, but I took it and I followed after David toward the bar set up out side by the pool.

“Marca you got a free day next week?”

“Yes, Tuesday, noon time at the motel!”

“I think that is good for me, I’ll call Monday to make sure, damn baby you look hot in that pink dress, every guy here is drooling over themselves over you! That Peter guy Tim is talking to someone you know?”

“I never met him until a few minutes ago, friend of Jack’s I think! You jealous?”

“Hey baby, I know I / we all got to share, just wondering if you had been with him, he is about the only one here that hasn’t gotten any from you!”

With that he let out a big belly laugh. I just smiled, said to myself, real funny David, so I guess I’m just a slut to you like I’m to Jack. Oh you will be sweet come Tuesday, until you get your load off, than you just got to get back to the office, real quick.

“I better get this dink to Tim, see you later!”

“Hey girl, where you going to?” I turned to see old Bill coming my way.

“Hi Bill, how are you big guy?” I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug. “Taking my honey his drink!”

“Girl I thought I was your honey!” He smiled at me and his old horny eyes ran over my body, taking in what he get’s once a month. “Hey baby, when you going to come see me, I sure miss you!” I look around to make sure no one is close that could hear the conversation. “Bill not so loud, …… you home all next week?”

“Baby, I will be for you, just tell me when!”

“I’ll call you Monday, let you know, come on over and say hi to Tim, be cool! Tim honey look who I found!”

“Hey Bill, how you been, Bill meet Peter, Peter this is a good old friend that I have known for almost 20 years.” The two men greet each other, than Bill speaks up about Tim and how good a guy he is and than Bill got me into the conversation. “Peter you know the old saying there is a great woman behind every good man, will Marca here is that woman, the lady always makes sure to check on me from time to time, Tim I don’t know what I would do with out her weekly phone call to just see how I am.”

“Oh Bill, I’m just calling to say hi to you is nothing, don’t let him pull your leg Peter, he is just checking on me when Tim is out of town, to make sure I’m OK.”

“Bill, I mean this, just knowing your around when I’m gone makes it better for me, you know I sleep better at night, knowing Marca can call you if she needs anything.”

“Tim that is what good friends are for, I’ll look after her whenever she needs me, you can count on that!”

“Tim honey, it is getting late, hate to break this up, but we should be going!” We said our good night to Peter and Bill and I hugged Bill as I stepped away and he pinched me, the old fart. “Tim we need to say thank you to Jack, you seen him? There he is!” We walk over to Jack, who was talking to two guys I didn’t know.

“Jack, sorry to interrupt, but just wanted to say good night, we enjoyed the evening!”

“Great you guys could come, hey want you to meet two friends of mine from work. Larry, Marvin, this is Tim and Marca!”

Both there eyes went wide when Jack said my name, and when they spoke up I knew they were the ones from up stairs, who Jack had the chat with.

“Tim you in town next week, lets play 18 some afternoon!”

“Love to Jack, but I’m out of here come Monday until Friday night!”

“You see Marca if you played, we could get in 18 holes!”

“Jack I been trying for months to get her to play!” I giggle as I look at the four men, three knew about me, one of which had been fucking my brains out once a month for the past year and two who had gotten the skinny on me from Jack and poor Tim had no clue. They all looked at me and I just smiled

“Hey, fellows golf is not my idea of fun! Jack you can go play golf and than buy me lunch! Come on honey lets go home and have some fun!”

Everyone hooted and laugh on that one and I winked at Jack as I was saying good night to others at the party. We got home around 11 and by the time I did my girl thing, washing my face cleaning up the makeup and trying to do something to look closer to 25 than 35 Tim had already gone to bed and was watching the late news, on Fox of course, we are Republicans. I got in bed he turns off the TV and slips his arm around me and kissed me good night on the cheek. We both were tired. But like all women, late at night we like to talk.

“Tim, honey, … did I look nice tonight?”

“Marca, baby, you always look good, every guy there was checking you out more than once. That guy Peter, hell he was trying to talk with me, but he had his eye on you, I should say on your boobs, and you ask if you looked ok, if the other wives looked like you, their husbands would not be checking you out.” I cuddle up next to Tim and run my hand up to his chest and kiss him on the cheek.

“Tim does it bother you for men to look at me?”

“Oh, it did when we first married, but hey I knew what I was getting into when I married you. (my little dick husband, no you didn’t) I know that a few of them are thinking about you as we speak and wishing they were here and not me!” I lower my hand down to his crouch, his ding-a-ling is stiff. I take it in my middle finger and thumb and stroke it a little.

“Oh Tim, you just love to tease me, why do you say things like that?”

“Honey I know you don’t see it, but if you gave any those guy even a hint that you wanted to play, they would be on you like a horny teenage boy on his first date. I’m not talking about Jack, David, Charles, or old Bill, they are good friends and as Bill say, he is here to help you and look after you when I’m not around, but that Peter guy or the other two we met just as we were saying good night, hell they would try and get in your panties at the drop of a hat.”

“Tim I didn’t flirt with them, I just tried to be nice and pleasant to them, I know our horny old friends like to give me a hug, I think it’s cute the way they hug me.”

“I bet they wish they had you to hug right now!” I lowered my head down to his belly button and I licked it and than ran my tongue to his little we-we and kissed it.

“You think they would like for me to do that?”

“Damn Marca, you know they would, I thought you were sleepy?

“Will, you got me all horny, telling me about what all those men would like to do to me and how I made them horny, it’s your fault, I can’t help it if I think about them when you tell me wild things about what all they said or would do to me, if they were here in bed with me.” His little stiff thing just got harder. “Are you thinking what they might do to me? What do you think that guy Peter would do, make me suck his cock, lick his balls?” I moved to where I was between Tim’s leg, on my knees and bent over with my face in his crouch. I began to suck his little ding dong and play with his little nut sac.

“Is this how he would make me suck his cock, like this honey? You think they would call me Tim’s Cock Sucking Wife!”

“Oh god, yes, I guess!” I took my free hand and ringed his sac, keeping his balls from going off, allowing him to shoot his little dab of cream. I sucked and kissed and licked his little worm, making moaning sounds as I did.

“Tim, baby, …. honey, would you, eat me, please?”

Before he could answer I flip around and lay myself over his chest and my pussy is in his face, I love 69 position. Tim kisses the inside of one leg down to my knee and then switches to the other leg, reversing direction. He gently bites the inside of my thigh. I moan and wrap my free hand in the sheets beneath me. His teasing is torture; I want his mouth on me. I want his tongue in me. My body writhes above him, the pleasure of his mouth and finger in my slit, is getting me to that wonderful place call the land of orgasm. My hands stroked his little shaft and my legs tighten against his face. His mouth and fingers torment me in their assault. He draws my clit into his mouth, and his fingers increase their pressure. I struggle against him, nearly unable to bear the intensity. Each time I expect completion, he eases me away. Finally, wrapping my legs around his head, I force him to give me satisfaction.

“Oh God, Tim. Oh, Yes!” I cry out. This orgasm is a good one, best I’ve had since Tim had been home. My body continues to convulse above him; slowly, my muscles relax until I am spent and totally satisfied.

Than I felt his balls jerk, he was ready and one more night I didn’t need to get him in me. I let my hand go and gave him a big deep suck and I felt his cream hit the back of my mouth and I gulped it down without losing a drop. God I’m good. We went the rest of the weekend with out him getting any and Monday morning he was out the door at 7 and gone for the week. It was SHOW TIME!

to be continued….

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