My Daughter’s Roommate

Amy was bending over the pool. She was using the skimmer, helping out like a good little house guest in a good little bikini. Did I say
little? Microscopic would have been a better word. Her sweet nipples were barely covered, as was her mound. I could see the perfect curves of her cunt lips under the clinging wet bathing suit, and it made me salivate. I wanted to get my mouth on her. I imagined how fresh and sweet her little cunt must taste.

What was I thinking? What the hell was wrong with me? After all she was my daughter’s roommate at Princeton, here for the weekend, just 19 years old. My wife and my daughter were shopping; they’d be gone for hours. I was supposed to be working on the car, but all I could think about was working my cock into that tight little pussy. Ramming her, watching her hair fly around and her tits bounce, feeling the tight walls of her unused pussy swallowing my….

I cleared my throat and straightened my pants in a feeble attempt to hide the hard on as I stood up. If I didn’t walk away now, I wasn’t
going to be able to walk away at all.

I caught her attention as I awkwardly twisted, trying not to let her see my embarrassing trouser tent. “I’ll be in the garage if you need me.”

“So soon, Mr. Aldren?” She turned around and looked at me with those pouty perfect young lips, the strap of her bikini falling off of her shoulder. My mouth hung open while I watched it. She didn’t pull it back up. She
just smiled, letting her bathing suit slip. Her breast popped out with
a sensual bounce.

Oh dear lord that did it. This hadn’t been in my head. And pants. This was mutual. Amy was thinking exactly what I was. There was no turning back. I was going to fuck my daughter’s college roommate and that’s all there was to it.

I felt like I had to move quickly, before you got a good look at me and changed her mind. Not that I look bad for a 50 year old guy. But the kinds of guys this chick bangs were probably rock star looking. She smiled as she pulled the rest of her bikini top off. I was already

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the pool shed out of site of any intrusions. She was giggling as she flopped down onto the daybed. I don’t think I’ve gotten my clothes off that fast in decades. Before I could focus as my shirt hit the floor, I could feel wet warmth on my cock. God it had been so long since I had gotten head I felt my knees weaken. This is something the old wife does not do no matter how I plead.

I stood in front of the day bed naked. Her little hard body was kneeling on the bed, facing me, plunging her mouth up and down on my shaft. Her knees spread apart and pushed farther and farther out, her pussy sinking onto the mattress until it appeared she was doing a little split. I opened my mouth, wanting to comment on that, but all I could do was groan as the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.

God dammm, what was this girl’s major? She twisted her mouth around, grabbing firmly onto the base with her hand and slid her head back. I looked down to see those huge blue eyes looking up at me. Her mouth open, her tongue out and flattened. And she proceeded to lick. She held onto the base of my cock and licked upward, up the shaft, to the head with her strong pink warm wet tongue. And all the while those huge eyes were looking straight up at me.

My cock was hard and switching. I could burst too soon if I wasn’t careful. Part of me wanted to rush â�� fear of getting caught still sort of looming. Part of me wanted this to last forever. And part of me just didn’t want her to think I was quick on the draw. I had to pull my cock away from her. As I did she let herself fall back onto the bed again, onto her back. She put her hand in her bikini bottoms, then the other.

I grabbed the edges of the bathing suit at the hips and gently slid it off her, then pulled what was left of the string bikini top off. She was breathtaking. God to be 19 again. Her fingers were working her pussy, Her left hand separating the soft pink perfect labia lips, her right hand moving inside, fingering herself with one pretty little pointer finger, then rubbing the finger tip on her sweet little pink clit.

I had to taste her. I crawled on to her and let my mouth take hold of her mound. I licked her cunt lips, I suckled her clit, and then using my thumb I pulled one pink lip mound to the side and ran my tongue into the sparkling wet inner passage. Nirvana. The tender little inner labia, and then that unruined cunthole.

I felt her hands in my hair and her thigh muscles quiver as she squealed, “Oh Mr. Aldren! Your mouth is so hot!”

The more she moaned and whimpered, the more she told me how hot I was, the more I wanted her. I wanted that sweet little thing to remember me. I wanted to make my mark. I felt young again. Immortal.

I sat up, easily pulling her with me. My hands on her waist I pulled her into my lap in one easy motion. My feet on the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed, she was straddling me, and all I could do was fuck her.

My cockhead burst into pussy with one easy motion. She was still tight, so very, very tight. She wrapped her arms around me and squealed again. Her perfect perky B Cup titties in my face, pressed into my cheeks as I grabbed hold of her ass pounded her. Ramming her down on me, harder and harder. Her tits bouncing , her nipples on my face. Each of my hands firmly holding onto one perfect hard ass cheek and forcing her up and down like a Barbie doll. Her cunt was hot. Her stomach was flat. Her ass was hard and her skin was just perfect.

“Fuck me, Mr. Aldren! Fuck me!!” She cried out as she bounced up and down in my lap, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her sweet pussy. I bucked and jerked, with a firm grip on her ass cheeks I held on, buried to the hilt inside of her cunt and I came like I hadn’t cum in decades. Pumping my jizz into her. She was panting and whimpering. And then her muscles released and she fell limp into my arms.

I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her on the neck, feeling her soft healthy hair on my face and her naturally perfect tits against my chest.

The car horn blew in the driveway. My wife and daughter had come home early and wanted help with the packages. Amy jumped up quickly pulling on her bathing suit and running out ahead to give me time to pull myself together. I dressed fast, straightened the daybed, and emerged from the pool shed to see my wife coming into the yard. “Where’s Amy?” She said.

I shrugged. “I think she’s in the house.”

No sooner had I said it then Amy appeared in the sliding glass doors with a bowl of cereal in her hands. She squealed to my daughter. “Lemme see what you got!!”

No one was the wiser. Amy threw me a few private winks over what was left of the weekend and slipped away Sunday night on her way back to Princeton with my daughter. And I began counting the days until the Thanksgiving break. Counting the days until another crack at that perfect little pussy on my cock, and those perky tits in my face.